Thursday, May 13, 2010

A private invitation from Drayton Bird

A Private Invitation for Early to Rise Readers Only:

The 10 Commandments of
Recession Marketing

An exclusive LIVE webinar event with Drayton Bird
next Wednesday, May 19th at 1:00 PM Eastern.

Registration takes only seconds and the cost is zero, but
you must act NOW. Space is limited to just 500 spots!

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Dear ETR Reader,

Could your business benefit from a 78% response to a simple letter?

How about an astonishing 92% increase in sales from a single email to a prospect list?

Sound impossible?

Well, these kinds of results are not only possible, they can occur remarkably fast - simply by making a few modest changes to the manner in which you market.

The simple truth is: While most marketers have suffered terrible - even catastrophic - decreases to response, sales and profits during the recession of the past two years ...

My team and I have quietly been handing our clients some of their biggest - and most profitable - marketing breakthroughs ever!

Here's just a small sampling ...

  • A 42% increase in replies and a 23% higher conversion to sales for a client in the home improvement industry ...
  • A 60% boost in enquiries - along with a 29% decrease in costs - for a client selling vacation packages ...
  • A 78% response to a simple letter I wrote for another client in the travel industry - resulting in the highest sales they had ever achieved ...
  • A 400% increase in test drives for an auto dealership - through the use of a simple mechanism on the internet virtually anyone can use ...
  • A 92% explosion in sales from a single e-mail to a list of prospects to which a full-scale direct mail package previously sent by my client had been a wretched failure ...
  • PLUS, a 4-page letter and follow-up to a handful of only 1,500 lawyers - selling home improvements, holidays, cars, insurance, credit scoring and legal information - resulting in gross sales of $2,202,523!

I don't tell you this to boast, but merely to give you a glimpse of the kinds of results my way of thinking gets. And I want to show YOU how you can achieve the same.

You just need to join me next Wednesday, May 19th for this ETR-exclusive, live webinar event.

The Event:The 10 Commandments of Recession Marketing

The Date: Next Wednesday, May 19th

The Time: 1:00 PM Eastern time (10 AM Pacific, 6 PM GMT)

Your Cost: Zero. Just click here now to RSVP while you still can!

This is NOT mere theory or idle conjecture.

In this fast-paced online event, I'll share with you precisely how we've been able to ramp up our clients' response, sales and revenues during the worst economic downturn in nearly 80 years!

I'll reveal ...

  • How to instantly double your response to any free offer. This secret alone can help you build your online or offline list with lightning speed ...
  • Why you should NEVER start with your product when sitting down to create a new campaign - and what you should do instead to ensure powerful results every time ...
  • How a yellow highlighter can be your most effective tool in ensuring compelling, prospect-oriented copy ...
  • The ONLY 3 things you should focus on in your marketing: If what you're planning to do will not accomplish at least one of these goals, you will succeed only in wasting an extraordinary amount of time and money!
  • Why marketing "strategy" is the domain of amateurs - and what highly effective marketers focus on instead to swell their sales and profits with remarkable ease ...
  • The simple secret to satisfying all the needs of your customers, as given to me by a hotel manager in Australia. When I heard this, I was so struck by its simplicity, I nearly fell off my chair!
  • The FIVE top priorities in marketing and the exact order in which you should tend to them if you ever hope to achieve maximum profits ...
  • The one thing that is far more persuasive than anything you can say. If you're not doing this, you're leaving a boatload of cash on the table with each and every contact!
  • Results from actual copy tests, including: How the letter "s" increased response by over 300% ... how we achieved a 350% explosion in response simply by cutting the graphics ... and many more!
  • Finally, the ultimate answer to the question: Long or short copy? Hint: The answer involves a 257-page long landing "page" ...
  • The single biggest mistake I've seen people make in my nearly 50 years of marketing. Avoid this common mistake and your success is virtually guaranteed ...
  • And much, much more!

I cannot guarantee instant success just by attending. I can, however, guarantee you've never heard the secrets to powerful - highly profitable - marketing put in quite this way.

It will positively change the way you interact with your customers and prospects - and greatly improve the power of your marketing - in one fell swoop!

Just a single hour with me would normally set you back $1,500 - my average hourly fee for a consult - and marketing executives from Australia to the Ukraine regularly pay upwards of $6,500 to secure my time for a 20 minute speech.

Fortunately, you don't have to pay a penny if you act now.

Just click here to tell me you're coming, so we can reserve a spot for you on the webinar and ensure you get your instructions for attending!
Yours for extraordinary success,
Drayton Bird
Drayton Bird

P.S. Remember: There are only 500 spots available for this ETR-exclusive, online video event. Once they're gone, that's it. So be sure to claim your free registration straight away before you miss out entirely!








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