Saturday, June 12, 2010

you could lose $100

Dear Early to Rise Reader,

On Monday June 14th at 9:00 AM sharp, the price for joining the Internet Money Club will go up by $100.


Because the current price includes two huge discounts that we simply can't let go on any longer...

First we took $2,800 off the retail price to help you out during these hard times.

Second, we pulled another $700 to reward early responders. This Early Bird discount will go away... starting today... $100 at a time. If you don't act in the next week, you'll lose every penny of it.

Don't let that happen to you! Save your money by joining the Internet Money Club today.

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But saving a couple hundred bucks is the least of the reasons for joining. People from all walks of life have finally found the success they'd been looking for as members of the Internet Money Club.

Read a quote from a current Internet Money Club member and you'll see what I mean...

"Over 160 Subscribers in 24 Hours!"

Ok folks... here is full disclosure on how things are going so that you can understand how this stuff can work.

I mean it...the full monty.

A week ago I had only 18 subscribers.

My first article in ETR ran and within 24 hours, I had 268 unique visitors and 163 subscribed.

My autoresponse system went into action and started promoting a free call for March 11. During the week between March 4 and 11 I had subscribed 244 new subs for a total of 262.

Of those subs, 84 registered for my call... Within 2 minutes of the call ending, 4 had purchased my program at $97 each. This is my first attempt at making money on the web. The sales are continuing to come in as I write this and I-AM-PUMPED!

You can do this. We can all do this.

The best part is that I now have data to work from. I can take what has happened and get better. The real magic starts now.

Be your best."

-- RC McClintock, IMC Member

Just think how fantastic you'll feel when YOU make your first $388! Not to mention your first $1,000... your first $10,000... your first $100,000!

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"For me, my IMC mentor's ability to take a complete novice and show him how to start a profitable website has been priceless. You could charge double, and it would still be a bargain. Thanks for helping me reach my goals...I couldn't have done it without you!

-- Pete Genot, IMC Member

That's what we do at the Internet Money Club... we take a complete novice and show you how to start your profitable website. Pete and RC are reaching their goals... Now it is your turn.

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Of course, no one can predict what the future holds or what the markets will do. But, this Lifetime Membership option ensures you'll be safe no matter what happens. You'll always have the best in the business to turn to for help and money-making strategies.

Get your Lifetime Membership and save yourself $100 by joining the Internet Money Club today.

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To Your Success,

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise








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