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From The Desk of Laura Rodini Volume 1  |  Issue 25   |  August 6, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,

We're off with a bang!

We just started sending out invitations to our November Info-Marketing Bootcamp, and our entire office is already counting down the days.

This is the biggest event we hold all year. In fact, many people in the info-marketing business view this as our industry's "flagship" conference.

That's because we bring in the world's best marketers - experts on list building, Google AdWords, video marketing, social media, product creation, and more - to share their secrets.

You may have heard of some of them: Rich Schefren, Mike Koenigs, and Perry Marshall, to name just a few. (In the coming weeks, we'll be revealing a few surprise speakers, too.)

So if you have an offline business but want to go online... or if you've started an online business but need a few pointers... even if you don't yet have a business but want to start one... Bootcamp is the place to be.

And because a lot of "industry" people to come to Bootcamp, it's a great chance for you to form relationships and even do business deals. Our speakers are quite approachable. The bar in the lobby at the Marriott, for example, is a frequent meeting spot. (Check out Rob Gramer's story in the Bootcamp promotion. After one of the sessions, he bought one of our speakers a drink at the bar - and he got the tip he needed to get his business off the ground. No joke!)

And it all happens in our beautiful hometown of Delray Beach, Florida.

I asked our staff to film a few videos so we could tell you about some of what you'll get to learn at Bootcamp... and show you a little bit about the area we live and work in. Here's mine (with a cameo appearance by George):

And check out your invitation to Bootcamp!

| The Natural Way to Beat Heart Disease |

So what's the "true" cause of heart disease?

Our Natural Health Dossier editor Ian Robinson says saturated fats and cholesterol have nothing to do with it.

"Rather," he says, "it's about the internal flames that are burning up your cardiovascular system."

Ian's latest report deconstructs the "cholesterol myth" and reveals a natural way to beat heart disease.

He focuses on the work of one visionary doctor... a man who spent 25 years as a heart surgeon before realizing that the medical community was getting it all wrong. Over the course of a decade, this doctor then compiled enough first-hand research and patient success stories to prove his theories and make them scientific fact!

In this month's issue of the Natural Health Dossier newsletter, Ian reveals:

  • why lowering cholesterol does not lower heart risk;

  • the vital link between inflammation and heart disease;

  • simple steps that can treat the true cause of heart disease - and reverse it;

  • why statin medications are dangerous; and

  • easy lifestyle changes that can keep your heart functioning optimally - without resorting to medication or surgery

Getting - and taking advantage of this information - could be one of the best things you ever do for your heart. For all the details about Natural Health Dossier, just click here.

| Head of the Class |

I want to introduce you to Nathan Langen, a 20-year-old college junior from Ontario, Canada.

In the short month since our 5 Days in July Conference ended, Nathan has been enjoying life like every teenager should. He's playing in lacrosse championships during the day…

But in his free time, he's been working on his website,

Nathan's using a 2-sidebar column format from WordPress that gives him room for his signup box, as well as a listing all of the sports he's going to feature.

One of the articles he wrote for his website (about goalies) was featured on And he's been networking with another ETR reader, Paul Hobart, so he can add content to his website about golf. (Paul's got a great golf site. You should check it out:

But what impresses me most about Nathan's site is the video he just put together that actually walks his visitors through it!

You have to see this:

For the video, Nathan used a program called Camtasia that was recommended by Brian Edmondson at our 5 Days in July Conference. (There's a free trial version of the program that you can try out.) 

Since we first featured Nathan's website at the Conference, he's had 648 page views and nearly a dozen signups.

"I am currently working on the golf, football, and baseball pages," Nathan told me. "I also plan on running a hockey goalie camp. I just need to formulate a pricing schedule."

Great work, Nathan!

Are you inspired? Well, you can build a website... just like Nathan did. For information on how to do it, take a look at our Perfect Home Business Program by clicking here.

| Easy Rider |

Sharika on her bike

One more thing before I sign off this week...

When she's not in the office, Sharika, our customer service manager, loves to spend time on her white Kawasaki Ninja motocycle.

In fact, she and her Dad just embarked on a week long road trip, which is taking them from their hometown of Cherry Hill, New Jersey to the National Bikers Roundup in Columbia, Missouri.

They've stopped at some great little roadside diners, and even made some new friends along the way.

"Five hours on the back roads of MO... Saw more farm land than ever....but it was cool," Sharika reported this morning."

That's the way to spend your summer vacation!

Until next week,

Laura Sig

Laura Rodini
COO, Early to Rise

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