Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ETR: Procrastination

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Early to Rise
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Wednesday October 27, 2010

There Is No Other Online (or Offline) Money-Making Resource Like It (Anywhere in the World!)

What's The China Wholesale Trader all about?

In a nutshell, it's a unique "virtual community" where you can check in online... at any time of day or night... and get:

The most POWERFUL...

The most ACTIONABLE...

And (MOST IMPORTANT) the most UP-TO-DATE information on how to become a highly successful Internet import-export entrepreneur.

The China Wholesale Trader is designed to help ANYONE... regardless of education, experience, or income level... learn how to make as much money as possible from the Internet import/export market.

Get all the details here.


Have trouble just getting things done -- even when others are counting on you? In his video today, PJ McClure gives you a clear strategy for managing your time and responsibilities to make sure you complete projects on time and without stress. Just click on the screen below.

[Ed. Note: PJ McClure, "The Mindset Maven," dedicated decades of his life to studying goal setting and personal achievement strategies. He found a lot of great tools and techniques... but something was still missing. And that's why he developed his own program to help people overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from getting what they want out of life. Find out how PJ can help you here.

PJ is an alumnus of ETR's annual Info-Marketing Bootcamp. Each year, we bring in the top Internet business builders in the to share their freshest and most lucrative money-making strategies with our attendees. These are proven strategies in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media, video marketing, and more. And this year, you don't even have to travel to Florida. You can be part of Bootcamp -- from your own home office or living room -- LIVE. Find out more here.]

Disappointed with traditional retirement choices?

While most Americans fear what's in store for them in retirement, a few people are taking advantage of a new program for supplementing their income. ETR's new video explains just how it works.

Please make sure your speakers are turned up, then go here to see the brief presentation.

"The most motivating and inspiring newsletter I have ever read."

"I think your newsletter is absolutely the most motivating and inspiring newsletter I have ever read. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your informational messages every day."

Kenneth Carney

Are You Part of This Elite Group?

After hearing about so many successful folks who credit Michael Masterson and ETR with helping them along the way, we've come to realize there is an "elite" group of ETR readers.

These are people who are serious about their success. They are "doers" and want to take action. However, they need that little extra "oomph!" to get them going.

That's why we've created ETR Premium...

To give you behind-the-scenes access to a one-of-a-kind "mentorship" with Michael Masterson and ETR's trusted advisors that will help you get the ball rolling (and then some!)...

... all for just $5 a month.

Today's Words That Work: Vitrine

A Vitrine (vih-TREEN) -- from the French for "pane of glass" -- is a glass cabinet or case, especially one for displaying art objects.

Example (as used by Bob Morris in The New York Times): "A blackboard in the farm's shed listed our meager allotment of vegetables -- all stored in crates on tables as if they were art in vitrines."

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