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From The Desk of Laura Rodini Volume 1  |  Issue 18  |  June 18, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,

I'll begin at the end.

Today is the final day of registration for the next Internet Money Club. And because it's such a good program - my personal favorite - I'm devoting this entire issue to it.

Think of it as a celebration, of sorts!

You see, it takes a lot of guts not only to come up with a business idea but also to make it come alive. I've heard from many of you about the countless nights you've spent around the kitchen table, navigating your way around the Internet, putting yourself out on a limb to get people to believe in your own, personal passion.

The Internet Money Club makes setting up - and growing - your own business easy. When I first joined ETR, Brian Edmondson, the Club's Director, described it as a place where people brand-new to the world of Internet marketing could quickly turn an idea into a fully operational online business.

But it's also a place where established entrepreneurs can take their businesses to the next level.

| Toni's Story |

I had the good fortune to speak with one of the shining stars of last December's Internet Money Club, Toni Chinoy. (I had so much fun on the phone with her, I didn't realize we had talked for over an hour!)

In addition to being a published author, Toni has a boutique consulting practice, coaching senior executives at Fortune 100 companies.

She already had a website,, when she joined the Internet Money Club, but Brian inspired her to set up a separate website,, utilizing the tips and tricks taught in the course.  

"The idea of building a website for a specific product aimed at a specific audience was liberating!" Toni said.

| Toni's Aha! Moment |

"One of my 'Aha!' moments came when Brian helped me realize that it was more important for me to be getting names than to try to make sales," she said.

"But I was overwhelmed at how long that might take by adding a few names to my list at a time."

At the time, Toni was helping a client - a VP of a well-known company - respond to a labor crisis. After getting her through it, she told the VP that she would like to put together a free teleseminar on the subject - and then offer an introductory coaching package at a reduced price at the end. The VP loved the idea, and immediately volunteered to send a referral to her network of HR professionals.

"Using Brian's techniques, I found a way to get to people interested in what I was selling... even before I generated my own list.

"And, had I not understood the value of the list, or listened to the techniques taught in the program to get the list, I would never have taken advantage of that moment with my client!"

Toni realized that she could create an entire series of teleseminars - on topics like managing fear, responding to bullies, and leadership building - and introduce her books and services to a much larger audience, including business owners, parents, teachers, and on and on.

"One of the biggest lessons I've learned from the Internet Money Club," she told me, "is that getting people to come to your site is not just about SEO. Rather, it's about really understanding what people want. Instead of thinking 'I wanna make fast money,' you're looking to find out what people need from you today."

"My products solve problems," Toni added, "so I always knew they were going to be huge. But I was bouncing off the walls before I met Brian and the Internet Money Club."

| Brian Makes It "Push-Button" Simple |

As a member of the Internet Money Club, Brian will show you some of the same tricks and techniques that Agora, Inc. has used to become the $295 million marketing powerhouse it is today.

Plus he makes all of it "push-button" simple, whether it's installing your website, creating your Autoresponder system, or putting your shopping cart and merchant account in place.

"I love how all the lessons are saved online so you can revisit them," Toni told me.

Brian does that so you can review each one in your own time, as often as you like.

And when you sign up for the Internet Money Club, your membership is good for LIFE.

That means you can go through the program again and again as you reach new milestones with your business. And you'll have unlimited access to every resource the Club will ever offer, including:

  • A personal mentor - Brian himself, who will answer all your questions and guarantee that your online business will have tangible results. He's been known to stay up past midnight to help his students get it right!

  • Twice-monthly conference calls with industry experts who will share their money-making secrets and best online business-building practices.

  • Access to MP3 recordings of all training calls, an archive of all of Brian's training videos, and complete access to the Internet Money Club library.

  • VIP treatment at ETR's Info-Marketing Bootcamp this year, plus a Roundtable meeting with Brian at ETR's headquarters in Delray Beach.

  • Tens of thousands of dollars' worth of bonus materials... and more.

Brian has so much confidence in the Internet Money Club that he makes this personal guarantee:

Regardless of your technical skills or previous experience, by the end of July, 2010, I promise that you will have a fully functioning online business up and running. If you don't, you owe nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Click here while you still can. The Internet Money Club won't accept new members again until December.

| Let Brian, Himself, Tell You a Little More About What You Can Expect From the Internet Money Club... |

As we get ready to welcome a brand-new group of Internet Money Club members, I asked Brian to look back on our December 2009 alumni and share a few thoughts about them.

Here's Brian, in his own words:

The thing that I really like about working with Internet Money Club members is that they all have a specific interest or passion that they want to make money with. And it doesn't matter what your market or niche is - the business model we teach in the Internet Money Club can be applied to just about anything.

Jessica Fisher's business, for example - - was inspired by her love of the outdoors in her home state of Colorado. "We moved here after a ski vacation, with a desire to live a Colorado lifestyle full of outdoor activity," she says.

"Brian helped me generate free traffic, and the analysis of that traffic has been the most beneficial," Jessica said.

"Simple ideas such as posting on relevant blogs and forums, where to publish my content filled-articles, and how to install and read Google analytics has given me a boost for my business and confidence to know that this process will work." 

With a well-designed website, useful content, and a proven business model to back it up, Jessica is well on her way to making money with her passion.

What could be better than that?!

Then there's Andrew Francis. Andrew suffers from Crohn's Disease. But after devoting 8 years to researching and testing different methods to help manage his condition, he wants to share his findings with others.

His website,, is chock-full of articles, videos, and special reports.

"I had an issue regarding the rank of one of my pages in Google," Andrew said, "I had written a review and should have easily got my site to rank well in Google as there was very little competition. This is something that was really bothering me and I was quite confused.

"I asked Brian about it on a Q&A call and he went and had a look to see where I was ranking in Google, how I had set up the SEO on the page of my website, then gave me an explanation that my page probably isn't indexed in Google yet as this can take some time for that to happen.

"Brian helped me put together all the pieces as to why my page wasn't ranked in Google yet. He's helped me with many questions since I have been a member of the IMC, going above and beyond every time."

Andrew is doing a great job of positioning himself as an authority on Crohn's Disease, helping a lot of people... and making money online by doing it!

Maybe you've faced a health issue, a life-shattering event, or an obstacle related to your career. Chances are, other people have the same problems you've had... and would like to know how you successfully dealt with them.

These are just two examples of the hundreds of topics I've helped budding online entrepreneurs turn into a tangible online business. Now it's your turn! Click here for all of the sign-up details.

Thanks Brian! I can't wait to meet the newest members of the Internet Money Club.

| Best. Weekend. Ever. |

One more thing before I sign off this week…

Key West was a blast.

George was well behaved on the long (4-hour!) drive. And he enjoyed the parts he was awake for, including brunch at Azur, and frolicking along Dog Beach by Louie's Backyard.

Thanks to everyone who sent me great restaurant recommendations.

Tracie suggested brunch at Blue Heaven. "Their Lobster Benedict is to die for!" she said.

(Tracie, I agree - it was delicious!)

Rob said, "Key west on bicycles rocks!"

(You're right Rob – they were everywhere! It was hard to drive around them.)

Andrew said, "A great place to grab a bite right before the Mallory Square Sunset Fest is at the Sunset Pier… I'm not saying it's 5 star, but getting some peel and eat shrimp and conch fritters with a cold one is a great way to spend 45 minutes before seeing the show."

(You're right, Andrew. And the sunset celebration was great!)

"Don't forget to check out Mel Fisher's sunken treasure museum," said Jeff. "Most items were recovered from a Spanish galleon that went down in the late 1600s."

(I loved it! I also liked Wrecker's Museum.)

"If you want some authentic Cuban cuisine," Ron said, "go to El Siboney - small, crowded, but, the best Cuban food on the island, in my opinion!"

(I had a Cuban sandwich there, Ron, and oh my word! The pickles, the ham, the special sauce and crusty bread - pure perfection.)

"Have fun in the Keys," said Mikkel. "I'll be there in 43 days."

Next time I plan a trip to Key West, I'll be counting down the days too. 'Cause in Key West, life's a beach!

Until next week,

Laura Sig

Laura Rodini
COO, Early to Rise

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