Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Issue No. 3047 - $1.00

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Get On With It
By Jason Holland

ETR readers have come to know Drayton Bird very well in the past several months. He's given us practical copywriting tips and proven marketing strategies, as well as an inside look at some great case studies from his illustrious career.

Today, we find that he shares a key business-building philosophy with us. It's one of ETR's guiding principles, one that Michael Masterson has written about many times. Find out what it is in the video below. Just click on the screen to get started.

Drayton Bird Video

Ready to go for it? As Drayton just explained in his video, your business idea will never be more than a dream if you don't take that first vital step. It's Michael Masterson's Ready, Fire, Aim approach to starting -- and building -- a business, and it's something we live by at Early to Rise. Michael explored this concept in detail in his Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller by the same name.

Find out how you can get a FREE copy of the book, Ready, Fire, Aim, here.

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"The Fight Is Worth It."

"Since subscribing to ETR, I've taken up yoga, lost around 20 pounds, write better articles, and I've re-discovered an attitude that remembers that all is not lost, as far as my financial future goes.

"It's almost like becoming 18 years old again. I just want you all to know that your newsletter serves to remind folks like me that the fight is worth it. Overcoming the challenges is better than giving up. To know that there are others like me, who choose not to quit, is your gift to the world."

Don Pennington
Borger, TX

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Wouldn't You Love to Be In On That Conversation?

Imagine stepping into a room filled with half a dozen of today's most successful business owners. Michael Masterson is sitting on a couch in the center of this high-profile group. (They are some of his closest friends and business associates.)

Everyone seems to be doing nothing more than chatting. But make no mistake... some of the hottest business deals, investments, and money-making strategies are being discussed. For example:

1. The latest, hidden profit opportunity that could generate over $28,000 in just a couple of weeks...

2. The real estate deal that could generate 100% return (or more) within a few weeks, without owning a single piece of property...

3. The "Great Diamond Hoax," which has the potential to return 15% to 40% ROI with a single transaction...

And that's just a tiny taste of the kind of things they're talking about.

Now, you can be right there with them...

Today's Words That Work: Rubric

Rubric (ROO-brik) -- from the Latin for "red" -- is a category. The word has its origins in the late 14th century, when directions for church services were often highlighted in prayer books by printing them in red. From there, it evolved to indicate a title or heading... and from there, to mean a category under which a thing is classed.

Example (as used by ETR contributor Don Hauptman in his review of the film Agora, posted on The Atlasphere last week): "Far more intriguing than the spectacular bloody battle with the requisite 'cast of thousands' are the quieter scenes involving discussions of philosophy, logic, science, astronomy, mathematics. Of course, in those days [the fourth century], before the disciplines became specialized and separate, pretty much everything fell under the rubric of philosophy."

You can read Don's full review of Agora here:  

And look for his column, "The Language Perfectionist," in ETR every Thursday.

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