Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get the 3 "keys to success" for free right now

Dear Early to Riser,

You know how it works.

To be successful in information publishing you need three things...

You need good customers.

You need great copy.

And you need an irresistible offer.

Well, something I'd like to share with you right now will give you exactly that.

Sneak a peek here.

You see, at our Info-Marketing Bootcamp in 2007, I ran into a British guy in the hallway. He seemed a little stunned by the Florida heat, and I teased him about his long sleeves and suit.

Turns out, his name was Glenn Fisher, and he'd just started working for Agora's business opportunities team in the UK.

We got to talking, and he had some crazy ideas. But he had a plan to go with them.

Well, I've kept a close relationship with Glenn and his team in the UK and what they've done there is incredible.

In that short time, they've become one of the biggest, most successful information publishers in the UK, grossing huge bottom lines and helping thousands of budding entrepreneurs do exactly the same.

In fact, that's part of what's so crazy about these guys...

They don't hesitate for one moment in giving away the exact same tools and techniques they've used to achieve success.

You'll see what I mean right here.

Of course, Glenn's based out of London, but the ideas and advice he shares with the readers of his daily e-letter - Shortcut Bulletin - are universal...

It's an e-letter that definitely belongs in your gold list.

But I mentioned before the three factors you need to be successful in this business...

Well, right now, when you sign up to receive Glenn's free Shortcut Bulletin, you'll receive...

Not only a special Shortcut Guide that reveals how you can generate over 3,000 new customers every single month by using the very same techniques Glenn and his team have...

But you'll also receive a second bonus Shortcut Guide that reveals how to write successful e-letters - it shares with you the most successful subject lines, copy techniques and simple, immediately actionable writing tools you'll come across.

And both guides are free.

I spoke with Glenn about this and he doesn't usually give away both of these guides for free together, but because he's always loved ETR and has learned so much from it himself...

He said it was only fair to give you, as an ETR reader, a very special offer.

So, to grab the guides for yourself and start receiving Glenn's Shortcut Bulletin e-letter full of even more valuable advice on how to further your success...

Just take a quick moment to enter your details right here.

To Your Success,

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise











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