Sunday, November 14, 2010

$200 discount expires Tuesday

Dear ETR Reader -

All was going well - gold was being pulled out of Mr. Darby's mine at record numbers. Until one day it all dried up. Darby hunted and hunted for that gold vein. But could not find it.

Finally, he gave up and sold his equipment. The new owner hired an engineer and together they discovered the richest vein of gold in north America... just three feet from where Darby gave up.

In the world of money and wealth, little things make a huge difference. Let me repeat - a HUGE difference.

This past week, many of your fellow ETR readers gathered down in Delray Beach, FL. There they discovered for themselves that they are just "three feet" away from massive success. The "engineers" were in the room - masterful online marketers who know where to find rich veins of gold in today's struggling economy.

Michael Masterson... Rich Schefren... Joshua Boswell... Perry Marshall... Brian Edmondson... Andrew Lock... Drayton Bird... and others.

Together, they cracked open the mine and exposed rich veins of gold.

The most powerful thing they revealed to us was this: You're just "three feet" away from success. Serious wealth and business success is within your grasp. In fact, as Rich told us, all those things you thought were holding you back are the very things that will launch you forward... if you just apply them right.

You have just two days to grab the entire Bootcamp experience - all the presentations and all your questions answered - at the lowest price. When you order before Tuesday, November 16th at 5 p.m., you'll receive a huge $200 discount...

The rush is on! To hit your own "gold vein" you need to act today before the price goes up.

By virtually experiencing Bootcamp today, you could get started with your online business immediately and...

  • Use Perry Marshall's secret method for discovering profitable markets...

  • Build an entire product using Joshua Boswell's super-fast, really-cheap, highly-effective method for creating profitable products...

  • AND get it to market using Rich Schefren's system for launching products using a strategic team.

Yes, you can do all of that... the virtual in-house Bootcamp experience shows you exactly how... step-by-step.

Order today and save $200... and then put that saved $200 to work for you uncovering your own gold strike. Click here to order and make it happen.

Remember, this discount disappears in just two days... and no amount of searching will bring it back. Once it's gone... it's gone. So, why wait? Order your Bootcamp experience right now by clicking here.

Best Regards,

Jason Holland
Associate Publisher
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