Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did you receive your invitation?

Dear ETR Reader,

A few days ago, I sent you an invitation to join a behind-the-scenes health team called Natural Health Confidential. Members get carefully-researched health alerts on stunning and often hushed-up medical breakthroughs from a group of prominent physicians, research scientists, medical reporters, and publishers.

So far, this elite team of medical minds has come up with some startling discoveries that could directly affect you or someone you love. They've uncovered:

  • A safe way to literally BURN cancer out of your body. This treatment is 14 times more effective than chemotherapy alone – and it has none of the devastating side effects.
  • How a rare Chinese herb can slam the brakes on the aging process, and help you feel 10 to 15 years younger.
  • The hormonal secret to permanent fat loss. Exercise is not the key to losing weight. In fact, you can lose your love handles without breaking a sweat.
  • How a once-crippled doctor in the Sonoran Desert can help you turn your blood cells into a disease-cleansing army.
  • The single best way to fight cancer – with a misunderstood substance that's 100% all-natural and completely free.

You can get classified research reports on all five of these health-boosting topics for free when you join our Natural Health Confidential health advisory service.

To gain access to all the latest research on new natural cures from the brightest doctors and research scientists from all around the world... plus pick up five free classified research reports that can help you improve your health immediately... See the urgent letter below.

To Your Health,

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise


Discover What a Distinguished Central American Doctor Says Is...

A Safe Way to Literally Burn Cancer Out of Your Body That's 14 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy Alone... But Without the Side Effects

Plus read on to learn about:

  • How to Slam the Brakes on Aging and Feel 10 to 15 Years Younger Without Mortgaging the House... (Accidentally discovered in a rare Chinese herb)
  • How to Turn Your Blood Cells into a Disease-Cleansing Army... (From a once-crippled doctor in the Sonoran Desert)
  • The Tell-Tale Signs That You're Developing Diabetes and How to Reverse Your Fate... (From a former supermarket employee)
  • Why You'll Never Have to Worry About the Humiliation That Comes With Alzheimer's Disease and Other Memory Problems...
  • How You Can Reduce Your Prostate Problems... (Thanks to Japanese research on the byproduct of a common American flower)

Discover all these "cures"... and find out why doctors insist on poisoning cancer patients when there's a safer, more effective treatment without the negative side effects... by reading on here.









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