Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Session Sold Out Fast...

(WARNING: The price will increase by $100 every day, starting June 14, 2010... or until this baby is sold out.)
 Last Session Sold Out Fast...
This one will likely do the same.

Only the Internet Money Club  guarantees you an up-and-running online business in 30 days or less.
Imagine, lifetime income  from the internet...

 We'll show you how - if you act today!

Dear Future Internet Money Maker,

My name is Brian Edmondson. Before you get done reading this letter, the Internet Money Club could be totally sold out...

Just 6 months ago, we opened the doors and let a limited number of online entrepreneurs register for the Internet Money Club - the only system I know of that guarantees you'll have an online business up and running in 30 days... or less.

The response was staggering. We rapidly SOLD OUT all 250 seats and, unfortunately, had to shut down registration early. (Were YOU one of the untold numbers of people who hit the sales page and were unable to register?)

The reasons are obvious:

  • In just 30 days, you go from zero to having a fully-operational online business

  • You get a LIFETIME membership to the Internet Money Club. That's unlimited access to every resource we have and will ever have - including tools to develop your website, insights to market it, and strategies on choosing the best niche.

  • You get one-on-one, personalized attention from a proven team of successful internet gurus to grow your business

  • And, best of all, you are GUARANTEED that your business will grow every month for life when you implement our system.

Enrollment Is Open Right Now... Don't Delay

If you're serious about owning an internet business that provides you with a lifetime of income, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read - but you need to read it fast and take action today.

If you don't, it's nearly guaranteed that some other savvy internet businessman or marketer will.  If for nothing else, they'll recognize the huge value we're giving away just in bonuses. (We're offering over $13,878 in bonuses alone... more on that in a minute)

For now, just keep this in mind...

I'm quite confident that the Internet Money Club WILL sell out. It will likely be a matter of hours or days before we'll fill up every available position. That's because the Internet Money Club is different from every other "make money online" program you'll see.

Let me tell you why...

The "Information Product Age"
Only Makes the Gurus Rich - Not You

About two years ago I was at a large Internet marketing seminar. It was not unlike dozens that happen every year all across America. The house was packed. The excitement was palpable.

At the end of each presentation, the Guru gave the audience a stirring, well-crafted pitch – for a coaching program that cost $5,000 to $10,000.  

Sitting there, I couldn't help but admire their salesmanship... but I also wondered, "How many of these people shelling out all this money are going to follow through and become legitimate, successful online entrepreneurs?"

The answer, I knew in my heart, was "not that many."

Not because the experts didn't have impressive programs. And not because the attendees didn't have a genuine desire to succeed.

The problem was this: Most of these gurus were selling "boxed" programs – packages with CDs and DVDs and books packed with info that was simply too complicated for the typical person who bought them.

These programs were all based on what these gurus were doing – selling information about selling information. That's not what most ordinary online businesspeople want to do.

How I Quit the "Game" and Came Over to
the Good Side

This thought really started bothering me.

For weeks, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was watching a kind of gambling game with the odds stacked to put cash flow in the pockets of the professionals, not the customers. (Most gambling is rigged like that, right?)

I wanted to be involved in a program that achieved better results.

About that time, I had the good luck to meet a rare group of people who worked for one of the largest online marketers in the world. I'm talking about a company that sends out billions of online messages a year and brings in hundreds of millions of dollars.

This organization wasn't selling unproven, pie-in-the-sky "theory" about online marketing. They were making their money the old-fashioned way – selling all sorts of proven products and services that really benefited customers.

These folks had the real-life business experience that so many of the other gurus are missing. They had the missing ingredient of "been there, done that" reality that I was looking for. I was very excited!

And that's when the idea hit me.

If I could hook up with them, combine my "in-the-trenches" experience and successes with their proven money-making "reality," I could offer a program that could work for anyone – even people with no advantages whatsoever.

With that, I could go far beyond making vague promises...

I could create the first program that would guarantee a fully-functioning online business website in as little as 30 days... plus ongoing growth for that business!

And It Worked!

The 250 fast-acting, lucky "winners" who attended last time have made huge strides towards becoming financially free, owning their own online business and seeing continued growth... but in my excitement, I'm getting ahead of myself. More about them in a minute.

Let me tell you a very interesting - and slightly nauseating - fact...

Online Businesses Are Like Diets...
98% of Them Never Succeed

Despite the incredible growth and prosperity of the Internet as a whole, the fatality rate of most online businesses is probably about 98%.

Newcomers to the online game buy a program, wait for it to arrive, get side-tracked, let it sit... or barely touch it... and then give up on their dreams and head back to the craps table to waste some more money.

In one way or another, we've all done it, haven't we? Piano lessons, gym memberships, sports clubs, reading groups, diets... We get fired up about stuff, go gung-ho for a time... run into a problem we don't know how to solve... and then let it sit on the shelf and walk away from it.

Why do we do it?  Well, I don't know why people give up on diets, piano lessons, and going to the gym, but I do believe I know exactly why their dreams of getting rich online die a miserable and untimely death.

(Seeing so many people lose their money and their dreams that way was another reason I put this program together and promise that you will win and make money online. Don't put your dreams on hold like the people who were turned away last year... I might not be able to do this again.)

The Three Obstacles that Stop 95%
of Would-Be Online Entrepreneurs

Let's look at them and I'll show you how my new program instantly overcomes each of them.

Obstacle Number One: "It's too damn complicated!"

Let's face it, finding an available domain name and getting it registered is a pain. And setting up a website that actually works? Those two steps seem simple, but they stop many people in their tracks. And that's only the very beginning. You have to build a shopping cart, learn how to use links, establish an autoresponder series, etc. 

In the past, each of these steps took time and lots of technical knowledge. But now – thanks to recent innovations – there are shortcuts. My program gives you full use of these, including a bundle of templates that I've "borrowed" from my partners. And I've personally tested them over and over again in my own business... and with those I coach. That's why I know they will work for you... IF you are one of the decisive 250.

Obstacle Number Two: "I don't know how to get buyers to come to my site."

It is one thing to get a website up and running. But it's a bigger challenge to get potential customers rushing to your site.

This is where pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing come into play. And this is where so many would-be internet money makers get stopped.

PPC campaigns cost money. If you don't know what you are doing, you could go broke trying to learn this game. SEO marketing is basically cost-free, but unless you know how to do it right, it will never give you the flow of customers your business needs.

I've got proven programs that can take care of both of these critical problems. Proven programs that will have them buying products from you when they come. 

Plus, as a bonus feature of my new program, I'll show you how you could get access to over 420,000 qualified email prospects... and potentially put your offers and links back to your site on some of the best SEO ranked websites on the planet.

Obstacle Number Three: "It started out okay but then fizzled!"

The fortunate few who actually make it over hurdles #1 and #2 – I mean the ones who get a site up and running and figure out how to get people to buy some products – often run into a third obstacle.

They have one product... one idea... one service that makes them money and that is where they stay.  They don't keep up with changes and innovation in their industries and so their businesses become stagnant. 

My program guarantees that you won't wither on the vine. As a member, you will have lifetime access to a private website that is regularly updated with the latest, proven growth secrets, and a personal mentor to constantly help you keep growing.

Now "Push-Button" Success Is Waiting for You!

Welcome to the "Internet Money Club" - one of the most powerful, easy-to-follow, "hold your hand" systems in the world for rapidly developing a profitable online business.  If you think this is one of the traditional boring "product" or "how-to" instruction courses, you're dead wrong.

That's because unlike other programs out there, the Internet Money Club was designed with one single focus in mind: Results.

We know how to get you from where you are to where you need to be one simple stage at a time. Seriously, ask Julie Broad or Pete Genot how simple this program is... we'll get to their stories in a minute.

The Internet Money Club uses an easy-to-implement money-making system to help you achieve your online dreams. We call it "The Push-Button Success System." This powerful new system borrows from strategies that have been tested and proven by Agora, Inc, Early to Rise, Strategic Profits, and other experienced entrepreneurs...  and makes all of it "Push-Button simple" for you. 

As a member of the Internet Money Club, you won't have to worry about complex technical problems. In fact, we've all ready done all the heavy lifting. Getting your website and shopping cart up, is really as easy as this...

  • "Click" Website is installed, ready for content.
  • "Click" Autoresponder and email system are up and running.
  • "Click" Shopping cart done and merchant account in place.

Very little effort. Very little time. With the Internet Money Club, 90% of the technical work is done for you – we make everything as easy as pushing a button so you can get on with the important part... making money!

So, that's the technology side of things - simple and effective. But what about getting a real person at your side to help you over the learning curve?  Let me show you the revolutionary way we help you out there...

 The World Is Awash in "How-To Manuals."
We Give You a Team of Real Humans to Help
Push Your "Cash Flow" Button.

By far the most powerful thing about The Internet Money Club is that you get access to real human beings.  Our Team of Proven Gurus gives you their most valuable secrets via audio and video seminars. Not only that, a mentor holds your hand and guides you through every step of creating immediate cash flow.

In all, 19 gurus share their insights with you! 

These people are the very best of the best in their fields. As an Internet Money Club Member, you'll have access to their exclusive secrets via your private "Club" library. 

Plus, you'll be able to talk to our "Push-Button" team of experts - myself, the support team, and the pros at Early to Rise... ask them questions, pick their brains, and meet with them personally.

I'm talking in-person, in their office, with their staff! Not on chat, text, or webinar. Real life, same room, masterminding about your business! How many self-styled "gurus" give you that kind of access?

Nope - but that's what you'll get if you are able to get a spot in this session of the Internet Money Club. Plus, here's my personal promise of your success...

30 Days to Get Online!
And Continued Monthly Growth for Life!

I'm so confident in the systems I've developed that I'm making you this stunning promise:

As a member of the Internet Money Club, your business will grow every single month. Your revenues, your profits, your cash flow will be bigger and stronger next month than this month. And again the next month. And the same will happen the next month.

My promise to you is that we will stick with you, give you unlimited access to every Member resource (I'll define those for you in a minute), and give you personal, real human being support and mentorship. With us at your side, I guarantee that you'll be able to smash every barrier, effortlessly leap over every hurdle, and demolish every potential obstacle.

I am committed to your success. That's why I guarantee that we'll have you up and running in 30 days.

Of course, there is no way I can do that all by myself. Which is why I've put together a serious "dream team" of online experts. Let me introduce some of them to you now...

The Most Powerful Team of Conversion Experts
Ever Assembled in One Place!

Rich Schefren - "Thousands of Buyers Begging to Give You Money"

Richard has built and sold multi-million dollar businesses in the fashion industry, the music industry and the hypnosis market. Major media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, and dozen of others have featured Rich and praised his business and marketing savvy. You could pay over $50,000 for a day with Rich, but as an Internet Money Club member, you'll hear from him for free. How does Rich create so much success? It's in his ability to create feeding frenzies in the market and have people literally begging to hand him money. Rich will share with you some of his most valuable "feeding frenzy" secrets.

Bob Bly - "America's Top Copywriter"

Bob is an internationally recognized copywriter and consultant. Companies like Sony, Westinghouse, Prentice-Hall and many, many others actively seek his business and writing expertise. Bob is the author of over 70 books, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Direct Marketing.  Most impressive of all, Bob started his own online business in 2007 with very little knowledge of how to do it. Within 6 months he'd made close to $200,000!  Bob will actually help you do two things: First, you will discover the fine art of crafting sales messages, emails, and other forms of the written word in a way that brings you a continual stream of cash flow.

Second, Bob will give you the secrets to becoming a recognized expert in your field in a matter of weeks, instead of months or years. Experts in their field command higher prices, earn more respect, and consistently make more money.

Michael Masterson - "Master of Business Growth"

Michael is the founder of Early to Rise.  He's built and managed a number of multi-million dollar businesses.  Michael is arguably one of the world's best at figuring out how to take a business into "sustained business stage" and keep it there. Your long-term cash flow depends on the business growth secrets Michael will give you.

David Cross - "Exponential Growth Strategies"

Among other successful endeavors, David was the Senior Internet Marketing Consultant to Agora, Inc. - a $275 million dollar corporation. David's unique ability to mix "left brain" logic with "right brain" creativity helped them grow their business into the powerhouse they are today. David will hand you some of his most valuable secrets for generating exponential growth - the kind of cash flow and income that rapidly multiplies itself - a key factor in moving past your first check and into serious money.

Marc Charles - "Discovering Hidden Cash Flow"

Marc is often called "The King of Business Opportunities" by other industry experts. And for good reason. Marc has successfully launched over 40 profitable businesses over the past 27 years. One of his creations - a lowly ad agency - did more than $6 million in sales in just 36 months. Not bad. But, it's stunning when you realize that his start-up budget was under $2,000!  Marc will help you see hidden cash flow opportunities inside of your business. With his secrets and insights, you'll be able to find more dollars in every hour, every promotion, every strategy. If you're going to do an online business, you might as well make it pay the maximum dollar, right?

Paul Lawrence - "Million Dollar Businesses on Little or No Budget"

Paul is a rabid serial entrepreneur.  His business conquests include pool cleaning, video production, dance studios and training, mortgage brokerage, business consulting, and mail order, just to name a few. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all is Paul's ability to start, grow and get rich on these businesses with little or no money.  Paul will show you how to get your online business up and running without breaking the bank.  The goal is put as little in as possible and get as much out as possible. Paul will help you push the massive ROI button.

Herschell Gordon Lewis - "Words that Bring in Millions of Dollars"

Herschell is arguably one of the best known - and certainly one of the most widely respected - direct response writers and consultants in the United States. He has an entire career of business victories, including a long chain of online success stories acquired in recent years. His insights and tactics are so successful and profitable that he has been named to the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame. Herschell hands you an entire seminar on carefully choosing words that sell, instead of words that just inform, describe, or inspire. The words on your website, emails, sales letters can now bring you in unlimited streams of income, instead of just making people feel good.

Sandy Franks - "Coming Out of Obscurity"

Few people on the planet have done more to move books and newsletters out of obscurity into the limelight of fame, fortune and recognition than Sandy.  She has worked along side noted authors such as Michael Masterson, Larry Crane, William Bonner, Addison Wiggin and many others. Sandy played a predominant hand in Dr. Atkins's newsletter fame as well as the rise to notoriety enjoyed by What Doctors Don't Tell You by Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard. The hardest part of business that most people face is obscurity. They have a great product, great pitch, great services... but no one knows they are there. Sandy helps you solve this problem by showing you how to turn on the spot light and let the world know you're there.

That's only 8 out of the 19 experts on our Guru Team that Internet Money Club Members like you will learn from so you can zoom from zero to having an automatic cash generating website... if you're one of the lucky ones with a quick finger on your mouse.

Because these gurus are experienced at building real life businesses, the solutions and ideas they're going to share with you are part of the reason you can be online in 30 days or less... and have you making money!

In many ways, we're doing all the work and you're getting all the rewards. This happens all the time in business. Here's what I mean...

Ross and Burnett Do All the Work...
But Trump Gets all the Glory!

You've probably never heard the names "George Ross" or "Mark Burnett," so let me tell you about them...


For me, Brian's ability to take a complete novice and show him how to start a profitable website has been priceless. He could charge double, and it would still be a bargain. Thanks for helping me reach my goals...I couldn't have done it without you!

- Pete Genot, The Healthy Minute

Every successful person in the world has a "behind-the-scenes crew."

 These are the people who actually get all the work done. When the boss-man has a Big Idea, he turns to them to make it happen. They do all the heavy lifting.

For example, George Ross is the Senior Legal Counsel of Donald Trump's huge empire. When the deals are done, Ross is behind the scenes negotiating, doing paperwork and making all the logistics happen.  Mark Burnett is another star player in Trump's empire - he's the media mastermind and TV producer.

So, here's the deal... they do all the hard work, but Trump gets all the glory (and most of the money, I might add!).

In many ways, the Internet Money Club works the same way for you. We've done all the heavy lifting and made online success "Push-Button Easy" for you. You show up with the Big Ideas and we'll help you make it a reality.

Gurus to Guide You Or a Personal Mentor -
Which Should You Choose?

Look, most programs on how to build an internet business are centered around a guru or a personal mentor.  With the guru you typically pay a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars to get their "how-to manual" and are left on your own to figure it out...

A mentor - someone who will hold your hand and custom tailor your business - costs anywhere from $12,000 to $50,000 (or much more in some cases). 

The mentor is great, but you usually only get that one person's perspective and insights. The guru products are cool because you can go over them again and again at your own speed.  So which is better - a guru or a mentor?

"I'm Confident I Will Earn $10,000 Or More Next Month..."

I left a six figure salary job to pursue the online business I created after discovering and applying Brian's "couch potato" formula.

I haven't replaced my salary yet, but I've made fantastic progress. As a result of following Brian's step-by-step guidance I've been able to:

* Create and maintain a profitable website without any programming knowledge at all - and I've never had to hire anyone with programming expertise to help me

* Earn $500 my first month, $2,000 the second month and $5,000 my third month. I'm confident I will earn $10,000 or more next month...

* Expand my tiny list of 100 family and friends into an email list of nearly 2000 people - that is growing every day (and most of those names were from FREE sources!)

* Quickly become a recognized expert on real estate investing.

And this is just the beginning... My husband Dave and I just finished creating our own real estate investing course, and have started to sell it to our list.

Can't thank you enough!

-Julie Broad, Rev N You with Real Estate

I think you should have both.

A team of gurus giving you the proven money-making secrets found inside our "Push-Button Success System" and a personal mentor that customizes everything to match your circumstances. That's the perfect model for a "sustained growth phase." 

As an Internet Money Club Member, You Get Both!

And you'll be getting them for far less money than you would spend on many "how-to manuals" and certainly thousands less than you'd pay for a mentor. Access to a mentor is vital to avoid the painful learning curves and frustrating dilemmas of, "What do I do next?"

Here are a couple things that can get you past all of that and into money ... and into a sustained growth phase within 6 months...

  • Members-only private email address. Anytime you have a question, just fire it off. Considering a new marketing approach? Want to know how to make your website convert more traffic into money? Wondering if a specific niche is possible? Every email from a member will be read and answered during our regular Q&A sessions. 
  • The Lifeline phone number. A private phone number that you can use twice a month for a special question and answer session. During these calls, I'll answer your questions, mastermind with you, and follow up on your progress.  Internet Money Club Members constantly comment on how incredible it is to have access to me and my team. We are here to help you every step along the way.
  • Lifetime Access.  For as long as your Membership is active, you'll have unlimited access to the "Lifeline," the "Members-Only Email" and all the other advantages Membership gives you... including the potential for some very special Joint Venture opportunities, I haven't told you about yet!

With this kind of access you will never be alone. You also have 24/7 access to custom tailored insights, secrets, and techniques that are calculated to put racing fuel inside your online business. You just have to hit the "cash flow button" and go!

That's what other Internet Money Club members have done...

 Moving the Doctor's Office Online
for More Time, Money and Security

"I'm finally on my way to a profitable Internet business!"

The key has been that Brian doesn't just show you the "what" and "how" in great detail – he also tells you the "why".

- Kerry Beckwith

Dr. Lori Mowbray is the founder of one of the nation's leading Visual Therapy and Primitive Reflex Training centers.  Her research and efforts in this field are groundbreaking and highly respected by other doctors.

So, you can rightly assume that business was going very well for her until 2007. You can also rightly assume that the current economic crisis has taken its toll.

In 2008, Dr. Mowbray says that she "saw the writing on the wall" and knew that something had to be done to expand her clinic. She decided to go online, but had no idea where to start.

It was a little later that she came across the Internet Money Club.  As a respected doctor and successful marketer of her clinic, she instantly recognized the power and value of the Internet Money Club.

"Since I was totally new to internet marketing, everything about it was unknown to me. Brian and the Internet Money Club staff had a very clean, easy to follow, step-by-step approach that gave me a lot of confidence. I rapidly saw how I could create a powerful at-home Visual Therapy product (the first of its kind in the world) and successfully market it online. It opened a whole new world to me."

 Today Dr. Mowbray's website is up and running. Her at-home Primitive Reflex Training course is now available and successfully selling to thousands of people. The Visual Development course for preschoolers and the entire Vision Therapy at Home course will be coming online soon. She is well on her way to realizing the dream of having her online ventures financially match her clinical practice. 

Now, let me introduce you to Julie...

"I Left My Job Thanks to the
Internet Money Club Formula"

Thank you Brian!"

I have been trying to build an online business since 2006.

Considering that I have a medical background, all this internet marketing stuff sounded Greek to me. But since I started following your formula, I finally did it.

Thank you Brian for helping me start the path to my internet career. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Sincerely,

- Sean Harada MB, BS

When Julie Broad first heard about the Internet Money Club, she knew nothing about building websites or running an online business.

At the time her focus was real estate investing. Since family and friends kept asked her to share her real estate investing insights, she began publishing them in a monthly newsletter. After a year or so she had 127 subscribers - all referrals from her friends and family members. 

It was then that she wondered if her newsletter could become a money-making business.  She had no idea how to put it online, automate it, or cash in on it.  

Well, like I said, you don't need to know what's happening under the hood to drive your car around... and Julie doesn't need to know all that technical stuff to drive her online business profits to the bank either.  

The Internet Money Club gave her all the tools she needed to build a website, create products and take payments without knowing anything about website design or programming. Last time I spoke to Julie, her real estate investment training business was cruising down the road at high speed.  She now has powerful systems that allow her to hit a personal money-making button on a regular basis. 

That's one of the most exciting things about the "Push-Button Success System"... it allows you to start from zero - not just on technical details, but on the marketing and business building side of things as well - and rapidly get money coming in the bank.

The Internet Money Club Saves Pete
from a Dying Industry

Testimonial #1 - Bill Wood,
Lawrence, MA

Testimonial #3 - PJ McClure,
Bolivar, MO

Testimonial #5 - Kevin Wood,
Boulder, CO

Testimonial # 11 - Pete Genot,
Sylvania, OH

Testimonial #13 - Ryan Arnold,
Boise, ID

Pete Genot's company is a supplier to the auto industry and we both know how well that's been going for the past two years. 

He desperately needed something to fall back on... something to provide security, income, and lifestyle... regardless of what the "Big 3" were going to do, or where the world was headed. He wanted to increase his cash flow with an online business.

But if you don't know what you're doing with an online business, then it's easier said than done... 

That was Pete's problem... he didn't know what he was doing.

But listen to what happened...

"I knew doing an online business on my own would be a financial disaster and take forever because I just didn't know enough. I needed someone to guide me through. I started out buying a couple of courses on how to build a business, but that still didn't tell me exactly how to handle everything. I needed a lot more hand-holding than that. And that is what the Internet Money Club gave me - a mentor at my side every day, every time I needed help, Brian was there."

Today, Pete still considers himself a "tech novice" at best. Despite that, he has a strong online business and cash flow that will protect him from the dying auto industry.

And that's the point... when you become a Club Member, you're guaranteed to have the same experience as Pete - only better.  You'll get a mentor, private mastermind sessions, an online business in 30 days or less, access to thousands of qualified buyers, and positive cash flow....

In some cases, that can be a lot of money.  Let Jason show you what I mean...

$7,000,000 and Growing

Jason Dyer was a philosophy major in college with a somewhat bleak financial future looming before him. Philosophy majors aren't exactly the most sought after or best paid people in any economy, right?

Still, Jason is a bright fellow and managed to put a nice business together doing about a quarter a million each year. 

It was about then that Jason came across the formula we use inside the "Push-Button Success System."  Looking at that, he realized that he had not even scratched the surface of what was possible. So, he set out implementing the formula.

Cash flow and big money followed in short order... Two years ago, Jason's business engine was grossing over $7,000,000 a year with no signs of slowing down.

Of course, Jason is not the only one that has used this rewarding formula to make millions. I could tell you about others like...

  • David Rapp, who started a small business from scratch on a shoestring budget and turned it into a booming company, doing millions of dollars in sales.

  • Or what about Lisa Stillman, who was able to revive a dying business. She had a $500 product that was tanking hard... but using just one of the secrets that you'll receive inside the Internet Money Club, she was able to turn her company around and create a multi-million dollar income stream. 

The bottom line here is that those lucky enough to snag an Internet Money Club Membership are going to see cash flow and enjoy continued growth.

Real Life Success and Experiences from the
January 2010 Internet Money Club Session...

I want to share with you some of the experiences and success stories that Internet Money Club members had - and are having right now. Remember, all of these people participated in the January 2010 session... just a few months ago.

The incredible thing is that just weeks into the program, many of them were making money, getting traffic, building their list, and enjoying the strength of the other members.

Here are their stories, in their own words...

"My First Affiliate Sale!"

"I made my first affiliate sale 2 or 3 days ago. It happened after I had written some articles for an ezine. Traffic started increasing and the sale came shortly thereafter.... I'm excited about what I'm learning and look forward to more success for all of us."

Mitch Peterson,
IMC Member

"No Subscribers, No Traffic Stats and I Still Made a Sale!"

"After just a handful of weeks of IMC I turned my site on today... and even though I don't have any subscribers AND my traffic stats are nearly zero, I still managed to get my first sale on the site!  I am hoping to make this one of those 'set it and forget it' sites that doesn't take up much of my time...maybe a couple of hours per week when I am all finished with it."

Jamey Myles,
IMC Member

"Over 160 Subscribers in 24 Hours!"

Ok folks... here is full disclosure on how things are going so that you can understand how this stuff can work.

I mean it...the full monty.

A week ago I had only 18 subscribers.

My first article in ETR ran and within 24 hours, I had 268 unique visitors and 163 subscribed.

My autoresponse system went into action and started promoting a free call for March 11. During the week between March 4 and 11 I had subscribed 244 new subs for a total of 262.

Of those subs, 84 registered for my call....  Within 2 minutes of the call ending, 4 had purchased my program at $97 each. This is my first attempt at making money on the web. The sales are continuing to come in as I write this and I-AM-PUMPED!

You can do this. We can all do this.

The best part is that I now have data to work from. I can take what has happened and get better. The real magic starts now.

Be your best." 

RC McClintock,
IMC Member

"Major Breakthrough!"

"I had a major breakthrough today, much of it due to the IMC. My business has always been referral and therefore, a hard way to make a living as I am so dependent on those referrals. After helping the Vice President of HR of a Fortune 100 company respond to a labor crisis this morning, I told her I was thinking of a tele-seminar for HR professionals. She was ecstatic and immediately volunteered to send a letter recommending to all of the HR professionals in her associations.  Now, I have a product and a way to get a list before I have generated my own list."

Toni Chinoy,
IMC Member

"Saved Me a Lot of Time, Money and Effort!"

"I invested in the IMC to learn the skills needed to build a business online.  Before joining the club, I purchased a few programs on affiliate marketing, but saw that as buying a job, not building a business.  I like the idea of building a brand that can position me as an expert in the field of retirement income planning. Your training webinars have saved me a lot of time, money, and effort.  Keep up the great work."

Andy Wallace, Cary NC,
IMC Member

"Brian Is Awesome!"

"...last year I actually paid to continue on in the IMC... lifetime membership wasn't yet a perk but I still saw enough value in it to pay to continue.  Take last year for example... I had a couple of rocking months in the late spring/summer. One month was close to $10,000 in sales ... then suddenly in July I had next to nothing. Just having Brian to give me a few suggestions, ask a few new questions and make me feel better about the challenges I was facing was worth the year in fees. So yes, it's true ... Brian is awesome!"

Jennifer Beck, Canada,
IMC Member

"Part of the IMC Family!"

"By being a part of the IMC 'family,' I have learned so much each and every time an opportunity has presented itself. The support from Brian and the ETR staff has been amazing and the helpful hints and hands on help very valuable. My goal this year with IMC is to fine-tune my site and fill in the gaps of information that either I wasn't ready for at the time or simply didn't understand. As I learned more from each weekly session, my website creation changed as I fine-tuned my ideas. This was a growing process and one that I would not have been able to realize on my own. Creating an on-line information business is like learning a new language and the learning is continuous. Thus...I am grateful that I can participate year after year with this wonderful group!" 

Liz Ockey,
IMC Member

I'll stop there, but the fact is, I could share with you dozens more that have been posted on the members-only forum or sent to us unsolicited.

As you can see, there is no doubt that the Internet Money Club completely delivers on its promises. Now, let me show you what you get...

Here's Everything Included in
the Internet Money Club...

One very cool feature of the Internet Money Club is that it's a combination of exclusive access to proven experts... and the very best online wealth-building products Early to Rise offers. In fact, you could almost buy each element separately if you wanted... but, as you'll see in a minute, you'd end up spending a good fortune on all the components.

  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #1 - You'll Have an Online Business Up and Running in 30 Days or Less (If you paid a professional e-commerce web developer to do this, it would cost you at least $4,500... in some cases 10x that)

    I don't know where else on planet earth you can find an advantage like this.  It means that while everyone else is fighting and struggling to figure out their "how-to" manual, you'll push the button and turn on the machine. 
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #2 - Positive Cash Flow (Since most online entrepreneurs never reach this stage, you can't really put a price tag on it - it's just invaluable to you.)

    As a Member, you'll have money coming in the bank. You don't have to wait to turn your dreams into reality, you can start having them right now because, as an Internet Money Club member, you not only have a proven system created by our Team of Experts, you have a mentor at your side.  That means no learning curve, no waiting, no struggling. You just hit the button and go.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #3 - Increasing Cash Flow (Again, how do you put a price tag on something like this? If you averaged just $3,000 a month over a 10 year period, this would be worth $360,000! )

    Unlike any other program on building online businesses, this program unapologetically demands that you experience ongoing results. For as long as your Membership is active, we'll give you all the tools and resources and secrets you need to make your business continually grow.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #4 - Personal Mentor (Bob Bly charges $10,000 for being a mentor for a few months... Michael Masterson charges over $100,000 for personal access. With my personal mentoring, Julie Broad was able to quit her job... what's personal freedom worth to you?)

    I will personally take on this role to ensure your success. Email me, ask me questions, interact with me. My team and I will be your mentor support... Not just now, but for as long as you're a Member - we're here for you.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #5 - 90 Minute Q&A Calls with Your Mentor 2X Per Month (I just Googled "personal coaching" and found over 30 million results... some charging well over $2,500 for their services!)

    As your online business goes from concept to reality to profitability to sustained growth, you will have questions. Life is not perfect and you're going to hit a speed bump here and there. So, twice a month, I'm giving your access to a private 90 minute Q&A call. During this call, you can ask any question you'd like - anything at all, and we will find you an answer.
  •  Exclusive Membership Advantage #6 - The Guru Team 90-120 Minute Calls, 2X Per Month (Most "Expert Series" type calls cost anywhere from $50 to $500 per call... and a lot of those are little more than veiled sales pitches. These calls are pure content, with our hand-picked Guru Team)

    Twice each month I'll put you in front of a member of our Guru Team. They will join us for calls, training, and divulging their most profitable insights - insights based on experience, not hearsay.  These calls will be intensive training sessions that transfer their best secrets to you.

    From: Brian T. Edmondson
    Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 9:15 AM
    To: Sharika Kellogg; Jessica Kurrle; Sarah Snoots; Jason Holland
    Subject: crazy marathon session

    Wow,  we had an awesome marathon session for last night's first Live Q and A webinar...

    We went from 8PMEST to 12:05AM!!!  

    Almost every single IMC member was on the call, and a handful of them stayed on for the entire 4 hour plus call!

    Lots of great feedback already; but my voice is shot today.


    Here's just a small taste of what's been done in the past and what you might expect to get from these gurus...

    • How you could make $186.89 (or more!) a minute with Alex Mandossian's favorite marketing powerhouse...

    • Jeff Walker's Product Launching Secrets that regularly bring in over a million dollars on one product, in just a few days...

    • The World's Most Valuable Skill - and Charlie Byrne's Easy-to-Follow Guidelines to Becoming an Expert...

    • The Best Strategies for Attracting Massive Traffic to Your Website (Plus, David Cross Will Show You Exactly How to Use That Traffic to Build a List of Responsive, Targeted Potential Customers)...

    • Jay White's "Set It and Forget It" Method of Using Autoresponders to Do Your Work for You...

    • How to Create Time for Yourself with Bob Cox's "Billionaire Productivity Techniques"...

    • Why MaryEllen Tribby Wants You to Watch Your Back End - and How Doing So Can More Than Double Your Sales...

    • Bob Bly's Simple Strategies for Becoming an Expert in Your Field (Gain Instant Credibility and Soar Past All the "Amateurs")...

    • And many, many more...

  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #7 - Internet Money Club Training Video Series 2x Per Month ( and other online video training companies charge anywhere from $25 to $375 for these kinds of training and educational videos.)

    Up to two times per month, you and I will sit down and share the rare experience of "looking over my shoulder."  During these private video training sessions, I will answer questions that get emailed to me, demonstrate "how-to" stuff, and simplify every aspect of owning a profitable online business.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #8 - Member's Only Website (The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is an online membership site that is static recordings and has zero interaction.  To join that site you'll be set back $444 a year - or $37 a month. Other memberships will cost you as much as $2,500 per year! Not only will your IMC Membership site access not cost you a dime, it is constantly updated and includes ways to interact so that you are always up to speed on the latest money-making secrets.)

    Inside the website, you'll find every online business building resource you'll ever need.  Every call is recorded. Every video is archived. Every Q&A session is safely stored. On top of that, you'll find a vast digital library - a treasure chest of internet secrets.

    One of the most powerful things about the website is that it is a living, breathing thing.  We both know the internet is a moving target and that things are changing daily, and at an ever-increasing speed. With this Member's Only Website, you'll always know what is hot and what direction you should be headed. We post critical changes to the Internet business landscape and update your resources regularly.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #9 - Annual Club Member Roundtable (Perry Marshall, a well respected AdWords and internet business guru, has a similar roundtable program that goes for over $12,000 a year.)

    In connection with our annual Early to Rise Info Marketing Bootcamp, you'll be invited to an exclusive closed-door Roundtable meeting. I'm not at liberty to share with you all the details that go on inside that meeting, but those lucky enough to get into the Internet Money Club the last time membership was opened know ... This is where a lot of high-level joint ventures and networking happen. Plus, at the Roundtable meeting, you'll personally meet members of the Club, the staff, and me. Wish I could tell you more...
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #10 - Membership Directory (A list of high-profile business owners would cost you a minimum of $25 per contact record. That means that a list like this could cost you $6,250. But then again, this is more like a gathering of like-minded entrepreneurs and you just can't buy that kind of access in the real world.)

    You'll have access to the Internet Money Club's Membership Directory. This can be invaluable for getting discounts on products or services (other Members just might be offering exactly what you need...), forming profitable joint ventures, creating support groups, and getting new ideas for growing your income.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #11 - Possible Access to Early to Rise's List - Over 420,000 Qualified Emails (Assuming a .25% response rate with a $50 product, this Advantage alone could be worth $50,000 to you!)

    Early to Rise has one of the most respected email lists in the world. Why? Because Early to Rise has relentlessly focused on only doing joint ventures with other strong companies.  Plus, they have also built their list from other unique and independent sources. This means names on the ETR list are typically fresh, hot buyers. As a Member, you'll have the chance to work with ETR in the future, and possibly present your product and offering to their list.
  • Exclusive Membership Advantage #12 - Use Early to Rise's Excellent SEO Ranking to Boost Exposure and Sales  (Quality SEO services range from $1,000 to $10,000... but few of them actually get you listed on a trusted, stable, highly-respected server to maximize your exposure.)

    Early to Rise has an enviable SEO ranking. They maintain it intently and ruthlessly. But, as an Internet Money Club Member, you'll be able to sit down with ETR and possibly arrange to have your articles, products, offerings and links posted on our servers. This means you can get picked up much faster by Google and other search engines, which in turn can rapidly skyrocket your organic rankings. This could mean an endless stream of free traffic for you.

A Revolutionary Program That Delivers Results
for Pennies on the Dollar

Add these values up and it is nearly $30,000. And I'm not including the huge potential profits  the Early to Rise email list of 420,000 could open up for you in the future... or the value of enjoying guaranteed business growth. All that is gravy. 

I'm just talking about the minimum you'd have to pay to get your hands on all the Membership Advantages if you went outside the Internet Money Club and tried to buy all these things separately.

Once I realized how high the legitimate market value of this program was, I began trying to figure out what to charge for Membership.

I decided to get a number of different people involved in pricing the Membership dues so we could make this fair for both of us...

When I gave Early to Rise's business manager the details on the program and asked her to give me an honest assessment of what the program should cost, she said something around $10,000... certainly no less than that.

Next I went to the marketing team. They agreed that $10,000 was a reasonable number for everything Members will receive.  After all, there are other "how-to" seminars, coaching programs, and products that promise far less than the Internet Money Club, but sell for more than that!

But, as marketing people tend to do, they suggested that if we cut the cost in half, it would sell better.  $4,997 was the price they suggested. 

Finally, Michael Masterson, who consults with ETR, and I got to talking. He and I both agreed that with the economy being as tough as it is, and the fact that this program is designed to help make you rich, not pad our pockets, the price should be even lower than the $4,997.

 But, giving you a seriously reduced price wasn't the only thing Michael suggested. He looked at my offer and decided to add a few things...

Bonus Resources Included in
Your Membership - FREE

Now that I've outlined the exclusive resources and benefits you'll enjoy as an Internet Money Club Member, I need to tell you about all the OTHER profit-producing resources you'll enjoy.  As you'll see, buying all of this separately from our website would cost you a small fortune...

Bonus #1 - Instant Access to the Internet Money Club Resource Package

First, if you are one of the fortunate ones to secure a seat, you'll receive instant access to the complete Internet Money Club Resource Bundle.  Once you're signed up, we will email you instructions on how to instantly get your hands on the following money-making resources (NOTE: In the past, we've sold this package by the thousands for $695)

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Success Library - 9 Volumes Total

One click, and the secrets of Internet business success unfold instantly - no waiting weeks for the snail mail. You'll have these resources in hand, ready to devour NOW.  Here are some of the secrets waiting for you:

  • The best ways to get your prospects to tell you EXACTLY what they want...a lot of the big Madison Avenue guys and gals wish they knew these secrets

  • Irresistibly persuasive strategies and techniques that will make the copy you write melt even the stoniest skeptic's resistance...and pour gold into your account

  • Think email is passe?...You won't when you know these advanced formulas

  • One simple skill is ignored by 99% of business on the Internet...with it, you will be one of the wildly successful 1%

  • Face down the biggest challenge facing "newbies"...when you know how to create profitable products, the rest is gravy

  • An easy explanation of complex-sounding carts and merchant accounts lose their bewildering mystery

  • Tapping into the power of the World Wide Web... the right way

  • The art of creating online promotions...and the cash flows they generate

  • How to pick the ultimate money tree's low-hanging fruit...back end products

The Internet Marketers' Secrets - Pack These into Your iPod and Hit the Road to Online Success

This is a wealth of highly targeted, specific online business-building audios.  Use them to turn wasted commuter time into entertaining mastery of ebusiness time  And remember, you get instant access to all of these the minute you register...

  • Listen as our experts share stories of how they crawled into the minds of their customers to find out exactly what they wanted and exactly how they wanted to buy

  • Great direct response copywriters demonstrate the effectiveness of stories and other techniques in your sales letters

  • Hear 36 specific easy ways to de-mystify your website building adventure

  • Stories from the email trenches...building fun client relations while selling them more stuff

  • Eighteen ways to peek behind the scenes and know what is working and what to fix...and why

  • Need new product ideas? (And who doesn't?)...Listen up and you'll discover at least 20 ways and places to find the juiciest, most profitable ideas

  • Believe it or not, we have wizards who can explain technical gobbledygook so well your grandmother could start her online crochet class

  • Thirty-five transcendental resources to take your marketing beyond your expectations

The Internet Gurus' Keys to Success - The Secrets You Missed When You Didn't Sign Up in Time When the Internet Money Club Opened Its Doors to New Members.

Here is where you can immediately get your first sampling of our Expert Panel. This pack has over 12 hours of presentations, interviews and speeches. And, as a small added bonus, every file is labeled so that you can connect it to your resource library and resource pack. Our goal here is to eliminate confusion and increase your confidence at every turn.

  • Creating an Information Marketing Empire - Audio with Rich Schefren

  • Innovative Advertising Principles for the 21st Century - Video with Herschell Gordon Lewis

  • Words that Work and Wow - Video with Bob Bly

  • How to Develop a Powerful E-Marketing Campaign - Video with Bob Bly

  • Mastering Pay-Per-Click - Audio with Patrick Coffey, David Cross & John Phillips

  • Direct Response: Testing on the Web - Video with Andrew Palmer, Patrick Coffey & Sandy Franks

  • Proven Online Tactics - Audio with David Cross, Brian York & Wendy Montes De Oca

  • How to Leverage the Information Marketing Revolution - Video with Michael Masterson

  • The Building Blocks of Information Marketing - Video with Rich Schefren & Michael Masterson

  • The Ultimate Information Marketing Formula - Video with Jeff Paul

  • Creating Value - Video with Andrew Palmer, Will Bonner & Stephen Pierce

  • List Building Made Easy - Video with John Phillips, MaryEllen Tribby & Sandy Franks

  • Complete Email Strategies - Audio with David Cross

Bonus #2 - Instant Website with Custom Business Site Configurations

Second, we will help you with a custom install of WordPress - a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Plus, we'll give you resources, links, best-practices, and customized installation help.

Testimonial #4 - PJ McClure, Bolivar, MO

Testimonial #7 - Anna Cuevas, Valley Center, CA

Testimonial #9 - Anthony Tutaj, Fox River Grove, IL

Testimonial #14 - Rick Louis, Monument, CO

Testimonial #15 Paul Good, Needham, MA

WordPress is the software used by Early to Rise and many of our successful experts to build and manage most of their websites. It gives you the ability to build, control, manage, and update your website with a few clicks of a mouse. You will be able to seamlessly manage a site with 1 page or 10,000 pages. This means you can instantly scale up as your business grows without any costly upgrades or hassles. Very important when you are in the "sustained growth phase." 

While a simple WordPress site is free to everyone on planet earth, a customized installation will cost you around $197... and that's before you start customizing layout templates. We'll help you get all of this done totally FREE of charge.

Bonus #3 - Free Pass to the Early to Rise 2010 Info-Marketing Bootcamp

Third, you will be invited to the 2010 Info-Marketing Bootcamp as our guest.  This annual event has long been recognized as the premier marketing event of the year. You will hear from a dozen or more experts - all of whom are successful because they built real businesses, not just recycled someone else's stuff. Best of all, they each come prepared to give you the core meat of their secrets and techniques

Let me give you a glimpse of how powerful this one event can be...

In 2009, Early to Rise brought in 12 of the most successful Information Marketers in the world and challenged them to provide at least one idea that would make attendees $10,000 or more in 6 months or less. A bold challenge by all standards, but look at what they actually delivered...

  • Joe Polish - handed out one idea that promises to make $5,000 a day!

  • Ryan Lee - Dished out a secret to making over $10,000 in residual money... a month!

  • Rich Schefren - A formula for making $12 million dollars!

  • Clayton Makepeace - Nothing less than $16 million in ideas from Clayton

  • Chris Chickering - Revealed a way to make over $40,000... in a single hour

  • Mike Koenigs – Showed how to pull in a handsome $250,000 over the next six months

  • Larry Benet - Delivered a $100,000 idea

  • Tom McCarthy - Willingly gave Bootcamp attendees his proven $35 million dollar secrets

  • Scott Martineau - Yet another $100,000 in business building secrets delivered to attendees

  • Brian Edmondson (that's me!) - I took the liberty of passing out my $15,000 in 7 days system

  • MaryEllen Tribby – Handed over a whopping formula for generating $26 million dollars

  • Michael Masterson – Shared a cool $275 million dollar formula that he has tested and proven half a dozen times with real businesses from around the globe.

I have to tell you this... none of these numbers are pie in the sky. These are formulas and patterns and ideas that these people have actually used and are using. They are being used in the real world right now and generating hundreds of millions of dollars.

And the best ETR Info-Marketing Bootcamp is yet to come. How do I know that? Because I've been attending and participating in these Bootcamps for over 5 years now, and every year the ideas get stronger, the presenters more powerful, and the information easier to digest and implement. 

This coming year will be no different. You'll see for yourself, because you'll be there (if someone else hasn't grabbed that last seat out from under you).

The Info-Marketing Bootcamp sells out each year and tickets are $1,997 - but not for you. For you, admission to this year's Bootcamp is FREE.

Bonus #4 - Bootcamp VIP Pass

Fourth, you will be a VIP guest at all Early to Rise events that you'd like to attend, including the annual Info Marketing Bootcamp. 

This VIP status is not just a nice name... no, it gets you private time with speakers, complimentary meals, private receptions, and exclusive training sessions. We'll roll out the red-carpet for you and make sure that you not only get the most out of Bootcamp, but you also feel like royalty the entire time you are with us.

An annual VIP pass costs $997... but you'll enjoy this elite status FREE, as part of your Internet Money Club membership.

Bonus #5 – All of the Treasures, Ideas, and Unique Marketing Insights from the First Three IMC Sessions

Every session of the Internet Money Club has been unique. Here are just a few of the gems you'll find in the archives...

  • Alex Mandossian shared one of the fastest and easiest ways to create products and content...  Doing teleseminars.  If you can talk on the phone, then you can start creating high priced information products and trainings that you can sell.  Not only are teleseminars a great way to create products and establish yourself as an expert in your niche, Alex showed us over 20 ways you can repurpose your teleseminars into valuable content you can use to get traffic and make sales.
  • Jeff Walker is the king of "Product Launches."  He has proved that a product launch is one of the fastest ways you can enter a market, build a huge subscribers list, and generate massive amounts of sales right away.  Jeff told us how to incorporate psychology and human behavior into your product launch process and how anyone can take their existing (or nonexistent) sales system and turn it into a massively successful product launch.
  • MaryEllen Tribby revealed the secret that separates struggling businesses from wildly successful businesses... Properly using back-end marketing strategies in your business to increase the profitability by a factor of two times, 10 times, or more! 
  • Charlie Byrne focused his session on how to hone your most valuable copywriting skills for success... online sales letters and squeeze pages. Even if you don't write your own copy, Charlie's tips and ideas will definitely help you pick a good freelance copywriter for your business.
  • Box Cox... knows that every entrepreneur has the same need... more time. He shared his secrets of time management and getting the most out of what you do. After you listen to him, you will never find yourself saying, "I don't have enough time."
  • Pat Marcello pulled back the curtain and demystified Search Engine Optimization. It really isn't as hard as you think to get free traffic from the search engines... especially when you know Pat's secrets.
  • Jay White shared the latest developments in the world of email marketing... still one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world. (It's the backbone of how Early to Rise drives traffic and generates millions of dollars online.)

We always deal with fundamental principles of marketing, money making, and business growth. These don't change, so we keep teaching them. But we also deal with the latest and hottest ways to make money online. This is a moving target.

(By the way... don't forget that you get LIFETIME access to all the Internet Money Club calls and resources as one of your other bonuses. This means that this could very well be the last investment you ever make into online business-building resources. What's that kind of savings and confidence worth to you?)

Every word, webinar, Q&A session, and forum post form those first three sessions was  saved in our vault. It is never been released... until now.

When you join the Internet Money Club today, we'll give you instant access to the entire collection. It's like you're getting three full sessions of the Internet Money Club for the price of one.

If you had paid for all of these sessions, it would have cost you over $6,900! Even if we converted these into a digital download product, they would cost at least $1,997. But, like with the other bonuses, you'll get these for FREE.... but you must act before June 18 to enjoy this bonus.

Now, for the most incredible Bonus of them all...

Bonus #6... The ULTIMATE Bonus - The Golden Ticket (Your Secret Mastermind Session!)

I'm not sure I can even come close to doing this bonus justice. This unique ticket allows you to do something that is absolutely unheard of... you get to come down to our offices in Delray Beach, FL and spend an afternoon with me and some of the Early to Rise staff and executives.

Not only that, but you'll join a small handful of other Members (Golden Ticket mastermind sessions are limited).  Now you have one or more experts, your online business mentor, and your peers all in the same room.  Our entire purpose is to make your business explode with profits.

There is nothing in the world like physically putting yourself in a room with this kind of a mastermind team, locking the doors, turning off the cell phones and email, and focusing in on growing your business and making you more money. 

As I mentioned before, there are several roundtable and mastermind groups that cost well over $12,000 a year to participate in. Typically, they include you, a guru, and as many as 15 other members.  But nowhere have I seen it where you get a personal mentor, a group of other professionals, and staff members from a multi-million dollar company focused in on your business for an entire day. 

Don't overlook the staff factor ... These people spend their time, day-in-and-day-out working on all aspects of Early to Rise's business operations. They handle customer service, technical training, website development, marketing, list building, employee management, and a thousand other business management and development details.

Whatever aspect of your business needs growing or strengthening, we'll be right there for you, uncovering hidden channels of income and success.

Oh, and when you come, don't forget that you can bring someone with you at no extra cost.  A business partner, employee, friend, spouse... or anyone else that you think should be there with you.

Many gurus will charge $15,000 to $50,000 for on-site, personalized consulting like this... but it's all yours when you are lucky enough to be a Member. Just to be conservative, I'm going to say that this has a value of $2,995... fair enough?

The Bonuses Alone Add Up to Over $13,878!

OK, let's summarize what we are giving you as a Member of The Internet Money Club:

  • You'll Have An Online Business Up and Running in 30 Days or Less - $4,500

  • Lifetime Cash Flow - $???! (Priceless)

  • Personal Mentor - $10,000 minimum

  • 90 Minute Q&A Calls 2X Per Month With Your Mentor - $2,500

  • The Guru Team 90-120 Minute Calls, 2X Per Month - $600

  • Internet Money Club Training Video Series 2x Per Month - $600

  • Member's Only Website - $2,500

  • Annual Club Member Roundtable - $12,000

  • Membership Directory - $6,250

  • Potential Access to Early to Rise's List - Over 420,000 Qualified Emails - $?? (Priceless... but could be a $50,000 boost in the future)

  • Use Early to Rise's Excellent SEO Ranking to Boost Exposure and Sales - $1,000

  • Bonus! Internet Money Club Resource Package - $695

  • Bonus! WordPress Software Custom Install help - $197

  • Free Pass to Info-Marketing Bootcamp - $1,997

  • Bootcamp VIP Pass - $997

  • Bonus! All of the Recordings and Archives of IMC Sessions 1,  2, & 3... $6,997

  • Ultimate Bonus! The Golden Ticket - $2,995

When you consider that the value of your membership is conservatively worth $30,000... and then you add in the bonuses at $13,878... you see that we could reasonably charge $43,878 for this program. When compared to the "market price" for your Internet Money Club Membership, the "list price" of $4,997 set by the marketing team is cheap.

And, that is the price you'd normally pay if you weren't reading this letter right now...

But, like I said, we have a much better option for you...

Every day, we read about the challenges people face in today's economic situation...

And, every day we see members of the Internet Money Club succeeding in their new online businesses...some more than others...generating the cash flow that helps them take care of their families. They choose not to participate in the doom and gloom side of today's economy.

We want you to share the same success...

So, for this session only, we are discounting your registration for the Internet Money Club to the bone...our profit and payback includes watching you succeed and knowing that we gave you the boost you needed to get there.

We do ask that you give us your honest opinion about the value you received and let us share it with others...fair enough?

So, How Much Is Your
Internet Money Club Membership?

If you subscribe today to the Internet Money Club... and you agree to document your experience and provide us with an audio/video testimonial (good or bad)... then your Membership investment is just $2,197.

Here's how the numbers work:

The "list" price mentioned earlier is $4,997. The discount is $2,800. You pay only $2,197.

$4,997 - $2,800 = $2,197

That's the deal.  You agree to make a few notes, record a testimonial of your experience, and we'll instantly shave a whopping $2,800 off your investment.

But remember... this price is only good until June 13, 2010

After that, the price goes up every day by $100... unless, of course we sell out before that, which is a strong possibility. Don't lose your spot and don't throw away money by waiting...

Plus, if for some reason you simply can't afford to pay the full Membership investment today, then I'm also offering you a Flex-Pay program. Here's how that works...

$499 Gets You Started Today - With Zero Risk

The Flex-Pay program makes it very cheap and easy to get started...

 You simply pay the initial $499 for Membership today (refundable, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied... more on that in a minute). After that, you'll just be responsible for just 5 additional payments of $499, conveniently billed to your Membership account. 

Of course that offer is not mandatory and the convenience factor of payments makes the Internet Money Club a little more expensive. But, if you do use Flex-Pay, it would still be worth it because of the wildly generous promise that I'm making with your membership.

My guarantee of the program completely eliminates every ounce of your financial risk.  It puts all the pressure on me.  We either deliver on this bold and daring promise - or we don't. It's as easy as that.

Here's the guarantee once again...

Your Zero-Risk Guarantee of Success

  • 30 Days to an Online Business - Join the Internet Money Club on July 1, 2010 and regardless of your technical skills or previous experience, I promise that by the end of July, you will have a fully functioning online business up and running. If not, you owe nothing.

  • Lifetime Business Growth - For as long as you are a member of the Internet Money Club and implement this powerful system, I guarantee that your business will grow richer.  If, for some reason, you notice that your business growth slows down or stops altogether, just let us know and we will cheerfully refund your investment for the Internet Money Club.

  • Buy-Back Program - If, for any reason at all, you are not totally satisfied with the Internet Money Club and the invaluable resources we are offering, just let us know. We will gladly buy the entire program back from you. We'll take back your lifetime access, your video and audio links, and access to all future uploads, PDF files, webinars, and Q&A session.  For that, you'll receive every penny you invest back, with our best wishes.

To redeem this Zero-Risk Guarantee at any time, simply send us a note telling us exactly what you have done to date, including what your results have been, and we will issue you an immediate refund per the promises outlined above.  We want you to succeed.  Essentially, if you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know.

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Of course, I cannot guarantee that you will get into the Internet Money Club.

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After reading all of this, I hope there is still a seat left for you... Get signed up today, before these seats are gone.

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P.S. I'm wondering how curious you are to prove me right or wrong.

I mean, I'm making the promise of the century. All you need to do is try it for 30 days. At the end of that 30 days, you'll know for certain if I'm bluffing or not.  Of course, if finally having a solid online business and enjoying guaranteed financial growth month after month isn't interesting to you, then don't bother joining us.

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P.P.S. There is one aspect of your membership that I only briefly mentioned before, but want to clarify now...

Once your membership dues are paid in full at the end of six months, then you will be instantly awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Club - at no extra cost!

That means you will have unlimited access to the Member's Website, Guru calls, and all other exclusive membership benefits for the life of the program. Think of that.  That means that this could very well be the last dollar you ever have to invest in the secrets of building and growing an online business.

In the past, we have charged a monthly "Alumni" fee for this kind of access. But, today, for you, we are offering it at no additional cost. Again, once you pay either the $2,197 upfront fee or finish your six (6) monthly payments of $499, the entire monthly alumni fee is waved and you get unlimited access for the life of the Internet Money Club program. 

Over a 5-year period this Alumni fee waiver is worth over $4,000... but means so much more... It means you'll have a guaranteed mentor and support system at your side for as long as the Internet Money Club and your membership are active!  Now is the time to sign up for a Membership before the Club fills up and you blow the opportunity to join and miss out on the privilege of Membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I get busy or distracted for a time and don't do anything with it? Won't my membership be a waste of money?

A: Of course, that would be true with most programs - but not here. The Internet Money Club is a guaranteed "Push-Button" success system with a Lifetime Membership clause.  That means that even if the unforeseen happens tomorrow, you'll be able to take up the program, access the website and join in the calls at any time in the future when you're ready. It's like having an unlimited gas card that you can use to fill up your online business for free for the rest of your life.  A resource like that is never wasted.

Q: Is my Membership transferable? I mean, what if I want my business partners to join in the calls and access the website?

A: Yes!  You actually own your Membership once your 6 month dues are paid in full. This means that you can give it to someone else, or just loan it to a business partner or other employees for a time. Imagine having all of your business building team on the same page, working together to bring in a lifetime of revenue. Also, consider how valuable this can be in the future. It is an instant training program for future employees that will cost you nothing!

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Q: How can you possibly guarantee that I'll make money?

A: The biggest challenge that people have is actually implementing the ideas that experts and gurus give them. We have created a special program that allows you to expose your offering to friends and family. We will draft a template letter for you and help you send it out to people you know.  If you send it out to 50 people on a "warm" list, it is virtually impossible for someone not to be interested and make a purchase. When you think about it, this is how almost all successful businesses get started - sharing their ideas with friends and family.

Of course, you will not get rich just doing this, but you will demonstrate that your product or service is marketable and sellable. It also will give you testimonials, real market feedback and critical data to help you move into the "sustained growth stage." 

Q: How do you know that my business will continue to grow every month?

A: Frankly, we don't. But we have seen enough businesses that grow month after month for years to come by using the secrets found inside the "Push-Button Success System" to take our chances here by guaranteeing this.  The other side of it is this:  We are confident that if you have a bad month at some point, you won't take us up on the guarantee because of all the value we are giving you.  Like any good stock, most private companies have growth cycles where they rise, level off (or even dip a little), recalculate, and then rise again. The "recalculating" is where your Membership really pays off.  We will be there to help you figure out how to constantly stay in the growth phase. And, of course, if we don't you are welcome to cash in on our guarantee.

Q: How do I get my the past three sessions of the Internet Money Club?

A: They are right here waiting for you. The webinars, audio files, and handouts will be yours instantly when you sign up for the Internet Money Club. You will be redirected to the download page where you can get started, right now, learning how you are going to get your new Internet business online and rocking and rolling toward success.

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