Thursday, December 30, 2010

This will help you make sales...GUARANTEED!

This is too simple

Stop whatever you're doing...

Go ahead and shut the door...

Turn off your phone...

WARNING: This Will Blow Your Socks OFF!


You're about to discover how to turn ANY
Wordpress site into a cash spitting ATM


This is one of the coolest things I've see in the
past 2 years....PERIOD!!

Check it out now...The dude on the video is
a little crazy and he's practically giving
this thing away. I'm not sure how much longer
it's going to be around


To YOUR Success
Glen Brink

Friday, December 17, 2010's Newsletter - Part-time gold

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s GUIDE TO PROFITING ON THE INTERNET
- Friday, December 17, 2010
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Publisher: Glen Brink

Part-Time Gold

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Do you need extra money? Only got limited
time to get it?

If you're like millions of people worldwide
you're looking to the Internet for the extra
money you need. Problem is, you really don't
understand how the Internet works and how to
get the income you need, guaranteed. When you
sit down at the computer you lack the
information, knowledge and expertise you
need for certain success. True, right?

Fortunately for you, a very well-known online
company -- -- has just what
you need: a sure way to make money online

Meet George Kosch And The Millionaire Boot Camp has been around since 1994
with its line of domain hosting, custom design
and inexpensive, easy-to-use, no-software-to-
download video services. More recently, Chief Technology Officer George
Kosch, himself a self-made Internet multi-
millionaire, decided to check out what kinds
of training programs existed online for folks
who wanted to work at home part-time.

The results were completely dismal: he couldn't
find a single professional training course
designed for part-time, home-based entrepreneurs.
In other words, these people were completely
out of luck. As a result, they were left with
only the unsatisfactory option of 'trial and error',
with the emphasis on the 'error'!

To solve this problem, George created the Millionaire
Bootcamp, and in short order over 1000 people worldwide
were enrolled. What's more, at any given time there
are at least 1000 people enrolled in it.

100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Profit
Online -- Every Single One!

Twice weekly, Chief Instructor George Kosch
makes live online presentations. These presentations
(and I've attended nearly every one so I know)
are amazing. They focus on exactly what you need
to know and do to profit online, specifically
how to make at least $100,000 a year online
working at home.

Each presentation is recorded and immediately
posted online for instant 24/7 access by folks
worldwide at their leisure. All you need is
access to the Internet. Thus, the Millionaire
Bootcamp is the world's first universal course
in how to profit online, even if you can
only work part-time!

What's terrific about the Millionaire Bootcamp
is not just the quality of the presentations.
They are excellent. However, what makes the
Millionaire Bootcamp uniquely successful is
the fact that the course is interactive and
hands-on. You not only learn what to do, but
you get the instructor's constant oversight and
assistance as you get out and do it. You see,
this is a workshop and the emphasis is on
teaching you what to do and monitoring your
progress. As a result of this completely pro-
active approach, 100% of Millionaire Bootcamp
graduates profit online. You will profit, too,
guaranteed by George Kosch and

Claim Your Millionaire Bootcamp Place Free
Today ($599.95 Value)

What would you pay for a professional workshop
on making money online with a 100% guarantee of
your personal success? Whatever you said, right
now I am authorized to GIVE you a free place
($599.95 value.) The only catch is that you must
claim this place today.

To do so, just register here.

Just 5 MINUTES from now you can be in the Millionaire
Bootcamp on your way to the extra income you
need, even if you can only work online part-time.
I'm standing by to hear from you now.

Glen Brink, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010's Newsletter - Hot news for part-timers

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- Tuesday, December 14, 2010
PLUS.. Daily Tips, Internet Articles, and Much More!
Publisher: Glen Brink

Hot News. Important information if you can only
work part-time.

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide
who want to make part-time income online working
from home? You know how good that sounds -- and
how hard it's been for you to get. Well, listen up,
one of the Internet's best known companies -- -- has solved your problem
forever. Yes, just five minutes from now you
can be on your way to GUARANTEED online income,
thanks to one of smartest ideas online.

Meet George Kosch, Your Best Friend Online

The major reason you've failed to profit online
consistently, dependably is because you've never
been trained to do so. Think of all the education
you've had in your life. That's what's enabled
you to move ahead.

Now think of all the education you've never
had online, not even one single minute's
training devoted to profiting online, much
less profiting online part-time working from
home. It's a scandal.

George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer at and himself a self-made Internet
multi-millionaire, decided to find out just
how much actual professional training is available
to folks like you and me who want to profit online.
His findings were dismal: he found literally NO
professional training dedicated to what we need
to achieve: Internet income from home, full- or part-time.

This hardly surprised George who has been profitably
online since 1994 and has watched people worldwide
fail miserably because they just didn't know what
to do. However, George didn't just complain; he
acted. As the inventor of a line of low-cost, easy-to-
use, no-software-to-download video services, he
already had the means to deliver cutting-edge
training. Now he created an incredible curriculum
for making money online. He called his unique
professional program the Millionaire Bootcamp and
in short order the first 1000 people worldwide
enrolled. (At any given time, over 1000 are always

100% Of Millionaire Bootcamp Graduates Profit Online.
You Will, Too -- Guaranteed!

The focus of the Millionaire Bootcamp is helping
you make money online, specifically helping you
make at least $100,000 a year online. Towards this
end, Chief Instructor George Kosch delivers twice
weekly live online presentations. The focus is
making sure you understand precisely how to make
money online, even working part-time from home.
The presentations are amazing. I know, I faithfully
attend them. What's more, every presentation is
recorded, so you can access it 24/7, wherever
you are in the world. All you need is an Internet

The Millionaire Bootcamp succeeds, however, not
merely because the presentations are excellent.
Instead, it's because this is a hands-on workshop,
not just a series of lectures. You learn exactly
what to do; then under George Kosch's expert
supervision, you go out and implement what you've
learned, to the point where you start profiting
while you are still in the Millionaire Bootcamp.

That's right: you not only learn what to do,
you learn how to do it! What's more, George Kosch
monitors your progress and pro-actively intervenes
to expedite your graduation. Graduation is
important because 100% of Millionaire Bootcamp
graduates profit online -- and you will, too,
guaranteed by George Kosch and

Respond Now & You Can Get Into The Millionaire
Bootcamp Free ($599.95 Value)

What would you pay for a professional course
delivering guaranteed online success? Whatever
you said, this is your lucky day. I'm authorized
by George Kosch to GIVE you a free place in the
Millionaire Bootcamp ($599.95 value). The only
catch is that you must take advantage of this
special offer today.

To do so, just register here.

In just 5 MINUTES from now, you can be in the
Millionaire Bootcamp, on your way to guaranteed
online income, even if you can only work online
part-time from home.

I'm standing by to hear from you now

Glen Brink, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life-transforming traffic software selling like crazy!

Just thought I’d let you know you could have
made $7,979 yesterday.

A very happy customer has just emailed me to
say thanks for introducing him to Total Traffic
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This could easily be you, but you need to act
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Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime
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All the best,

Glen Brink

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1 – Open Computer 2 – Push Button 3 – Collect Checks

Would you like that?


A system where you could simply turn on your computer
and push a few buttons and you receive checks of any
amount you like in the mail?

I mean how would you like to be able determine
your income just based on how many times you
"Push the Button"

..Push the Button
..Push the Button

To be honest, that is all I am doing lately is
Pushing the Button and money is literally
Wheelbarrowing into my Account.

How do I do this?

Click here NOW to find out:


Talk Soon,

Glen Brink

my blog - Sharing Profit Strategies

How to magnetically sponsor new prospects

Recommended Advertising Tools

Recommended work at Home Jobs

My Latest Hot New MLM Recommendation


I have seen so many "systems" come and go in
the industry and I can tell you that the majority of
them "over-promise" and under-deliver.

However I can honestly tell you that for the first time
I am LAID FLAT by this "Push Button" system that
actually under promises and OVER-DELIVERS.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Not all Advertising Will Get You Results! Read this to make sure you're not wasting time and $$

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I've been an affiliate with WorldProfit for three years now and have been in profit since my very first month. Many of us are building a growing business selling anything we want using the automation tools and the advertising Bootcamp training to develop a sure-thing long term Internet career. I just wanted to show you an example of the inside information you can rely on that we get freely as members. We share the truth with all our members. Here's a taste of it:

Read this to ensure you are getting the BEST Advertising Results and not wasting precious time and your hard earned dollars.

A number of you are using various advertising sources that do NOT produce good quality leads. It is your choice where you promote but we want to make sure you understand that all advertising is NOT equal. Read this important information below to save yourself wasted dollars on advertising, save time and avoid boiling frustration.

Here is a basic summary of what you need to know about online advertising.

1) Be aware of the difference between VIEWS and HITS. Hits usually refer to someone, a person actually CLICKING on your ad. Some sites promise to deliver hits, when really they are providing only views of your ad. This means no one actually clicks on the ad, your ad just appears somewhere lost on a page.
2) Some sites use a computer-generated script that has a computer CLICK on ads meaning you think you are getting hits, but no human has actually seen your ad.
3) Some sites pay people a very small amount of money to complete forms. These people have no interest in purchasing and are usually not good leads.
4) Some sites deliver leads to you but the leads are names of people from countries that do not have the ability to make secure verified purchases. An example of such a country is Nigeria.

Below is a list of countries which DO provide their citizens with secure online order processing. Leads from these countries are acceptable.

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

Every week we hear from people that tell us they are promoting all day every day but no results! We look at their Ad Tracker stats and guess what? They are NOT advertising in reputable places. They are NOT advertising at the places we recommend and list in the Member area! They are not getting any clicks on their Ads!

Below are our suggestions so you get the BEST VALUE from your Advertising and Promotion Efforts.

1. The Safelists and Exchanges listed in your Member area under Advertising/Traffic are ones that we recommend for both paid advertising or credit-based free advertising. The list we provide is a GOOD place for paid ads.

2. When you get notification of an Associate sign up pay close attention to the COUNTRY that the lead is generated. If the lead is not on the list of countries above, be skeptical of the quality of lead.

3. If you get a an Associate sign up that has bogus letters entered or a fictional name, then just disregard the lead. It is a person or computer wasting your time.

4. Use your Ad Tracker tool that we provide FREE for your use in your member area. If you purchase advertising somewhere and you get ZERO hits tracked on your Ad Tracker then you KNOW that advertising source is NOT a good one.

5. If you want to check with our Support Team BEFORE you buy paid advertising from a source we don't have on our recommended list, you can submit a Support form request. We will be happy to provide you with some FREE advice.

6. Follow the steps of the online Bootcamp Training videos, and attend the Live Weekly Training Sessions with George Kosch.

The bottom line is this. One of the fastest way to DOOM your online business, is buying paid ads in places that don't produce good quality leads. You may think, "I am advertising and promoting but not getting results!" But know this: If your ad is not being seen by real people at a reputable advertising source you will be out of money and make NOTHING! Be wary and wise when purchasing online advertising. Save yourself from wasting your money and the frustration.

FINAL WORDS: We offer you training every week to help you avoid problems like this. PLEASE come to the training.
Listen. Learn and apply what we teach you. We ONLY Tell you to do what we KNOW works because we are DOING IT!

About The Author

Glen Brink is sharing this inside information produced by World Profit, Inc.

Self made "Renaissance man" Glen Brink is CEO of where
small and home-based businesses learn how to
profit online. Attend the webcast (live or recorded)
TODAY and receive free guaranteed visitors
to the website of your choice! For details
on Glen Brink's successful marketing career,
go to

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Private Label Rights on Sale

Our Store is designed to give YOU an easy way to keep up to date on the latest products that help you learn how to market and build your business online. You can download these products IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE and if you are tech saavy enough you can also create minisites and sell these products using your paypal/alert pay accounts.

You can also add our store to your promotions and websites.