Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Most Profitable Safelist

ListVolta    and   Group Volta

List Volta Here you can submit your ad your ad to the other List Volta members! Just click the "Submit Ad" button ablove to get started. You can also use the links in the menu on the left to view recent ads, your saved ads, and your personal mailing history.

Group VoltaGroup Volta is our integrated social network. Click the Group Volta button above to setup your GV profile and start discovering the power inside!

NOK:NOKing is a great way to receive more exposure to your offers! Earning NOK's is easy! Simply navigate through the List Volta and Group Volta pages and you are almost certain to earn some NOK's! NOK's will be earned everytime you click on a text or banner ad anywhere on this site (like the banners at the top and bottom of this page, and the small text ads to the left). NOK's can also be earned by clicking on special links in the e-mail ads that you receive from the other List Volta members. You will also earn NOK's when you refer new List Volta and Group Volta members, when you make new Group Volta friends, etc. But remember, the number of NOK's you receive depends on your membership level, and the level of the member that you have NOK'ed!v

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