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How Some Frustrated Americans Are "Fighting Back"

Dear Early to Rise reader,

My friends and colleagues at The Sovereign Society are doing some incredible work.

And with the U.S. economy on the verge of another financial meltdown that could crush the dollar, cause hyperinflation, and destroy the wealth of millions of hard-working Americans...

The timing for their brand new report couldn't be better.

You see, a handful of frustrated (but savvy) Americans have begun to escape these threats, and skyrocket their wealth with an unusual investment once only reserved for the world's wealthiest people.

To discover their amazing secret, simply read below...


Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Early to Rise

How Some Frustrated Americans Are Retiring Rich By Sidestepping Wall Street And Uncle Sam

It’s a little-known secret that can help you safely (and legally) escape high income taxes, the plummeting U.S. Dollar and Wall Street shenanigans…

Now you can use this strategy (once only available to the ultra-rich) starting today…

Dear Reader,

If your wealth is sitting in a Wall Street brokerage account, or floundering in an IRA or 401K plan… the intelligence revealed here could save your retirement.

You see, the U.S. economy is on the verge of another financial meltdown… one that could crush the dollar, cause hyperinflation, and destroy the wealth of millions of hard-working American like you and me.

However, a handful of frustrated (but savvy) Americans have begun to escape these threats and skyrocket their wealth with an unusual investment once only reserved for the world’s wealthiest people.

They’ve discovered a “global strategy for financial freedom” that could significantly impact your wealth for generations to come.

Let me be clear, their secret has nothing to with retreating to offshore bank accounts, trusts or offshore LLCs.

It’s far simpler – and much more rewarding.

I’m talking about a one-stop solution to global investing, asset protection and estate planning that is helping some fed-up Americans retire rich… by completely sidestepping Wall Street and Uncle Sam.

These people know traditional domestic investments just won’t cut it…

  • Take Jerry the bachelor for instance; he’s made a substantial fortune in investment banking. Should something happen during one of his mountain climbing or parachuting adventures this strategy will provide perpetual income for his mother.
  • Small business owners named John and Martha used this secret to get global diversity, minimize U.S. dollar exposure, and to guard against any lawsuits involving their business so their personal assets are never at risk.
  • Michael and Sheila are in their 30s, and took advantage of this strategy to get global diversification and maximum growth potential for retirement, while still having the flexibility to withdraw money as needed.
  • Arizona resident Elizabeth M. is in her 60s and wants to leave a legacy for her grandson and nieces. The plan outlined below helped her meet her goals.

Simply put, if you are seeking customized asset protection, a dollar hedge, global investment opportunities, tax privileged growth and estate planning…

You’ll get full details on this global wealth action plan, and so much more, in a new book called - The Insured Portfolio: Your Gateway to Stress-Free Global Investments - which reveals the closely guarded secret that successful (yet frustrated) Americans have begun using to “fight back.”

Frankly, once you see how this powerful investment can help you – you may decide to close all your brokerage accounts (including your IRA and 401K), to take full advantage of this opportunity.

A Better Way to Grow… And Protect Your Wealth

If you’re at or near retirement age – the timing for this breakthrough investment couldn’t be better…

With unemployment soaring, home values (still) on the decline, a volatile stock market and an ever-growing government bearing down on small business owners… you may be wondering:

“Am I next?”

The truth is, their appetite for wealth destruction knows no bounds.

That’s why I’m writing you this letter: To make sure you can jump-start your own global game plan to protect your hard-earned money – before it’s too late.

Let me ask you…

About the Authors

ERIKA NOLAN is Executive Director of The Sovereign Society — an offshore, asset protection and international finance organization — as well as co-founder of N&C International Wealth Consultants, LLC. She is a highly respected expert in global investments, tax havens, and international asset protection.

MARC-ANDRÉ SOLA is a Swiss attorney and cofounder and managing partner of NMG International Financial Services Ltd., and a highly sought-after speaker on topics ranging from asset protection to estate planning.

SHANNON CROUCH is Associate Publisher of The Sovereign Society and co-founder of N&C International Wealth Consultants, LLC.

Have you ever wondered how the world’s richest families accumulate incredible “under-the-radar” fortunes… while we settle for stock recommendations that are yesterday’s news?

How they shield their wealth from outside threats… while you and I live in fear of erroneous lawsuits, Uncle Sam’s threat of IRS reprisals, and Patriot Act snooping?

How they are able to live stress-free and retire to waterfront and country club homes… while many Americans owe more than their homes are worth?

I’ll share their secret in a moment.

My point is, this strategy provides you with the greatest wealth growing, asset fortifying and privacy protecting opportunity the world has ever known.

If you’ve ever wanted to shield your personal assets from frivolous lawsuits, claims or unreasonable jury awards related to medical malpractice or even personal liability claims such as automobile accident…

If you’ve ever wanted to ensure your wealth has access to top global markets, can legally avoid and minimize excessive taxation, has ways to preserve existing and future assets and has solid strategies to care for your family after you are gone.

If you’re worried about how the Great Tax Hike of 2011 will affect your family’s finances…

This book is your answer.

What World-Renowned Wealth Experts Are Saying About This Strategy:

“Powerful. Essential”

The Insured Portfolio provides the reader with an excellent explanation of important contemporary innovative solutions to the financial crisis confronting our society. The style of the authors is easy to read and understand – a rarity in the financial services industry! I strongly recommend the book to investors and financial planners alike!”

- Michael G. Chatzky,
attorney-at-law, Chatzy & Associates

“Powerful Book”

“One of the most powerful books of our time. An essential financial planning tool for serious investors.”

- Eric Roseman, President,
ENR Asset Management, Inc.

“A Must-Read”

“Three successful practitioners with one important message: How to protect and invest your wealth in today’s world. A ‘must read’ for the astute investor in the twenty-first century.”

- Dominique J. Spillman,
CEO, swisspartners Advisors Ltd.

“Energizing… Powerful”

“I believe The Insured Portfolio offers us a model of clarity in this current world of investing. It helps make investment philosophies pain-free, understandable, and yet almost energizing to the point where investing becomes a powerful, fun, and exciting part of everyday life.”

- Van Simmons,
David Hall Rare Coins

The Secret Wealth-Building Strategy Revealed

This breakthrough book reveals a one-stop solution to global investing, asset protection, and estate planning in one fell swoop.

And when you turn to page 143, you’ll discover the top four countries our team of global experts recommends for making this investment.

So what exactly is this portfolio?

It’s an unusual, but simple global strategy that can grow your wealth, provide asset protection, and custom estate planning.

Once you have this strategy in place, you’ll get global exposure to countries like… Australia… Norway… Spain… Japan… Hong Kong… China… and Switzerland…

PLUS, if you’re ever hit with an outrageous lawsuit, expensive divorce, million-dollar “slip-and-fall” damages or any other legal silliness that has come to dominate America’s courtrooms…

You’ll never have to worry about anyone getting their hands on your hard-earned money

Even if a U.S. litigation lawyer happens to discover that you own this investment – it would be extremely difficult for him to find it. And in some cases it can’t be seized or included in any bankruptcy estate either.

And whenever you have a question about the next step in your quest for worry-free global investing, simply turn to The Insured Portfolio: Your Gateway to Stress-Free Global Investments for the answer… as some folks have begun to discover – this foreign private placement strategy could boost your wealth, save you millions in taxes, and provide for loved ones after your gone.

Regular Americans… Discovering Financial Freedom

Let’s meet a few more people taking advantage of this strategy now… so you can see real-life examples of how this strategy can protect and boost your financial future for the better right away…

  • Alfred from Los Angeles owns several properties and tapped this investment so he can provide his daughter with plenty of cash to cover future estate taxes.
  • John, 55, is a fast-food franchise owner; this strategy is perfect for him because he’s seeking tax-deferred growth so his three children can pay estate taxes when he’s gone, without being forced to liquidate assets or sell the business.
  • Aaron is an American Israeli living in Miami, FL. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s divorced and has two children in their 30s. He used this investment for diversification, its tax deferral benefits and asset protection.

In The Insured Portfolio, you’ll discover exactly how Alfred, John, and Aaron were able to do this… and how you can use this strategy to create financial freedom for yourself.

That’s not all, you’ll also discover this book is a great read!

“Your Guide to Financial Freedom”

In this 232-page guide, the authors reveal secrets to boosting your returns and protecting your wealth.

For example…

  • The 4 steps you can take today to successfully kick-start a global investment portfolio… without spending a fortune… Page 28.
  • How to completely avoid the U.S. stock market … but tap 31 of the most profitable companies in the world… Page 38.
  • The secret to creating a “piggy-back” portfolio that mimics the most profitable trades of George Soros, John Paulson, or Bill Gross… Page 96.
  • Can you really give away your money to get rich? The answer may surprise you… Page 71.
  • Follow these 2 rules to ensure you’ll get tax-deferred growth, for life… Page 118.
  • 11 surprising questions that can shoot your wealth out of the stratosphere… Page 169.
  • Invest in these 3 countries with extreme caution… Page 144.
  • An unusual “psychological force-field” that can shield your wealth from anyone who tries to get their hands on it… Page 175.

Spend one morning with this book and you’ll see exactly why I say it’s a “financial survival guide for 2010… 2011 and beyond.”

You’ll learn how and where to safeguard your money from any U.S. litigation lawyer that happens to come knocking on your door…

You’ll know how to protect yourself against the plummeting dollar…

You’ll discover where to get huge returns on your investments to offset hyperinflation…

…and you’ll know exactly how to ensure your family has enough wealth to last for generations to come.

Bottom line: Some frustrated Americans have begun using this strategy to safeguard their wealth… and grow it much faster than ever before.

For the very first time, you can join them using The Insured Portfolio.

But how can this book help you safely (and legally) escape high income taxes, the shrinking U.S. Dollar and Wall Street shenanigans starting just days from now?

When you turn to page 85 you’ll discover the exact details you need to grow and protect your wealth… from any threat that comes your way.

A Simple Solution for these Uncertain Times

I’ll admit, the secrets revealed in The Insured Portfolio are worth much more than the $29.95 cost of this book.

So can a $30 book really change your life?

The truth is – most of them can’t. But this is definitely not another lame investment book. Think about this…

You insure your car… for $1,000 a year.

You insure your home… for $2,000 a year.

You insure your health… for how much? $3,000... $5,000… or more?

Yet your hard-earned wealth sits unprotected from all the threats that could destroy everything you’ve ever worked for in a blink of an eye.

Simply put, it’s time to “insure” your portfolio.

And right now you have the opportunity to discover the best way do this for less than the price of a modest lunch for two

Many people pay thousands of dollars to private law firms and prestigious family offices for the intelligence this book contains…

But you can find out exactly how to implement the simple strategy revealed in this clear, concise book… for under $22.

How One $22.00 Investment Can Make You Rich

Let me be frank with you…

If you take just one idea from the hundreds in this book and use it to increase your wealth by 1%, or if you can use this book to save thousands in taxes each year… the price you’ll pay would be worth it many times over.

To receive your personal copy of this book before most Americans will even have a clue this global strategy is now available – simply accept my offer today.

If you order today, you’ll receive your copy of this book for $21.56 - a 28% savings from the normal price.

To order The Insured Portfolio, please click on the link of your preferred book seller:

order at barnes and noble Order at Barnes and Noble
order at Order at Amazon
order at Order at Borders


Robert Bauman, J.D.
Legal Counsel, The Sovereign Society
October 2010

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