Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Weeks Only! Join the Internet Money Club now...

Dear ETR Reader,

We offered a very limited number of memberships in the Internet Money Club last December.

That's a limited number of chances to build a money-making internet business that brings in bigger revenues every month (or your money back).

Every single spot filled up in a matter of days.

Internet Money Club members are already experiencing tremendous success:

"I left a six-figure salary to pursue an online business... As a result of following [The Club's] step-by-step guidance... I'm confident I will earn $10,000 or more next month..." - Julie Broad, Rev-N-You with Real Estate

"After just a handful of weeks of the Internet Money Club I turned my site on today... and even though I don't have any subscribers AND my traffic stats are nearly zero, I still managed to get my first sale on the site!" - Jamey Myles

"During the week between March 4 and 11 I had subscribed 244 new subs for a total of 262. Of those subs, 84 registered for my call....  Within 2 minutes of the call ending, 4 had purchased my program at $97 each. This is my first attempt at making money on the web. The sales are continuing to come in as I write this and I-AM-PUMPED!" - RC McClintock

And that's just news from a few of the Internet entrepreneurs in the Internet Money Club ranks.

If you have always wanted to pursue the career of your dreams... Bring in a steady stream of extra income... Work from home, the beach, or your back porch... And watch more money pour in every single month...

Then you owe it to yourself to give the Internet Money Club a try.

Registration is open once again... but only for 2 weeks (or until the seats are all gone!). After that, we're shutting the doors until 2011. 

Don't be left out this time. The letter below gives you full details - including facts on the $13,878 in bonuses that we're giving away!

(Caution:  This rapidly SOLD OUT last session... now's your chance to join. It could be your ONLY chance...)

To Your Success,

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise

(WARNING: The price will increase by $100 every day, starting June 14, 2010... or until this baby is sold out.)
 Last Session Sold Out Fast...
This one will likely do the same.

Only the Internet Money Club  guarantees you an up-and-running online business in 30 days or less.
Imagine, lifetime income  from the internet...

 We'll show you how - if you act today!

Dear Future Internet Money Maker,

My name is Brian Edmondson. Before you get done reading this letter, the Internet Money Club could be totally sold out...

Just 6 months ago, we opened the doors and let a limited number of online entrepreneurs register for the Internet Money Club - the only system I know of that guarantees you'll have an online business up and running in 30 days... or less.

The response was staggering. We rapidly SOLD OUT all 250 seats and, unfortunately, had to shut down registration early. (Were YOU one of the untold numbers of people who hit the sales page and were unable to register?)

The reasons are obvious:

  • In just 30 days, you go from zero to having a fully-operational online business

  • You get a LIFETIME membership to the Internet Money Club. That's unlimited access to every resource we have and will ever have - including tools to develop your website, insights to market it, and strategies on choosing the best niche.

  • You get one-on-one, personalized attention from a proven team of successful internet gurus to grow your business

  • And, best of all, you are GUARANTEED that your business will grow every month for life when you implement our system.

Enrollment Is Open Right Now... Don't Delay

If you're serious about owning an internet business that provides you with a lifetime of income, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read - but you need to read it fast and take action today.

If you don't, it's nearly guaranteed that some other savvy internet businessman or marketer will.  If for nothing else, they'll recognize the huge value we're giving away just in bonuses. (We're offering over $13,878 in bonuses alone... more on that in a minute)

For now, just keep this in mind...

I'm quite confident that the Internet Money Club WILL sell out. It will likely be a matter of hours or days before we'll fill up every available position. That's because the Internet Money Club is different from every other "make money online" program you'll see.

Let me tell you why...

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