Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ETR: How the Future Is Already Making Fortunes

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Early to Rise
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Wednesday October 20, 2010

Is the next Google, Apple, or Microsoft out there right now -- ready for smart investors to get in on the ground floor? In his essay today, Agora Financial's Patrick Cox reveals details on a new investment advisory service (two years in the making!) in which he looks into the future, while keeping an eye on the present.

Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Early to Rise

"When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened."

John M. Richardson Jr.

How the Future Is Already Making Fortunes
By Patrick Cox

I bet you've heard "You can't change your genetics" dozens of times.

People think there's a master code written for them before they're born, and they must live with it no matter what.

But what if science found a way to "turn off" certain genetic traits as we age?

You've been eating tomatoes for years that already use this technology. Scientists call it "sense" or "antisense" -- depending on the gene mechanism they use.

After all, nobody likes over-ripe tomatoes. I know I don't.

Years ago, scientists figured out how to "turn off" the gene that makes tomatoes ripen quickly. Now, tomatoes are picked, cleaned, shipped, and wait at your grocery store -- without ripening until you get them home.

Fresher tomatoes are great. But they won't make you wealthy. That's why I'm excited about my recent research into a company that could "turn off" certain human disease traits.

This company's pipeline of work includes just about any major ailment you can imagine.

This is heady research. The profit implications of even ONE successful candidate could cause a wealth shift in the markets. Much of this wealth could shift to thinkers like YOU.

The future will be full of ways to beat many problems we falsely believe are hopeless today -- like "You can't change your genetics." We can, as it turns out. We are doing it.

My point is simply this -- the future is exhilarating. The road that leads there will be bumpy and disasters will strike. But for those who are properly prepared, the coming years will be intensely profitable.

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And much, much more...

We hand to you the very same secrets behind the $295 million "Agora,Inc. Model" -on a silver platter!

I'll have more tomorrow -- about how computers being developed right now will leave the one you're reading this on in the dust as far as speed and capabilities.

And don't forget to check your e-mail tomorrow for a special message. You'll want to clear your morning schedule for it...

In this e-mail, you'll get all the benefits of over two years of my research. Over two years of trips and phone calls. Over two years of conferences and interviews.

After all that time spent researching the best of the best, I'm just about ready to release all my ideas to you. I can't wait to share with you every story, every study, and every interview my colleagues and I have collected. You'll be shocked.

Not just by the science but by how easily, safely, and quickly you can start profiting from it.

The evidence is solid. The implications are clear. The next two, five, 10, and 20 years could be intensely profitable. If you're prepared.

You see, my research proves a great expansion is underway. It is an expansion of ideas, innovation, and wealth...

The scope of this change challenges the scope of the physical expansion of America in the 1800s. As America expanded westward, you sprinted to a plot of land.

You staked your claim. You built a life. You toiled and prospered. You passed on wisdom and wealth.

America is expanding again -- not in land, but in ideas. Progress and technological change are increasing in speed. The data back this up.

You may know all about Moore's Law -- Gordon Moore's prescient observation in 1965 that computer processing power would double every two years.

What you'll see tomorrow makes Moore's Law -- and the fortunes it created -- seem like a quaint anecdote. My report hits your inbox tomorrow -- and then it's up to you. It will be your choice.

Are you ready to profit from the future? Just consider...

Our grandchildren will live in and profit from a world foreign to us. Far more foreign, perhaps, than the one you grew up in compared to the world your grandparents knew.

Tomorrow, you get one chance to plant stakes for future generations of your family.

From the railroad to electricity. From the automobile to refrigeration. From antibiotics to pioneering surgery. Fortunes emerged. Empires took flight. Tycoons cemented legacies.

NOW the next great jump is here. Check your e-mail tomorrow for all the details...

[Ed. Note: Patrick Cox, an editor with Agora Financial, has lived deep inside the world of transformative technologies for over 25 years. In the 1980s, he worked in computer software development and manufacturing. By the mid-1990s, he worked as a consultant for Netscape -- the company that handled 90% of all Internet browsing traffic at the time. InfoWorld and USA Today have featured Patrick's research numerous times. He has also appeared on Crossfire and Nightline.]

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Today's Words That Work: Prescient

Prescient  (PRESH-unt) -- from the Latin for "to know in advance" -- means having knowledge of things before they exist or happen.

(Example (as used by Patrick Cox today): "You may know all about Moore's Law -- Gordon Moore's prescient observation in 1965 that computer processing power would double every 2 years."

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