Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I discovered I already have it in me"

ETR 2010 Info-Marketing Bootcamp - Onsite Reporting
Insider Report #4


WEDNESDAY, November 10, 2010 - 1:00PM EST

Dear Early to Riser,

"I finally get it! It all clicked. That's the biggest thing I got out of Bootcamp. I've spent a ton of money on systems and info products, and I never 'got it'. But now I do. And you know the funny thing? I discovered that I already have it all in me. Everything I need to succeed is already inside of me. I just need to claim it... and that is exactly what I'm doing." ~ Andrea Williams

If there is a common theme that has emerged out of this year's Bootcamp - it is this... the power, the skills, the ideas, the experience you need to succeed is already inside of you.

But how do you unlock it?

For the folks down here in Delray Beach, Florida who are attending this year, the answer is simple: Bootcamp.

Bootcamp has shown them how to unlock the magic and turn their inner potential into the outer reality of their life.

For example, I was talking with Melissa Fairchild. Like Andrea, she has been to a number of events, but none have been as profound as this year's Bootcamp.

She said to me, "I just have to tell you that I've figured out what my major focus needs to be. Yesterday, while Rich was talking, I realized that I need to focus on one major project and idea at a time. He just put into words exactly where I'm at. And suddenly, there it was. I knew just what I need to do. It felt so good to finally have clarity. I can finally begin to see success."

Congratulations Melissa... as one of our special guest speakers, Noah St. John, told us, "seeing success" is one of the biggest obstacles that most people face in realizing their dreams and goals. (Melissa, you're almost there! Feels great doesn't it!)

When you realize that you already have all the ingredients inside of you to succeed, it is very liberating. Especially, if you have the tools to unlock that potential and focused direction to make it a reality.

John Schefer knows that feeling. He told me, "I finally feel free. For so many years I've felt like a prisoner inside of my 9-5 job. But with all the insights, realizations, information and techniques I've been given here at Bootcamp, I finally feel free to act for myself and take charge of my life. I'm no longer at the mercy of the economy or my job."

How about you? Do you feel trapped by circumstance - by life? John, Andrea, and Melissa are breaking those bonds and stepping into a new life. Will you join them?

Damian Petrini is going to join them. There was so much excitement in his eyes. His whole body was buzzing with energy. It was catching and I got fired up just talking to him.

"I came to Bootcamp in 2007," he said, "But it was nothing like this year's event! The proven results, the credibility, and the combination of expertise found in the speakers this year was amazing! It was such a powerful smorgasbord of helpful information. I really believe that if I go home and implement even just a few things, there is no way I can fail!"

This morning PJ McClure, the now famous producer of "The Mindset Maven" self-improvement program, took the stage and shared with us his experiences. Life has hammered PJ over the past few years... first his wife suffered a heart attack and then their house burnt to the ground. How much worse can it get?

But he didn't let that get him down. He consistently stayed the course, applying things he'd discovered at Bootcamp and through ETR. And, just like Damian said, there was no way he could fail. Today, PJ has a thriving business and is succeeding at a stunning rate, using the experience, personality, and information that is already inside of him.

You have something inside of you too, you know. There is a power in there that is waiting to come out and give you the success you've been looking for. You just need to unlock it and let it go to work for you.

This year, that's what Bootcamp has been all about. Discovering that inner strength and unlocking the doors.

Michael Masterson, Rich Schefren, Jen Stevens, Andrew Lock, Noah St. John, Drayton Bird, Tom McCarthy, Joshua Boswell, Brian Edmondson, and all the other speakers gave attendees the key.

Already, they are using it to create success.

I overheard one attendee, Tandelyn Weaver, talking with Laura Rodini, our COO. Tandelyn and her husband work on their business together. She said, "I told my husband about a few ideas I heard from one of the speakers and he immediately began putting it to work that night. We started seeing results right away. It is so exciting." (You'll hear more from Tandeylyn later, I'm sure...)

I know you didn't get a chance to attend Bootcamp this year, but that's no reason to miss out on discovering your inner success-power and unlocking it right away. As you know, we recorded every single word of the event.

You can still be a part of Bootcamp.

You can still experience the magical transformation.

You can still discover your inner success-power and unlock it.

For the next week, you can experience it all at the lowest price we've ever offered a Bootcamp experience. If you choose to claim your success through our exciting in-house virtual Bootcamp experience and order before the deadline, then you'll get a full $200 off.

Click here to order right now.

Like Andrea said... it's all inside of you. So, why wait? Discover it today and put it to work for you now. Our exciting in-house virtual Bootcamp experience will allow you to do just that. Get it here.

Here's to Your Success,

Jason Holland
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise





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