Monday, June 21, 2010

Unless you've been under a rock...

Dear ETR Reader,

Unless you've been under a rock I'm sure you've heard the buzz surrounding Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula 3.0.

You see a few years back Jeff started working on a system to launch products and make more money in his small home business. It took some work, but he says the system he refined allowed him to make a whopping six figures in seven days.

What's really exciting is this strange method has been working for years, and Jeff tells us its been bringing in money month after month in all types of businesses and industries.

According to Jeff, this program has been so well refined his original six figure launch seems small in comparison to what's happening today.

Now, Jeff has put together an amazing video about "Product Launch Disasters" -
but there's so much more.

If you've ever wondered what Internet Marketing can do for you and your life... well, just go watch the video.

(You have to opt-in to see the first video. But it is SO worth it. And you can always unsubscribe.)

In this video, Jeff also talks about "The Most Important Launch Ever"... one of the craziest "Case Studies" that he has ever discussed.

It's about how his first client started without an email list, a website, technical skills or a merchant account. This is a story that will definitely open your eyes to what is possible.

Just go watch the video, and you'll see what I mean.


Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise

P.S. Not only do we use his formula here at Early to Rise but because of his personal experience, he is able to help teach others who are just starting out.

Do yourself a favor and watch Jeff's video here.









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