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From The Desk of Laura Rodini Volume 1  |  Issue 28   |  August 27, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,

Seven thousand miles from where I'm typing this, there's been a huge geological discovery.

It's in China, south of Beijing, by the Great Chu Wall. 

Warlords built the Great Chu Wall around 2,500 BCE to defend their kingdom from invaders.

And while tourists still flock to it because of its beauty and historical importance...

... one tiny American company is there for a different reason: They just found a stockpile of a certain natural resource buried deep below the ancient ruins.

It's a commodity that's fueling China's massive technology boom.

Without it, China couldn't produce a single light switch.

Cell phones rely on this commodity...
So do refrigerators...
Flat-screen TVs... CDs... DVDs...
Even windmills.

As a result, demand for this commodity has tripled in recent years.

And that tiny American company has "first dibs" on its 186-mile-long find.

But while it doesn't show up on a single U.S. resource report, in-the-know investors could make as much as $4.6 million from it in the next 12 months... Click here for all the details.

| Michael Masterson's Zen of Golf |

Michael and Bob with their caddies

He did it again. Michael Masterson said "yes" to a vacation he didn't want to take.

Last time, it was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Dr. Sears. This time, it was joining IDE's Investment Director, Bob Irish, for a three-day clinic in "Extraordinary Golf."

"What I don't do for my friends!" Michael said.

But just like his Kilimanjaro experience, Michael's three-day golf getaway turned out to be very rewarding.

He went in expecting it to make a difference in his golf game. What he didn't expect was how it would make a difference in his life.

Michael's essay about it is a real eye-opener. You can read it in the next issue of the Liberty Street League newsletter, which will be hot off the presses on Friday, September 3.

To be one of the first to read it, sign up here (and get a complimentary copy of Michael's bestselling book, Ready, Fire, Aim, to boot!).

| See You in November! |

I make it a point to tell people how beautiful it is here in Delray Beach, Florida. Especially in November, when we host our annual Info-Marketing Bootcamp.

If you've never been to our host hotel, the Delray Beach Marriott, overlooking the ocean, you're in for quite a treat when you come to this year's Bootcamp!

You can get up extra early and take a stroll along the beach. (And if you bump into me - I walk my dog there every morning - be sure to say hi!)

In fact, you might want to schedule a little extra time here.

The area is breathtakingly beautiful during the day, and at night it's hopping with Zagat-rated restaurants and bars.

Many of our speakers can be found at the local watering holes after the sessions end for the day - giving you excellent opportunities to network.

The bar at the Marriott is actually notorious for impromptu meetings. For example, it's where Bootcamp attendee Rob Gramer bumped into one of our presenters - one of the biggest names in the info-marketing business.

They struck up a conversation, and Rob ended up showing him his portfolio. When Rob suggested working together, the man said sure - simple as that!

"He connected me with a nationally renowned speaker and personal friend to Bill Clinton," Rob told me. "As a result of this relationship, I could easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"And," he added, "that's only ONE of the projects that's come from Bootcamp!"

What could attending Bootcamp mean for you? Let our customer service manager, Sharika, explain:

So come to Bootcamp. You'll learn - from the world's top experts - how you can create your own info-marketing business. And you'll do it in paradise, too! Click here for your special invitation.

| It's a Doggie Dog World |

One more thing before I sign off this week...

I can't help but mention how happy we are that our ETR family is growing.

Meet Meko and Bruno. They're brothers - a year and a half old - and, like George, they're yorkies! Our customer service representative Nicole just adopted them.

They've been sitting on my lap while I've been typing this. (With George right next to us, of course.)

And guess what? Apparently having dogs at work increases your productivity. (Michael Masterson forwarded me this great article from the Economist.)

Just one more reason that ETR is a great place to work.

Until next week,

Laura Sig

Laura Rodini
COO, Early to Rise

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