Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Check out these great Features ...

The Home Income Portal

  • 'Plug-n-Play' Live online Business Generating Sales & Income all Year Round in Real Time
  • This is your online Business. no hype, Your customers pay you Directly. This is not an affiliate program, its your business.
  • Your Customer Pay You 100% (percent) of the Full Retail Subscription Price Directly for all your Products and Services like Traffic Magnet and Banner Fiesta.
  • Immediate Products and Services provided, No need to develop and build a product or service by yourself for sale. (see products and services below)
  • No Hidden Costs, Simply a Hosting Subscription
  • All of the above features, to get your Income Recovery Program started right away with your online business.
  • Complete All Year Round online Business Hosting. You do not need to worry about Hosting Accounts,FTP, uploading or Bandwidth. We Host your entire online Business Live, all year round.
  • Your Team Install and Host your (completely designed and ready to do business on the internet ) online Business Website
  • Your online Franchise Business is Live doing business on our network of servers .
  • Handle all Maintenance and Support entirely on a Subscription Basis.
  • Nothing on the Internet compares to it, you get it all with the Home Income Portal Franchise Website. Unlimited Bandwidth, No Fuss,No Worry Hosting Solutions for your online Business, products and services, affiliate income and Multiple Streams of Income.
  • All your Customers receive Full Customer Support from a Central Support Department. You invest more of your time building your online business.
  • Full Professional Web Design and Update. A Design Team creates Professional Web Design and updates it seamlessly for you. No need to create Websites or anything. Expert Web Designers do it all for you.
  • Search Engine Sitemaps Created. You need your online business to get Organic Traffic from Search Engines across the Internet. We create the Sitemaps and Submit them to Search Engines across the Internet for you.
  • Back Links to all your Portals. Your team manually build 'back links' for each of your Portals to get it visible on the Internet.
  • Page Rank Rules, and building back links is the most powerful way to achieve this.
  • Integrated Traffic Streams Constructed Directly to Your Portals. We've ensured that all search engine optimisation techniques including naming of images, alt and H1 tags and inner linking has been coded into your Home Income Portals across the Internet Worldwide.
  • This will help your sites rank higher in the search engines.
  • Live Real Time Update - One Stop Update. Complete your Owner Profile in the Owners Lounge and your Retail online Business is instantly updated Live in Real Time.
  • Your Customers Start Buying From You.
  • Advanced Auto Bot Technology State of the Art Technology automates the entire process in building and generating sales for you.
  • Your followers are on self growth. This means you will have hundreds of thousand followers coming to all your Portals. This, will create 2 Events,
  1. Grow your Backlinks Automatically
  2. Direct Traffic To Your Portals
  • Traffic Stream Installations. We continue to Install Each Traffic Streams directly to your Portals. It is very Time Consuming, since each is done manually for you.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mclix is a Fully Automated Traffic Sharing Viral System

They are quietly, very quietly, starving you off the internet, to keep the mass buying internet playground all to itself. The internet gurus you depend on, is now being Paid Huge Sums by these companies to drive your Traffic to their companies.

Take back the internet Right Now, Join the Mclix Advantage Movement for Change,

Change You Can Believe In.

  • Change is Buying Customers flowing to your website.
  • Change is Fairness for every online business person, for everyone looking to Earn an income from Home.

Mclix is a Fully Automated Traffic Sharing Viral System for participating Websites. It was developed to break the stranglehold for Traffic by big PPC engines and Fortune 500 companies, and reverse the trickle down effect. Participate Now, for the Trickle Up effect. It is Time for Main Street to take it back from Wall Street. Join Mclix Now, and Tell a Friend Here. Lets create The Change that we can believe in, Right Here Right Now. It is YOUR TURN.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Revolutionary New Passive Income Building Website

Starting an online business can be confusing to many, perhaps even YOU !!

Leverage The Power of The Internet with your online Business Ownership

Explode Your Passive Income while you Dominate the Internet with this Revolutionary New Passive Income Building Website

It Is Already
Making Thousands a Day in Profits For People Just Like You

No Experience Needed,You Can Do This Even If You Are A Newbie!

(* you pay a small monthly hosting fee)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a continuous stream of Qualified Targeted Customers

Add the Traffic Magnet Weapon to attract swarms of targeted buyers directly to your Site.

Use the exact same tactics and strategies that successful veterans apply to attract a continuous stream of Qualified Targeted Customers directly to their website 24/7. This means that your Message will Reach Millions and continue to add tens of Thousands of Back Links as Websites all over the World Pick up your Message as Content Feeds for Their Websites. Your Message will enter the Main RSS Feed Streams all over the Internet, providing you with the largest Broadcast Ad Campaign on the Internet.

The Traffic Magnet Secret Weapon is an Explosive combination of Technology, executed to provide you with Maximum Advantage and Maximum Benefit.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Choose to re-claim your life

You know when you do nothing, then you get nothing. Nothing happens. And the great, sad illusion is the greater pain only continues.

The great pain of living with the VERY things people do not want. But take a look around you. Take a look at people you know. Take a look at your self.

That's exactly why you must choose to take control of your life.

You can either watch your life go down the drain or DO something about it. I urge you to re-claim your life. Take it back!

Make a Decision to build your Passive income from Home, even if its just a Second or Third Income - until it fully replaces your First Income. Your income from Home is stable and secure because of RECURRING Income.

This is a subscription from your services. You make the sale once, and every month you are paid directly again and again.

Every time you add another Subscription, your monthly income gets bigger and bigger. The Home Income Portal is NOT another mentoring program or JV program that have you selling their Product and Services.

The Home Income Portal is a Real Online Business in which all your customers are yours, and all customers buy directly from you. Customers are Buying Products and Services from the Merchants you represent.

You can Subscribe for a Home Income Portal from me right here. I receive 12.00 every month from your Home Income Portal Franchise Subscription, and CCBILL deducts it and pay it to me directly every month.


Friday, July 3, 2009

News from a friend -- The Simplicity...

News from a Friend

The Beauty of the Home Income Portal is The Simplicity...


When I subscribed to The Home Income Portal, I thought it will be one those full of hype type of business that promotes only their service or product.

When I took a look at my portals, I was shocked to see so many streams of income. Plus everyone pays me directly. They made it so simple going into business, but not done by me or many famous people online. You had my attention that point onwards.

It is HUGE. From no website, to hundreds of websites across the Internet, each one changing with every click. It lets me know that somewhere, there are hundreds of people working to get sales for me.

One thing I must say, the beauty of the tactics lies in the simplicity, so, if someone ignores it because of it's simplicity, then s/he is a fool!

When I read your claim of making a 6 figure income from affiliate marketing and getting fat commissions checks, I thought here comes another one just fooling people around. But, after seeing the extent of my Passive Income (106) Websites (which seems to me only tip of ice berg,) I am not surprised anyone can make that kind of income.

Best Regards.

Omar Seti

Thanks for the news, my friend,