Monday, November 8, 2010

3 Point Formula for Making $1 Million in 12 months

ETR 2010 Info-Marketing Bootcamp - Onsite Reporting
Insider Report #2


MONDAY, November 8, 2010 - 3:00PM EST

Dear Early to Riser,

"In the past year, my new start-up has generated over $1 million dollars. In the first 60 days of my launch I put over $145,000 of new revenue in the bank. I did it with less than $10,000 in start up capital. Also, during that same time, I spent 30 minutes a day of private time with my children, played tennis three days a week, had a weekly date night with my husband, and feel happier and healthier than ever before!"

MaryEllen Tribby was on the stage at Info-Marketing Bootcamp with Michael Masterson. And we were staring at her in amazement. How did she do all of this? It sounds like the perfect life.

And really, it is.

For the next 90 minutes, pens were flying, heads nodding, and hearts were pounding with excitement as MaryEllen walked through, step-by-step, her secrets, ideas and strategies for building a million-dollar business in just 12 months.

For example, she shared with us...

  • A simple, actionable, astonishingly common sense 3-Point Plan for creating money rapidly with little up-front money

  • 10 points on how to develop relationships that can turn into a million dollars (One example: a solid way to build a "Bragable Network" - influential people that can help you rapidly reach success)

  • The startling reality of "Internet Marketing Math" (IMM) - the funny-money math that far too many internet marketing gurus use to sell their wares. The only problem is that it doesn't pay the bills! (MaryEllen gave us six points on how we can make REAL money, using real business math!)

  • The fastest, most powerful, cheapest way to build your income base and your list of buyers... so you can make money well into the future and not become a "one hit wonder"

  • And dozens of other practical ideas and field-tested principles for building massively successful information marketing businesses.  

It was incredible! We were just starting the Bootcamp!

But already it was obvious that attendees were putting these powerful secrets to good use. During the break, I heard people talking about how they have already gotten several key ideas that were going to take their business to the next level.

And we were just getting going!

Next, Andrew Lock took the stage. Andrew shared more mind-blowing ideas as he outlined exactly how to create and profit from our own Web TV show.

Andrew told us that every day there are more than 200 billion emails going out worldwide. But about 90% of them are SPAM. So... how do you cut through the clutter?

Putting your own TV show online is one of the most powerful ways to get noticed. And it's easier than you think. Andrew shared with us...

  • Why Web TV is the fastest way get your prospects to Know - Like - and Trust you.

  • The 5 "P" formula for creating money-making Web TV programs. (Hint: Plan - Produce - Publish - Promote - Profit)

  • The E + E = EV formula that Andrew that has made his Web TV series become one of the highest ranked programs on iTunes... ousting out big names such as Newsweek!

  • And finally, how to create enthralling content - without commercials - and use 16 ways to monitize your Web TV programing... totally WITHOUT SELLING!  (Imagine making tons of money and never throwing out a sales pitch. He does it every day.)

Coming up later this afternoon is Jen Stevens, who is slated to tell us all about master copywriting techniques so you can be more persuasive and powerful in selling your ideas.

After Jen comes Perry Marshall, the world's foremost expert on how to convince Google to bring you millions of high-quality leads in under 10 minutes.

And then, later tonight, Joshua Boswell will show us how to build world-class products and services with little or no personal time and on a shoestring budget... but with proven huge, profitable returns.

I'll report on all of this (and reveal a surprise nationally-known expert speaker who is joining us this evening...) tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned.

Best Regards,

Jason Holland
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise

P.S. You can get every money-making, business-building secret from Michael, MaryEllen, Andrew, and the other experts speakers in the Home Study Edition of this year's Bootcamp. If you order before Nov. 16, you can save $200... so don't wait. Get all the key secrets from all the speakers we've invited for rapidly building a massively successful info-marketing business by ordering today.





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