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6 Days Only: Learn Secret to Bending Time to YOUR Will



Florida Millionaire Unveils
a 34,000-Year-Old Obstacle to Success:

The Hourglass Epiphany


In the next 11 minutes, you'll discover...

Why only 1 in 100 people will grasp the full magnitude of this disclosure...

Why this revelation can lead you to the life of abundance and relaxed accomplishment you've always dreamed of...

How you can get started TODAY...

Dear Friend,

The fact that you are reading these words right now means something. It means that there is an intelligence within you, whispering to you:

"You can be the person you want to be. You can have everything you want to have. This is your opportunity to change. Find the secret. Use it to change!"

This is a secret that allows anyone - billionaire or pauper, work-at-home mother or CEO, college grad or high school drop out - to bend time to suit his or her purposes.

What we do with all the little moments that we are given in our lives...

That's really all that matters.

If you agree, consider this: What if there were a way to expand those individual moments? To slow each second down so that you could have complete intellectual clarity? To transform each second into a space in which you could make smart and healthy decisions?

Imagine for a moment that you had this kind of control and clarity of thought.

You would always be doing things that helped move you forward, toward achieving your dreams. You would always be able to avoid problems and obstacles. You would feel satisfied that you had spent every moment in the best and most useful way.

And because of this, everything would fall into place. You would look in the mirror and feel like your life is moving forward. Your life would be happier. You would be more confident in your interactions with others. You would have more purpose.

Best of all, you would be able to relax. To enjoy your life, secure in the confidence that you will accomplish all of your dreams.

I'm about to tell you how this can be possible. But keep in mind, this is a secret so subtle and misunderstood, 99 out of every 100 people who hear it will dismiss it immediately.

The Hourglass Epiphany:
Unveiling a 34,000-Year-Old Lie

For millions of years humans survived and evolved with an almost supernatural connection to the world around us. We could sense danger and opportunity without thinking. Everything came to us immediately and clearly. We had an instinctive sense of what to do without the sense that time was running out. Everything was fluid and possible. The universe was expanding and so were we.

But somewhere along the way, we began to see the world around us as different and separate from us. We became less connected with it. And we lost some of the intuitive genius that had made us "one with the universe."

One of the most dramatic changes occurred around 34,000 years ago.

That was when we invented the modern concept of time. Since then, humans have come up with hundreds - even thousands - of ways to measure time. From calendars to hourglasses to sundials to fancy Rolexes.

And with those changes, we lost our ability to control time... And it began to control us.

We came up with schedules to follow and deadlines to meet and ten thousand tasks we had to complete inside 24 hours... It's no wonder you feel like time is slipping by you like water through a sieve!

Einstein discovered that time is flexible, elastic, and expandable. This is known as time dilation.

I believe that time dilation is the secret lying behind the world's most successful men and women. These are the people who know how to expand time to fit THEIR needs, make it bend to THEIR will.

If you learn to master this secret of time dilation, you can determine how quickly - or slowly - time passes. You can set time's boundaries. You can make it bend to YOUR desires, needs, and dreams.

Right now you may be going along with what I'm saying simply because it is interesting. But if you can take the extra step and actually imagine that what I'm revealing to you might be true, then a whole new world will open up to you.

The point is, this is real, proven science we are talking about. Not some fuzzy, mystical thinking that allows dreamers and wannabes to keep on dreaming.

Once you are willing to accept that time is under YOUR control - and not the other way around - you can accomplish anything.

The Single Most Important Success Secret You Will Ever Encounter

Only a tiny fraction of people can get their minds around this powerful truth. It's a switch in perspective that can change the way you perceive your life forever.

Time does not exist in the way that most people think.

Rather than existing in constants - days, hours, minutes, seconds - time is elastic and therefore expandable.

I call this the Hourglass Epiphany.

And I believe that the Hourglass Epiphany is the single most important success secret you will ever encounter on your road to wealth, health, and happiness.

When America was founded, one of its greatest original thinkers, Benjamin Franklin, had already uncovered the Hourglass Epiphany. He was an extraordinarily accomplished man: writer, diplomat, inventor, and pragmatic philosopher. Franklin once made a simple statement about time that many people today do not fully understand. He said: "Time is money."

And many people mistakenly took that to mean, "To make more money you have to work more hours."

But that is true only on a superficial level. Let me explain.

A Mistake That Successful Doctors and Lawyers Make Every Day

You may have heard the expression common among dentists: "No drill. No bill."

That is based on this superficial understanding of the Franklin maxim. Other professionals - doctors, lawyers, accountants, et al - who bill for their time have the same philosophy about making money: that the secret is to work more hours.

I myself learned the "truth" about this concept when I was a commission insurance salesman. If I could make $100 in commissions just by spending 30 minutes on the phone with a client, I reasoned that I was "worth" $200 an hour.

This realization - that time equaled money - flipped a switch in my head. I began to feel that if I wasn't doing something that would make me $200 an hour - either that instant, or in the future - I was selling myself short.

What I didn't realize until much later in life was the secret we are talking about today - that at another level you can get control of time and break through that artificial time/money barrier of $200 or even $700 an hour and take a quantum leap in wealth.

How to Bend Time to YOUR Will

One man gets only a week's value out of a year while another man gets a full year's value out of a week.

- Charles Richards

In the work I've done with billionaires, I've seen - first-hand - this secret in action over and over again.

One of the men I worked closely with was Roy Speer. Speer and I (along with another gentleman named Bud Paxson) founded the world's first home shopping channel. This was the precursor to other home shopping channels like the Home Shopping Network and QVC. Speer was "only" worth $20 to $25 million when I met him.

During our work together, I noticed that Speer had an understanding of time that I'd never seen before. He - like Ben Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, and countless others - had come face to face with the Hourglass Epiphany. He knew that time did not operate in the strict constraints most people saw. And he had figured out - somehow - how to fill up one hour of his time faster and more efficiently than any "normal" person could.

It was as if Speer had discovered some way to make time "slow down." Then - by acting more quickly - he could pack an ordinary hour with much more than the average person operating under the "average" motion of the clock.

The common man is not concerned about the [Hourglass Epiphany], the man of talent is driven by it.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

By understanding this elasticity of time, Speer was able to accomplish more than 99% of all people. He went on to make billions.

But let me tell you something important...

Every single successful person I've met since uses the same principle.

Let me show you exactly how it works.

Let's say you work 40 hours a week for $15 an hour. Because you're above-average in intelligence, and because you work hard, you get above-average raises of 7% each year. Because you are dedicated, you work increasingly more hours. Take a look at Table 1 to see how your life and your income will unfold over the next few years:


Not terrible. After 20 years of busting your hump you'll be making over $160K. But not great either. And with all those hours you work, you have barely any time left for your non-professional goals, for leisure time, for relaxation.

Now, take a look at Table 2.

table 2

This is what the Hourglass Epiphany could do for you.

As your time expands, you fit more productive, money-making activities into each hour.

You could make more money in fewer hours. Until you merely have to work four hours a day to bring in a million bucks a year.

Indeed, I saw similar exponential growth in my own career. For instance, once I mastered the principles of the Hourglass Epiphany, I saw my income jump by over 300% in just two years.

How to Live a Life of Relaxed Accomplishment

Once you have mastered [the Hourglass Epiphany], you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year - and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!

- Anthony Robbins

If you are the one in 100 who grasps the concept of the Hourglass Epiphany...

If you are prepared to push the boundaries of what you know to be "true"...

And if you are willing to try out a few "radical" ideas...

You, too, can master this "time expansion" technique. You can apply it to your work. Which means that you can get more things done more quickly. You can complete tasks more efficiently. You can work faster and more completely than most people. And you can accomplish your business and personal goals in less time than you ever thought possible.

I've prepared a special report that explains every detail of this success secret. It also lays out a simple formula for putting the Hourglass Epiphany to work in your own life.

You can get this special report - "The Hourglass Epiphany: How to Live a Life of Relaxed Accomplishment" - for free if you act quickly. More on that in a minute.

But first, I want to show you how this relaxed, accomplished life can happen...

World Record Holder and Two-Time Retiree

My name is Bob Cox .

The Hourglass Epiphany has transformed my life.

I've accomplished dozens of goals I've set for myself. For instance, I have...

  • Retired twice - once at age 36, and again at 50 (I just could never stay away from work I love!)...

  • Started over a dozen businesses, including insurance agencies, medical clinics, software development companies...

  • Earned my pilot's license at age 56 after receiving the highest score on my flight school's written FAA exam...

  • Co-founded the Home Shopping Network, which began as a local start-up and grew into a $2-billion-a-year enterprise...

  • Negotiated a multi-million dollar re-insurance contract for Kuwait's Technical & Capitalization Exchange Trust...

  • Been awarded two World Airspeed Records with National Aeronautic Association and Federation Aeronautique Internationale...

  • Consulted for many entrepreneurs in various industries - including the hotel and hospitality industry, national retailers, restaurant chains, hospitals, auto dealerships, and more...

  • Mentored over 3,000 men and women since 2006...

  • Been happily married for over 33 years...

I'm proud to say that's just a small sampling of my accomplishments over the years!

On an average day, I may spend an hour or two guiding a member of my group. I spend 30 minutes drafting a marketing letter for a client. I record a 90-minute presentation with my wife Karin. I spend a few minutes on the phone with a client and show him how to save $4 million this year.

Then, perhaps, I'll fly myself and Karin to St. Simmons Island, Georgia or Vero Beach, Florida. We may wander along the beach, indulge in a leisurely lunch, and then meet up with a potential client on our way home.

Now, I'm not telling you these things to toot my own horn.

Our life wasn't always this way. I used to work from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm every day - and I didn't accomplish half as much. I felt unappreciated. And while I knew I was working hard and well, I felt like it was never enough. I passed up vacations to Aruba and Hawaii with Karin - just so I could keep working.

The Hourglass Epiphany put an end to all of it - all the stress... all the dissatisfaction... all the endless work...

"I can't tell you how important your program has been in the progress I have made in my life ... I have lost almost 50 pounds and have greatly improved my health. I have probably increased the value of my company by at least 50%. I have strategically invested more quality time with people that are important to me in an to improve those relationships. In short, I love your system and your program. I love being exposed to the way you think about business, life, goals, etc. "

- Kristy Chou, Atlanta, GA

"Your program is a way of setting my priorities and getting things done ... I have been able to ... improve my attitude toward myself, my life, my career, and those around me... improve my daily routine - make each hour, each minute, count - use my time efficiently and wisely... in a professional manner, complete employment in one career and begin self-employment in another career... This program has made a huge difference. Obviously, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get focused and get things done."

- Brian Newell, Bloomington, IL

"[Bob's] insights helped me to better understand my goals, how to achieve them and how to get started immediately. He saved me time and money. Moreover, Bob's [program has] helped me organize my business, improve my customer service and increase my profits. I highly recommend Bob's tools."

- Doug Springer, Grosse Pointe, MI

"[Bob] certainly exceeded my highest expectations. Your willingness to share information, as well as your warm and friendly demeanor, certainly set me at ease. Your commitment to helping me [...] has provided me with the encouragement to truly believe that I will do the work and complete the goals I have set for myself this year. It's very apparent from the outset that a tremendous amount of thought, and work has gone into developing this program."

- Zach Grabell, Toronto, Canada

"This year I decided to ... put together an Internet business - website and all else. Your messages keep me on track. In the past two and half months I have accomplished more than the past 4 years."

- Lucille Montgomery, Nova Scotia, Canada

I had the chance to work with a few remarkable men who became billionaires. Yes - members of the richest echelon of the entire world population. Each of these men was aware of the Hourglass Epiphany. Fortunately for me, I was also able to recognize this secret for how powerful it truly was.

If you are one of the few people who can grasp its power, you too can live a life of relaxed accomplishment and fill your days with both joy and satisfaction.

That's why the Hourglass Epiphany is the very same element I share with the select group of life-improvement seekers I've assembled over the past few years.

This is the very same life-changing secret I will hand to you, should you accept my invitation to join this elite group.

Your Invitation to Join the
Epiphany Alliance

I discovered the Hourglass Epiphany over 30 years ago. From that point on, my life and my income were on a new trajectory. Then, three years ago, Karin and I met the people at Early to Rise, whose leaders were using the same Epiphany principles to create wealth and success for themselves and their clients.

We noticed a disturbing trend. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of programs that are meant for armchair enthusiasts - people who want to do nothing and have wealth and success fall into their laps. But the Early to Rise team and I couldn't find a single program meant for people like us - people who are truly motivated to transform their lives... intelligent, success-seeking men and women who know that there is a hidden potential inside them, just waiting to be released... people who understand that there is more to life, that greatness awaits them if they could only find a way to reach it.

So together with Early to Rise, I formed the Epiphany Alliance.

This membership program is reserved for smart, ambitious, high-achieving people. It's not for the slow or the dim-witted or those who want an easy way out.

Let me give you an idea of how select this group is. We found that when we exposed these ideas to people, only .74% of them actually recognized their tremendous life-changing value and took action.

If you understand the power of the Hourglass Epiphany, you are truly among a rare few.

Today, I'd like to extend you a special invitation to join this group. This is an invitation reserved only for high achievers who know that they have an untapped power to succeed bursting inside them. And you have only a limited time to respond.

This Epiphany program is like nothing else out there. If you let it, it will transform your life. It is designed to help you...

  • Fit more productive, money-making activities into each hour and exponentially increase your earning potential...

  • Achieve complete intellectual clarity so that you can make better decisions more easily...

  • Analyze complicated documents in a matter of minutes...

  • Make important calculations about your investing decisions that will impact your future wealth...

  • Cut back on the number of hours you spend "working," and increase the time you have to spend doing the things you love with people you enjoy...

  • Become so confident and knowledgeable when interacting with others that you will earn immediate respect...

  • Spot the superstar partners and employees who will help you boost your income...

  • Enjoy your life, secure in the confidence that you will accomplish all of your dreams...

In short, this program's purpose is to turn the life you have into the life you want.

Can You Recognize Its Transformative Power?

The first thing you get as a member of the Epiphany Alliance is:

Epiphany Element #1: Twice a month, I will convey high-level Epiphany ideas to you during hour-long Success Partnership Sessions.

These sessions will be so packed with advanced strategies for operating at a higher level that you're certain to leave them feeling immediately more powerful - more in control of your destiny.

You'll have an elevated capacity for seeing "hidden" opportunities for getting ahead. You'll be filled with confidence that will allow you to instantly overcome any obstacle. You'll experience an intense sensation of energy that will propel you forward, ever closer to achieving the professional and personal success you've dreamed of.

Members of the Epiphany Alliance get 24 Success Partnership Sessions. We charge $100 per session - that means $2,400 a year. But you get all 24 sessions for free!

The next thing you are going to get is...

Epiphany Element #2: This is a very important component of the Epiphany Alliance program. Each week, we'll have an exchange of ideas, where we hand you the Hourglass Epiphany techniques that will keep you operating at peak performance throughout the year.

The purpose of this element of the program is to enlighten you on a regular basis. To send you revelation after revelation that will excite you... show you new ways to work more quickly and more intelligently... and help you succeed at everything you do.

Normally for a 52-week subscription to these special exchanges, you'd have to pay $499.

But as a member of the Epiphany Alliance, you're going to get all 52 for free!

But wait... Theres more

The third thing you're going to get is...

"[The Epiphany Program] has been really effective at increasing my productivity and finding more time in the day. I was able to find an extra 15 min in the morning that I use for doing yoga. I have also learned great ways to be more productive. Great ideas and very motivating."

- Andrea Olsen, Ontario, Canada

"I credit the program with giving me the ability to realistically assess what I can and can't accomplish, align my goals, and set up my days to maximize my time and s - and I believe it will end up making me far more successful at what I have chosen to accomplish this year than I otherwise would have been."

- Jennifer Powell, San Diego, CA

"Your approach really helps break down the goal plan into achievable steps. Bob, I believe you and Karin are doing a great work and making an impactful contribution to individuals and society. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you!"

- Andy Sullivan, St. George, UT

"I am thankful and very excited that I can have a glimpse into your world and learn from your successes to help me become more successful and focused on my goals. Thanks again Bob & Karin (my new Coaches)."

- Paul Phillips, Raleigh, NC

Epiphany Element #3: This component of the Epiphany program is incredibly valuable. It is a whole lifetime of wisdom about achievement boiled down to a one-month rocket launcher for success.

This Epiphany Element is the catalyst that makes everything else in the program work. It's designed to make you super confident... super productive... super knowledgeable... super gratified... and more within 30 days of starting our program. It allows you to explode out of the starting gate with incredible momentum and speed.

The most difficult aspect of accomplishing any goal is getting started. If you don't take that first step, you cannot move forward and you have no chance of succeeding. Do it, and you stand to achieve a lifetime of wealth. The difference between getting started and never starting is invaluable.

And you'll get it for free!

But wait... Theres more..

The next thing you'll get is...

Epiphany Element #4: Exclusive Access to Our Epiphany Treasury

I've been heading up the Epiphany Alliance for three years. In that time, I've amassed hundreds of epiphanies, transformative discoveries, and high-level idea exchanges.

Some of these might have been lost over the years - used by the original Epiphany Alliance members to create life-altering change and then put to the side as they achieved increasing levels of success. But we've documented every single one of these productivity-boosting concepts and money-making models... and assembled them into one vast compendium of wisdom.

This aspect of the Epiphany program is highly coveted by our group. Those who have access to these annals have an instant edge over competitors. They have immediate upper-level understanding of every aspect of life - from health to investing, romance to business, and beyond.

We're keeping this treasury completely private. Only members of the Epiphany Alliance will have protected access.

It's invaluable.

And you'll get it for free!

Admission into the Epiphany Alliance...

Remember the table I showed you earlier? The table that laid out, clear as day, how significantly the Hourglass Epiphany can enrich your life? Remember - after 20 years you can hope to make just over $160,000 a year... while working your tail off 12 hours a day.

Imagine if someone could actually show you how to raise your income from $50 an hour to $500 an hour. Working 40 hours a week for five years, that's a difference of $4.5 million in income. Even if you end up working just four hours a day, that's a $2.25 million difference in income over the next five years.

What would that difference in earning power mean for you over a lifetime?

Can you see now how implementing something like the Hourglass Epiphany in your life could be so valuable? It could be worth tens of millions of dollars - perhaps even billions - in accumulated income.

If you had the chance to increase your lifetime earnings by millions, surely that knowledge would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That's the real value of membership in the Epiphany Alliance.

The official price of the Epiphany Program is $998. Just think, you get $2,400 worth of Success Partnership sessions that will elevate your ability to spot "hidden" opportunities for getting ahead... plus $499 worth of the 52 Idea Exchanges that will keep you operating at peak performance throughout the year ... plus access to the hundreds of epiphanies and transformative discoveries in our members-only Epiphany Treasury... plus our 30-Day Success Catalyst that will give you the most priceless gift of all: the keys to getting started.

All of this for just $998. This is a great value.

But if you act right now - right this second - you won't have to pay $998 to join this group. You can become a member of this life-changing program for only $499.

Why wait a second longer? The Epiphany Program will show you how to slow each second down so that you can have complete intellectual clarity. It will teach you how to make smart and healthy decisions about every aspect of your life. It will give you the power to only do those things that help move you forward, toward achieving your dreams. It will show you how to spend each moment in the best and most useful manner.

With this program, you have the chance to finally see everything in your life fall into place.

The Epiphany Program gives you every tool and concept you need to live a happy, satisfied, purposeful, confident, fulfilled life.

But wait... Theres more...

"I enjoyed and value the time we spent together ... I feel 'urged on' to actively participate in our program on a daily basis, and very 'supported' in doing so. I have spent very little time in my life surrounded by people who have known success on the levels that you both do."

- Mike Porter, Portland, OR

"Bob has taken ... his time - and his vast experience with people, business and personal growth ... to guide me through an extremely delicate decision process. The result is that I am able to purchase a small business at great terms, when I was concerned that I might have to work for someone else (a fate worse than death to me). Bob spent [...] eight patient hours with me, and allowed me to see those aspects of myself that were keeping me from moving forward."

- Brandon Morse, Columbus, OH

"I'm writing to express my sincere appreciation for the time you spent with me ... I have a page of notes from our discussion which will be very useful to me in guiding my future direction towards achieving my goals. It is particularly useful to me that you relate your advice to personal experience which reinforces that it will work."

- Trevor Miles, Townsville, Australia

A Lifetime of Life-Altering Guidance

This $499 offer may never be repeated.

But here's something new...

If you respond right this second, we are going to make you an absolutely crazy deal.

Normally, to lock in another year of membership in the Epiphany Alliance, you'd pay $998. Even if you were able to lock in our 50% discount, you'd pay $499 next December to get another full year of all the life-changing components of the program.

To make this offer a complete no-brainer for you, we will do something we've never done before.

By locking in your membership today, we'll give you a lifetime admission to the Epiphany Alliance. Other than a nominal maintenance fee of $39 per year, you will pay nothing more than $499 for this program. That's it. No renewal fees. No reactivation fees. No additional costs for improvements we make to the program. No "price adjustments" should we decide to raise the admission fee down the road.

Remember - others who come in later will have to pay $499 each year to renew their membership. They may even wind up paying the full price of the program. All you have to do to get our transformative ideas and strategies forever is to keep paying the yearly maintenance fee.

After just three years in the program, you'll have saved over $25,000 off the full value of the program.

We may never make this lifetime membership available again. You must act this  second to take advantage of this unprecedented offer.

I know this offer seems incredible. That's why you're not going to believe what I'm going to tell you next...

Yes! Theres even more...

You're Practically Getting the Entire Epiphany Program for Free

If you came to me - as many do - for personal coaching, asking for the individual secrets that make up the Epiphany Program, you'd have to pay me $500 for an hour of my time. But if you join the Epiphany Alliance today, you can get a personal coaching session for nothing.

$499 for lifetime membership in the Epiphany Program is an incredible deal in itself. But add in an hour-long personal coaching session with me, and it's like you're getting the entire program for almost nothing.

Just a warning however - I expect a tremendous response to this offer, and reserve the right to pull this bonus at any time. So make sure you jump on this opportunity immediately or it may be gone for good.

I am 100% confident that you'll find the Epiphany Alliance to be a life-altering experience. For those who are able to understand the Hourglass Epiphany and all of the exciting secrets it holds, money is easy to come by... life is a breeze... seemingly impossible goals are conquerable... and relaxation is possible.

But I want to take every ounce of risk off of your shoulders. That's why Epiphany Alliance members get the Early to Rise 100% money-back guarantee.

                 Time Sensitive

There's No Risk for Joining the Epiphany Alliance

You have a full 30 days to decide whether the Epiphany Alliance is right for you. If you aren't getting what you want out of this program, simply return everything in any condition within the 30-day return period. We will promptly and cheerfully refund every cent of your enrollment fee. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

And if the program isn't making your life measurably better at any point, just call us and we'll immediately cancel your membership.

That means that you don't have to worry about anything. The ball is in our court. We've got to knock your socks off with all the easy-to-follow advice, proven goal-setting strategies, and easy-to-use success techniques.

Do Not Allow This Ridiculous Offer to Pass You By

The Epiphany Program is an ultra-powerful, proven formula for achieving your dreams.

Individually, the elements of the program are practically priceless. And you get all of them - for a lifetime - for basically nothing.

But you have to act right this very minute to get in on this ridiculous offer.

The moment I get your order, I will send you the instantly downloadable special report I told you about earlier: "The Hourglass Epiphany: How to Live a Life of Relaxed Accomplishment." We'll rush it to you as soon as you sign up so you can get going on the program right away.

The Epiphany Alliance is your ticket to finally having everything in your life fall into place. And, quite frankly - with the half-price discount and the lifetime membership and the hour-long coaching session we're adding in - you are unlikely to see an offer this crazy ever again. To take advantage of it, you must act now... because the doors close on this offer at 5:00 pm on Monday, August 23.

Are you ready to create the life of relaxed accomplishment you have always wanted?

Don't put your dreams off a single minute longer. Simply click the button below... and join the Epiphany Alliance right now.

Yes, Bob! Sign Me Up!
I'm Ready to Make My Dreams Come True!

To your success,

Robert L. Cox
Robert L. Cox
August, 2010

P.S. Only one out of every 100 people reading this letter will be able to grasp the immense value in what I'm offering today. If you are one of the rare few who understand exactly what lifetime membership in the Epiphany Alliance can do for you, don't delay another second.

Yes, Bob! Sign Me Up!
I'm Ready to Make My Dreams Come True!

P.P.S. Don't forget: We'll send your special report - "The Hourglass Epiphany: How to Live a Life of Relaxed Accomplishment" - as soon as you sign up for Lifetime Membership in the Epiphany Alliance. Don't wait an instant longer to join.

Yes, Bob! Sign Me Up!
I'm Ready to Make My Dreams Come True!




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