Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Afformations: The Secret Key to Manifesting Your Desires
By Noah St. John

You know what an "affirmation" is. It's a statement of something you want to be true. Advocates believe that repeating affirmations over and over again helps you change the way you think and, thus, make positive things happen in your life.

A classic affirmation is "I am rich."

Try it. "I am rich."

What just happened? Did you hear a voice in your head saying "Yeah, right!"?

That's the big problem with affirmations. They really don't work for most people.

When I tried to figure out why they don't work, I realized it's because of the way the human mind is wired. We don't simply accept statements that we don't believe.

Human thought is the process of ASKING and searching for answers to QUESTIONS.

For example, if I were to ask you "Why is the sky blue?" your mind would start SEARCHING for the answer.

So if the human mind is always asking and searching for answers to QUESTIONS, why would we go around making statements we don't believe? Why not cut out the middleman?

Take the affirmation "I am rich" -- to which the brain replies "Yeah, right!" What would the QUESTION be?

"Why am I so rich?"

Try it. Ask yourself "Why am I so rich?"

What's your brain doing right now? Searching for an answer to the question!

It's by asking questions that you form your reality. 

Until I came up with this staggering discovery, no one had fully recognized the awesome power of ASKING EMPOWERING QUESTIONS -- what I call "Afformations."

4 Steps to Creating Afformations That Change Your Life

Brandon, an insurance salesman from Utah, had spent over $30,000 on self-help programs... with little to show for it. When he came to us, he was struggling, making only around $1,200 a month.

Here's how I taught Brandon to use The Afformations Method to create a better life for himself and his family: Afformations Step 1: Ask yourself what you want -- and write it down.

You can use a goal you've previously written down, or start from scratch. You decide.

Please note that traditional success teachers stop right here. They tell you to "set your goals" and then say "affirmations" to try to convince your brain that you have what you want.

You already know that doesn't work for you.

So, let's try something different.

One of Brandon's goals, for example, was to increase his sales. So he wrote: "I want to increase my sales."

Then we went to the breakthrough step...

Afformations Step 2: Form a QUESTION that assumes that what you want is already true.

This is the key step to creating Afformations that change your life.

Since Brandon's wanted more sales, in Step 2 I taught him to ask WHY it had already happened! So one of his Afformations became: "Why did I increase my sales so quickly and easily?"

The quality of your life depends on just two things: the quality of your communication with the world inside yourself, and the quality of your communication with the world outside yourself.

When you do Step 2 of The Afformations Method, you start to change the quality of your communication with both worlds -- inner and outer. You begin to ask yourself new, empowering questions, and stop asking disempowering ones.

Afformations Step 3: Give yourself to the question.

The point of Afformations does not lie in finding "the answer," but in asking better questions. When you ask better questions, your mind automatically focuses on things you've probably never focused on before -- and the results will amaze you.

You give yourself to the question by doing things like:

  • Meditating about your Afformations

  • Writing your Afformations

  • Reading them to yourself and others

  • Listening to iAfform Audios -- audios that change your subconscious thought patterns while you're busy doing other things (Get a free sample at www.iAfform.com.)

Which brings us to Step 4 of The Afformations Method -- the one you MUST do to get the results you want...

Afformations Step 4: Take new ACTIONS based on your new assumptions.

Even though you may have spent thousands of dollars on "how to succeed" programs, you may have subconsciously assumed they wouldn't work for you. That's precisely why they didn't.

But The Afformations Method makes conscious and clear that which has, until now, been subconscious and hidden.

When Brandon started afforming for more sales, he started thinking about what someone who had more sales would do -- and he started doing those things: asking for more referrals, following up more, and doing other things a top salesperson would do. And in less than 90 days, his sales TRIPLED.

By the end of the year, his sales had increased 560%, he was making over $150,000, and he was named Agent of the Year.

Afformations aren't magic, they're science. Thousands of people have experienced incredible breakthroughs with Afformations, from doubling their income in 90 days to losing over 100 pounds to finding the love of their lives.

But none of it happened until they followed all 4 Steps of The Afformations Method. That's how you'll change your life using this incredibly simple but powerful breakthrough!

In Summary

You've been told to use "affirmations" like "I am rich" that you not only don't believe but that actually leave you more frustrated than before.

The new way is to use Afformations -- empowering questions like "Why am I so rich?" that immediately change what your brain focuses on.  Change your questions, change your results.

Can you see how that puts you in conscious control of your subconscious thoughts? It automatically changes your perspective, which can change your actions, which will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

[Ed. Note: Noah St. John, Ph.D., is a lifestyle expert and the #1 bestselling author of The Secret Code of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness (published by HarperCollins). Harvey Mackay says, "If you want to crack your own secret code of success, crack open Noah's book."

Noah is the world's most-quoted expert on how to dump your head trash. You may have seen him on CNN, ABC, NBC, in The Washington Post and PARADE Magazine. You can get the first 3 chapters of The Secret Code of Success FREE at www.Afformations.com

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Today's Words That Work: Mumsy

Mumsy (MUM-zee) -- is a Britishism for "mom." The word is often used to describe clothing that is dowdy or drab -- what a stereotypical mother might wear.

Example (as used by Lauren Collins in an article about the Laura Ashley company in The New Yorker): "Eventually, the Ashleys became known for their mumsy floral prints, inspired by patchwork quilting, shards from a soup tureen, Victorian-era endpapers."

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