Friday, January 30, 2009

connect with Millions of people all over the World

The True Power of the Internet Lies in your ability to connect with Millions of people all over the World.

That means there are no limits to the massive number (probably billions) of people that will see your product, your business, your offer. In fact you will start building your income from this very product, with others paying you the full resale price with a just few clicks..

The Home Income Builder is the FINAL SOLUTION, (it is not a teaching guide, or a success strategy or a How to - I am sure you have many of those), to actively Build your income from Home. I created this Interactive Software Tool, and stuffed everything you will need to build your INCOME from Home into this once in a lifetime Income Toolbox.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon

Your customers pay you $12.00 every 12 weeks directly & automatically. Collect New Subscribers every day, and very soon you have Thousands a Month in Income. It simply Grows and Grows .

You collect all the money and "POCKET 100% of IT", yet you have nothing to do in the operation of this Service. There is a Team Deep in the background that runs the entire operation for you, including Customer Service.

You never have to do anything, it's all done for you Period!!.Since all Franchise Owners subscribe their Customers into one Huge Members Subscription Database that we service, This Members Subscription Database have grown Monstrous over the last 7 years. The Members Subscription Database grew from a few thousands at first to a Subscription Database of 48 Million Subscribers.

Of Course, Customers Pay The Franchise Owner Directly every 12 weeks.

Do the Math here!! For all Franchise Owners Worldwide, they are sharing in a Subscription Pool of $576 MILLION DOLLARS every 12 weeks. and this is still exploding and growing virally like WILDFIRE.

Not one dime is paid to us to support it. Every penny of it is paid directly to The Home Income Portal Franchise Owners and they get to keep all $576 Million Dollars to do whatever they wish. And every 12 weeks, it grows and replenished by their Subscribers Automatically.

It is all on AUTOMATIC PILOT!!. All you ever have to do for this is collect the Subscriptions and Pocket it. It is like plucking money out of the Air.

There is an estimated 700 Million Active Buyers still out there and growing virally all over the World hungry for this Service. Wait untill Franchise Owners start sharing in the Billion Dollar Subscription Pool. Are you going to be among them ?..

Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"jumped at the chance to build more income from Home"

The Home Income Portal is very impressive! I normally get around 3-4 JV requests everyday from people wanting me to review a business (I turn down most).

But when I discovered The Home Income Portal I knew I had a killer business, so I had a jumped at the chance to build more income from Home.

This online business is jam packed with features and benefits, automatically employing hundreds of killer money making strategies that will help anyone earn income online!

Anyone who owns a Home Income Portal Franchise will have an extreme advantage over the competition! - I would highly recommend The Home Income Portal to anyone".

Good job guys.

Nicholas Sparkidoupoulos

Friday, January 23, 2009

$5000 in FREE Software! Come get it!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You can make a fortune selling other people's products.

  • After we install your 106 Passive Income Websites, on 106 Unique Domains across the Internet - we go even further.
  • We create the Search Engine Sitemaps for your 106 Passive Income Websites
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The work is difficult, it is very time consuming, there are no magic bullets. We do all the Grunt Work for you.

You emerge with a strong and stable visible online business with organic traffic flowing through.

You can make a fortune selling other people's products.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

spend your time as you choose

“It’s very simple: Money is freedom—the freedom to spend your time as you choose. The more disposable income you have—the more freedom you have when it comes to how to spend your time. ‘Lifestyle Shrinkage’ is the Great Depression of our generation. This subtle yet growing phenomenon boils down to one simple thing: Shrinking disposable income.”
Madeline Greene

Friday, January 16, 2009

2313+ people in 3 days! Are YOU in on this monster

SocialSiteCash (SSC) is exploding
in just a couple of days already, and we show you
42 testimonials already - which is astonishing.

The SSC idea came while toiling around on
MySpace and several other social networking sites.

We have developed the idea into a full,
VIRAL, insane advertiser AND *really* passive,
residual moneymaker for YOU to use and
you get $45or *more* while at it - no charges at all.

It is FR'EE, it is super easy and will make
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Just follow the easy tell-all instructions, and
it requires NO EFFORT at all! I know, because
I did it and I'm now telling the world...

Glen Brink

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon

Your Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon
Ad Message is Integrated with Tag & Ping Blog Technology and Further Combined with Distributed RSS Feeds to reach Millions Simultaneosly to Achieve Massive Business Results for YOU.

Instantly add the Traffic Magnet Top Secret Weapon to attract swarms of targeted buyers directly to your Web Site.

Use the exact same tactics and strategies that successful seasoned veterans apply to attract a continuous stream of Qualified Targeted Customers directly to their website night and day. This means that your Message will Reach Millions and continue to add tens of Thousands of Back Links as Websites all over the World Pick up your Message as Content Feeds for Their Websites. Your Message will enter the Main RSS Feed Streams all over the Internet, providing you with the largest Broadcast Ad Campaign on the Internet.

The Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon is an Explosive combination of Technology, executed to provide you with Maximum Advantage, Maximum Benefit.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Banner Fiesta



Look Around The Net, the big boys have banners everywhere, searing their product and services deep into your brain, branding everyone that surfs on the net drawing them in like bees swarming over a jar of Honey.

    This is the most effective way to drive Laser Targeted Traffic to buy your product and service.

It is like a Huge Graphical Keyword, with unlimited impressions on your brain, and makes it SUPER EASY for those that need it. They simply click !!. Nothing wasted, rotating throughout the world, targeted sales and services like a Laser.

Let’s compare this hands-off strategy you are about to discover to the one employed by your competition, the poor suckers who don’t know about The Home Income Portal...

Banner Fiesta customers will pay you DIRECTLY

$14.00 recurring every Month for their Banners to be on the NETWORK.

There are 762,876 Banner Fiesta Subscribers on the Network

Your customers pay you directly $14.00 every Month Automatically. Collect New Subscribers every day, and very soon you have thousands a Month in Income. It simply Grows and Grows . Everything is Automated, Nothing for you to do. Your Team in the Background do all the work for You. Even while you sleep. A Banner Fiesta Subscriber first pays you 14.00 to upload their banner. They do it, and continues to pay you 14.00 every month to keep it there. That is no chump change, it is HUGE BUCKS PAID DIRECTLY by Subscribers to The Home Income Portal Franchise Owners. All Subscriptions go Directly to YOU from the CUSTOMER. Now, this is the Service Area Business you own, and you literally Siphon OUT the money from every Subscriber you have DIRECTLY. Although they pay you DIRECTLY, you have nothing to do in providing the SERVICE to your Subscriber and there is even More .

Friday, January 9, 2009

10 Common Mistakes Killing Your Internet Biz - FREE EBOOK by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

10 (Woefully Common) Mistakes Killing
Your Internet Business!
and what you can do about them.

With unerring skill, Dr. Lant shows you what you're doing wrong...and what you must do -- starting today -- to reap growing, consistent profits!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"how to best pursue my web business goals and dreams"

I have to say, the combination of The Home Income Portal and the 106 Monetized Website to attract Passive Income has really crystalized things for me.

During the past month I have been pulling my hair out trying to determine how to best pursue my web business goals and dreams.

The past month has been a classic case of information overload.

I have looked at so many programs, e-books and membership sites (and were talking four different memberships ranging from $97 to $297 a month) that my head was about to explode.

Once I discovered The Home Income Portal I quickly realized that I held the "Golden Key" in my hands. I immediately updated my owners profile diligently and extracted every every income stream programmed for me.

And then today, after checking my 106 Monetized Websites that was installed across the internet for me, I immediately knew that it was only a matter of time that my team will have all of my Income Websites Visible.

And what a relief. Seriously. I needed to simplify things and focus on one business model and one membership site and I needed to stop trying to chase multiple rabbits simultaneously.

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful online business for everyone and thank you for putting me in place to build my income from home.

It took me a while to find you guys, but I am so glad I am here.

All the best,

Donald Polanski

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Passive Income directly to You at home

106 Worldwide Monetized Websites are Installed and Hosted Live for You, on 106 Domains Worldwide that will deliver Passive Income directly to You at home.

All Passive Monetized Websites are Fully Installed For You. ( It takes 3 hours to install each Passive monetized website.)

Here is the only opportunity on the internet to have a major organisation build and install 106 Passive Income Website then Host Them Live on 106 Unique Domains across the Internet to earn Passive Income for you from Home

Here is a list of Passive Income Websites each installed on a unique Domain earning Passive Income for you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Applewood Fried Biscuits

Applewood Fried Biscuits

Source: The Apple Barn and Cider Mill - Sevierville, Tennessee

1 quart milk
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 2/3 packages dry yeast
1/2 cup shortening
3 teaspoons salt
7 to 9 cups flour

Add yeast to warm water. Add other ingredients and let dough rise. Work into biscuits and let drop into hot fat.

This recipe will make about seven dozen biscuits. They can be frozen individually and stored in plastic bags. When you work them up, don't let the biscuits rise too high.

The fat should be slightly hotter than 350 degrees F.
If the fat should be too hot, the biscuits will sag in the center.