Tuesday, November 9, 2010

There's nothing wrong with you...

ETR 2010 Info-Marketing Bootcamp - Onsite Reporting
Insider Report #3


TUESDAY, November 9, 2010 - 3:03PM EST

Dear Early to Riser,

As each personal weakness flashed on the screen, you could see the heads of attendees bobbing up and down.

Rich Schefren was presenting an idea that was both startling and comforting, maddening and empowering. Have you ever considered that so many of the struggles and supposed weaknesses that you have are actually... strengths?

And not just strengths, but the very things you must have - and I mean must have - to become wildly successful in business.

How successful can your weaknesses make you?

Rich told us that when he realized that his weaknesses - his supposed failiings - were actually power-centers just waiting to be used in the right way, he was able to take his company, Strategic Profits, from conception to doing over $7.3 million in one single year.

"The shiny-object-syndrome that had me buying every new online marketing program that came across my desk was actually the ability to be open to new ideas and take risks. That's a critical skill in business."

"And the sense of always reaching for the latest and hottest opportunity - despite the fact that I'd failed at dozens of other before - was not senseless stupidity. It was a deep-seated ability to face failures and continually learn from them and then rise from the ashes. Every successful business faces failures and setbacks... you have to be able to grow from the experience."

On and on it went. Masterfully, Rich went through 10 skills and personality traits that so many people in Corporate America - the job mentality folks - label as weaknesses. He helped us see how and why these are really core to your ability to create massive success as an entrepreneur.

So, what makes the difference? How is it that you can take all of these supposed deficits and turn them on their heads and use them to make a ton of cash?

As Rich explained it, the difference lies not in the personality trait itself, but the technique you use to apply it. What some label as failures are in reality just energy. It is energy that far too many of us fire off in the wrong direction. Like a massive rocket booster that is fired without proper coordinates... or worse yet... without a guidance system in place at all.

Is it any wonder success sometimes feels awkaward and frustrating - kind of like trying to write your name with your non-dominant hand?

For nearly two hours, Rich shared with us proven Skill-Sets that allow you to rapidly create a success guidance system that takes your supposed weaknesses and turns them into powerful, profit-generating systems. The rocket is no longer aimless or dangerous.

Here's a few of the "Skill-Sets" Rich shared with us...

  • Creating Automated Systems - Isn't the dream of dreams? To be totally detached from your income? To have more money coming in than you can spend? That is what effective, powerful systems can do for you.

  • Out-Sourcing vs Out-Tasking - First of all... most of us are uncertain and afraid of actually handing things off to others. But, real success is never a solo act. It takes a team of people, each doing what he or she can do best. Even so, too many make the mistake of out-taking projects - that is every time they need a task done, they go out and find someone to do it for the cheapest price possible. They are always looking for someone better or cheaper. Can you see how inefficient that is? It is far better to build a team with core, critical skills that you can rely on.

  • Process Maps - As Rich said, "You don't know what you are doing until you know what you won't do. You don't know what you're selling, until you know what you're not selling." Process maps consist of just four elements and something he calls "swim lanes." They are very simple, easy to utilize. With Rich's powerful process maps, you can instantly see what you're doing to launch products, reach out to buyers, and generate sales. They also allow you to ask questions like, "Is this really necessary?" "How can we shortcut this process and make 5x the income?"

After Rich was done, every attendee was not only walking taller, but there was a light in their eyes - a belief that extreme success was within their reach. So many of the roadblocks and obstacles that stood in their way just a few hours before were suddenly blown away.


We all felt like Rich had just put success within easy reach. He made it feel so real. Imagine, all those weaknesses and all that "baggage" we carry around is, in reality, the very thing that will propel you forward.

Rich showed us how to make the switch.

And I want you to experience it for yourself. So we are offering a total in-home Bootcamp experience at a $200 savings - but only if you order before the deadline.

Experience this powerful transformation today. Click here now,and you'll be among the first to get access to every session of this year's Bootcamp.

To Your Success,

Jason Holland
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise





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