Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hit up Wall Street's Favorite "Cash Machine"

Dear ETR Reader

If you'd like the chance to earn some extra cash on the side, without busting your hump to earn it... then you'll want to take a look at this.

In short, there's a secret Wall Street "cash machine" strategy that could help you collect as much as $350, $525, $850, even $1,600 every couple of weeks.

And get this: You don't have to risk a fortune to collect this money. In fact, you can get in the game for as little as $305.

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Jessica Kurrle
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Former Wall Street Insider Ted Peroulakis
Invites You to Become His Next...

"Breakfast Club Bandit"

Grab a fast $350, $525, $850, Even $1,600 From Wall Street's Favorite "Cash Machine" All While You Sip Your First Cup of Coffee...

This "cash machine" strategy is so powerful, it could turn a modest $1,000 bankroll into $10,730 in just 93 days.

Dear Friend,

Think Robin Hood but without those ridiculous tights...

For the past year, I've been showing a small group of 'bandits' how to grab bundles of cash from Wall Street's favorite "cash machine."

These bandits had the opportunity to earn an extra $350, $525, $850, even $1,600 in a matter of weeks or even days... 

And they did it without risking their life savings... launching a risky new business... or breaking their back to earn it...

I call this merry group of bandits "The Breakfast Club" because all it takes is just 3 minutes in the morning while you're sipping your first cup of coffee. 

If you can spare just 3 minutes tomorrow morning, you too could be racking up extra income payouts like these from Wall Street's favorite "cash machine"...

On April 28th, Breakfast Club bandits had the opportunity to earn $350 on a Goldman Sachs play in only 2 days...

On May 5th, Breakfast Club bandits had the chance to earn $200 on a CurrencyShares Euro Trust play in only 7 days...

On May 13th, bandits received another opportunity to grab $200 – again – on another CurrencyShares Euro Trust play in only 5 days...

And on June 16th, Breakfast Club bandits had the chance to bag a whopping $1,600 payout on an Intuitive Surgical play in only 5 days using this "cash machine".  And that's only the first half of the play!

Breakfast Club bandits who followed my simple "cash machine" recommendations had the chance to earn $2,350 on those four plays alone! 

In fact, this  "cash machine" strategy is so powerful it could have turned a modest $1,000 bankroll into $10,730 dollars in just 93 days.

Best of all, it only takes 3 minutes in the morning to set it up.  You can do it while the coffee is brewing.  You can do it while you're eating breakfast.  You can even do it in your pajamas! 

A special "Preview Team" has been has been following this simple cash boosting strategy to see incredible gains over the past year.  I'll show you exactly how you can get in too in just a minute, but first let me show you the kind of payouts you could receive with this strategy.

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