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Secrets to save money, travel better, retire sooner

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May 10, 2010

Dear ETR Reader,

Subscribe to International Living magazine right now--before the end of May--and you can do so for just $15.

We've never in our history offered our publication at a price this low. (And frankly, we aren't likely to do it again.) But we're in a celebratory mood. You see, it's our 30th anniversary and we're celebrating all month long.

So to share our good cheer at three decades of success, we're offering you a subscription to International Living for more than 50% off the regular price. Just $15.

It means that for less than a dime a day, you can join the more than 50,000 satisfied International Living magazine subscribers who have already discovered how fun, easy, and affordable it can be to explore the world with the best opportunities in hand. Opportunities you just don't read about anyplace else!

This really is the most value-packed offer we've ever made. Not only do you get our glossy magazine, delivered to your doorstep... but when you subscribe to International Living today, you'll ALSO gain--

  • Complete, subscriber-only online access to the International Living magazine archives. That puts at your fingertips THOUSANDS of solution-filled, value-minded articles about travel, investment, retirement, and affordable living in destinations all over the world--from Belize to France, Mexico to Thailand, Costa Rica to New Zealand and beyond...
  • Our popular annual Global Retirement Index, which comes out each September. In it we reveal the #1 Retirement Haven in the World. The winner may well surprise you. Take the current champion, for instance: It's NOT in Mexico. It's NOT in Panama. But it IS a beautiful place where the air is clean, the food is always fresh and organic, there's plenty to keep you busy, and you can live WELL for as little as $649 a month.
  • Our much-quoted annual Quality of Life Index. We release it every January. And it always creates an international buzz. When the 2010 edition came out, everybody from the BBC to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly gave it air time. It shows you the best--and the worst--places in the world to live. And I promise: You'll be surprised at what you discover. When you subscribe to International Living today, you can have instant online access to this year's Index... and we'll make sure the 2011 edition arrives in your mailbox!
  • PLUS two more Special Bonuses worth nearly $50 and packed with ideas about the places--and the ways--you can enjoy a life filled with travel and adventure, starting now. Easy ways to expand your world to include anything from a month overseas (for less than you'd typically spend for a week's vacation in London)... to a retirement on a beach with the ocean in your front yard--a rich-man's lifestyle on a school-teacher's budget. 

It's all yours when you agree to give International Living a try today. There's no risk for you. We stand proudly by the ideas and opportunities we reveal in our publication. Just take a look. If you decide they're not for you after all, we'll send you a refund. No questions. No fuss.

The truth is: We understand International Living ISN'T for everybody...

More Freedom and Comfort, Less Taxes and Worry

But if you value the freedom to live how you want, where you want... if you're ready to reduce your taxes, increase your comforts, and stop worrying you'll outlive your nest egg...

International Living shows you how. It shows you how you can upgrade your retirement
starting right now and enjoy a comfortable quality of life... something that's slipping away for so many at home these days...

Young and Living Our Dream

"Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! My husband and I are finally taking the steps to realizing our dream of living abroad. We really enjoy International Living Magazine and are on our way to living the life most only dream of, and we aren't even retirement age."--Michelle R.

International Living shows you how you can give your children a broader view of the world, even spending just a few weeks or months abroad in safe, friendly, affordable destinations... how to travel well even if you don't have deep savings... how to turn your dream life into reality overseas in as little as six short months, even on a shoestring budget.

Over the past 30 years, many subscribers have written to thank us for the ideas and solutions we publish. They write from beautiful places all over the planet--in Europe, Latin America, Asia--to tell us how our articles helped them quickly, easily and affordably improve their quality of life.

You, too, can start taking advantage of International Living's proven secrets for travel, investing, retiring, or living overseas at any age--and start improving your own life right now.

If you've ever dreamed about your own cottage on a quiet beach... a grand apartment in a city vibrant with concerts and cafes... a mountain villa where the air is crisp... or even your own vineyard amid gently rolling hills...

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In International Living, you'll discover how (and where) you could live well for as little as $649 a month. Less in some places.

To get all the details delivered to your doorstep--for just $15--take action now. This special 30th Anniversary offer is only on the table through the end of May.

Why Readers Love the Opportunities and Solutions
International Living
Shows Them...

We're making this unprecedented $15 offer because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to give International Living a try.

We know once you get your hands on a copy, you'll see for yourself how exciting--and life-changing--the opportunities and solutions you'll find there can be. You'll love it... just like thousands of our other happy subscribers do...

International Living Saved Me Thousands of Dollars

"International Living Magazine helped me choose the perfect retirement place and saved me thousands of dollars."--A.Y. Grant

A Worthwhile Investment

International Living Magazine is the most worthwhile investment I have made in a while.  I am totally surprised and pleased.  At age 70, with a dog and a cat, these places sound wonderful. Thank you very much."--John P.

We Enjoy Our New Lives Tremendously

"As an International Living subscriber, I'd spent a couple of years dreaming of a new life somewhere in Latin America. Since my partner had been in the hospitality business, we decided that running our own B&B was our best option. We enjoy our new lives tremendously and have no regrets. Last year, our occupancy rate was 95%."--Murray F.

Become a subscriber now for just $15, and you save more than 50% off the regular price. But this offer expires when the clock strikes midnight on May 31st. So I strongly urge you to take action now.

If you wait, not only will you pay more, but you'll miss out on some pretty amazing ways to save money... make money... travel better... retire sooner... live longer and better overseas...

Just take a look at some of what our subscribers have discovered in the pages of International Living magazine in the last six months alone:

  • The easiest places in the world to retire. Truth is: Some places really are easier to move to than others. They tend to be places with an established expat population. Places where you can find other folks who speak English. Places where you can get the "things" that make life comfortable--like reliable phone and internet service, good health care, a variety of restaurants, and diversions like a symphony or a lecture series, golf courses, or arts events. Our editors pinpoint their picks for the destinations where you can make a transition overseas easily... February 2010 IL p 20
  • Eight ways to vacation overseas--FREE. From helping sail a boat around the Greek Islands and Turkey... to snagging an RV in New Zealand, no charge, find out how you can make your travel dollars go an unbelievable distance. February 2010 IL p 12
  • Dollar-stretching real estate plays--right on the ocean. Take, for example, one place in Ecuador where the beaches extend ribbon-like along the seashore pristine, empty, and beautiful. The foliage on the hillsides is lush and green... almost luminous. The water is clear and blue. And $110,000 buys you a brand new beach home with all the trimmings. Even better, new roads are going in, which means that this spot long isolated is about to become easily accessible. And that means prices are poised to appreciate handsomely. Now's the time to grab a foothold. We show you how. May 2010 IL p 6
  • A Magazine to Be Savored

    "I just received my first full-color edition... And I want to thank you very, very much for such an extraordinary gift. Only a few of the many magazines I subscribe to can be described as ones savored page-by-page, cover-to-cover."--Erik J.

  • Panama's secret mountain hideaway, where you can own from $16,500. A small alpine village surrounded by pine trees and mountain peaks, where hummingbirds dart among the tall flowers. An hour from sultry Panama City, this town up in the clouds is quieter and cooler, but still just as "connected." And if you like gardening, you'll love it here where the growing season extends all year (plus you can hire a gardener for $10 a day). Lots list for less than $20,000. And you can snatch up a four-bedroom home with a pool for just $90,000. April 2010 IL p 21
  • Where to find U.S.-standard healthcare for a fraction of what you're used to paying. In the right places overseas, you can slash your medical expenses to less than half what you typically pay. Hip replacement in the U.S. costs $33,000-$57,000. Where we recommend--it's just $5,500. The doctors are highly credentialed, speak English, and the whole system is more "patient-focused." So you'll find you're paid a level of attention you just don't get in the States these days.  April 2010 IL p 14
  • "The people are friendly, the weather is perfect, and the cost of living can't be beat," say resident expats in the well-restored colonial town where a three-bedroom, two-bath apartment lists for $110,000. Here rents range from $350 for a basic two-bedroom apartment to $1,000 for a furnished 5-bedroom house. An intellectual center, there's plenty to do with lots of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and musical offerings. And it's downright cheap. Our editor reports: More food than she could possibly eat at dinner came to just $8 including tip and a couple beers. May 2010 IL p 20

...and much, much more.

Just Some of What Readers Have Learned
in the Last Six Months

Those stories are just a handful from recent issues. And they're only the very beginning of what International Living subscribers have discovered over the past few months, when our coverage has included articles like...

  • How to book a weekend in Mexico for $165... March 2010 IL p 12
  • Where to buy in Belize from $35,000... October 2009 IL p 11
  • Six ways to expatriate and protect your assets so you gain privacy, tax advantages, and more diversity in your portfolio... May 2010 IL p 32
  • The secret to paying less for your next French vacation... January 2010 IL p 11
  • How to save up to 60% on dental care when you fix your smile in Costa Rica... May 2010 IL p 14
  • How to beat the airline luggage fees... May 2010 IL p 12
  • Ireland's top 10 summer festivals... May 2010 IL p 17
  • The best ways to enjoy Japan on the cheap with a family in tow... April 2010 IL p 24
  • Where to find the secret restaurants in Buenos Aires... February 2010 p 30
  • The best places in the world to do business... February 2010 IL p 17
  • How to buy quality gems in Latin America --for less... October 2009 IL p 17
  • Don't Wait... Make It Happen

    "If you have dreams of living abroad, you must live that dream- Don't wait and hope it will happen--make it happen!"--Jill and Ben Hill

  • Seven days in Mexico for $1--we know somebody who's done it, and we'll show you how, too (Bonus: It works for cruises, airfares, luxury resorts, andmore)... April 2010 IL p 12
  • The number one way to protect your savings over the next decade... March 2010 IL p 24
  • Where to find the best freshwater swimming holes on Mexico's Yucatan... April 2010 IL p 30
  • How to invest in foreign stocks so you slash your risk exposure and gain true diversity in your portfolio...  April 2010 IL p 17
  • How one woman is living her dream with her own restaurant lakeside in Mexico... April 2010 IL p 10
  • Which "rewards" credit card gets you the most free travel... October 2009 p 12
  • How to profit from the "next" Punta del Este... in safe, stable, cultured Uruguay... April 2010 IL p 6
  • Why France ticks all the right boxes for this young family... January 2010 IL p 10

  • Golf properties from $99,000... in Ireland, Nicaragua, and Argentina... January 2010 IL p 7
  • How this entrepreneur traded in button-up corporate for shorts and flip flops in Belize... October 2009 IL p 10
  • The best ways to meet expats and get connected when you land in a new place... February 2010 IL p 15
  • How to protect yourself from inflation... it's coming... May 2010 IL p 24
  • Where to find myths, magic, and mystery in half-price Iceland... October 2009 p 26
  • A colonial town in Ecuador that's fun, affordable, and not overrun by expats--where you can grab furnished rentals for less than $400 a month...  May 2010 IL p 20
  • One couple's story: How they opened a spa retreat on the Caribbean island of Roatan... October 2009 IL p 28
  • Costa Rica's next up-and-coming hot spot (it's about to boom  but you can still get in on the cheap)... November 2009 IL p 7

  • Bargain Mediterranean--where to find sun, history, English-speaking locals, and rents from $400 a month... November 2009 IL p 6
  • Lake Chapala: The closest thing to "back home" in Mexico  now 20% off... November 2009 IL p 11
  • Nine great places to fish in South America--including where to go if you're traveling with a "non-fishing" companion... November 2009 IL p 15
  • Where to find the best rum in the world  for $5... April 2010 IL p 8
  • How (and where) to get a movie-star smile for one-fourth what it would cost you at home (one woman saved $16,000 here on her dental work)... November 2009 IL p 17
  • Why now's the time to buy in Nicaragua (your dollars are still strong here), and where to find sea view lots for $48,000... April 2010 IL p 8
  • Alternative Barcelona: Travel treasures in this city's distinctive neighborhoods... November 2009 IL p 26
  • Running a rainforest B&B on a tropical island in Panama... November 2009 IL p 31
  • How to stay connected from anywhere in the world (internet secrets that keep you in touch wherever you are)... November 2009 IL p 30
  • Now THIS is Affordable Living

    "We rent a 3-bedroom apartment for $150 a month. We pay a woman $10 to clean once a week. Neither of us likes to cook, so we eat out every day. We don't spend more than $10 a day for that. What's not to like?"-- Lee Carper, Ecuador

  • iPhone and Blackberry applications that make travel easier... November 2009 IL p 30
  • Part-time expat: How to choose a place you'll love (and save money)... November 2009 IL p 38
  • Where to rent in Latin America from $150 a month... November 2009 IL p 38
  • Five things you'll appreciate every day when you move overseas... January 2010 IL p 38
  • Why  and how  to rent before you buy in Mexico... January 2010 IL p 30
  • Hiking for fun (not endurance) in New Zealand... January 2010 IL p 19
  • One of the last great beachfront bargains in Mexico... January 2010 IL p 16
  • Where you can test-drive a Porche on a track in Germany (and who would love this)... January 2010 IL p 15
  • Five retirement havens to watch in Europe, South America, and Asia (they'll surprise you!)... January 2010 IL p 8
  • Where to find white sand beach lots in Mexico for as little as $36,000... January 2010 IL p 16
  • Three places you can enjoy a cosmopolitan European lifestyle at Latin American prices... February 2010 IL p 23
  • Coastal Spain, marked down a whopping 40%... May 2010 IL p 44
  • Where Paradise speaks English--Caribbean island living made easy (and cheaper than you may think)... February 2010 IL p 22
  • Five ways to cruise for free (and maybe even get paid)... November 2009 IL p
  • Where to look for low-cost, warm-weather living in English-speaking Asia... February 2010 IL p 21
...and many more "insider secrets" only available to International Living subscribers.
The truth is: That is just a tiny fraction of what our issues have included in the last six months.

There's a Lot More for You to Discover...

When you become a subscriber to International Living magazine, not only will you receive an issue in your mailbox each month packed full of ideas for saving money, making money, traveling better, and living richer...

From the Founding Publisher...

Dear Reader,

Opportunities for fun... pleasure... financial security and profits... romantic discoveries... adventure... they exist in every age.

The trick is spotting them. I started International Living 30 years ago this month with the idea that we could help you do just that.

For three decades we have. And in that time, I've discovered that the more you see of the world, the larger it gets. And the more you take advantage of the opportunities it presents, the more opportunities it offers you.

With this special subscription offer today, I'd like to invite you to join the hundreds of thousands of readers who have subscribed to our magazine over the years and turned the opportunities they found in our pages into extraordinary lifestyles overseas.

Bill Bonner
Founding Publisher

But you'll also gain immediate access to our online archives... which contains every issue we've published in the past ten years in easy-to-read PDF format. And ALL of these issues are searchable online.

That means if you're interested in retiring in Mexico... or traveling around the world... or starting your own business in Ecuador... or moving overseas with kids... or finding a place you can live will on a Social Security check... or investing in property ahead of the crowds... or settling in bustling Panama City for a few months a year...

Whatever you'd like to do, you can simply type in a few search words... hit ENTER... and up will pop exactly what you're looking for.

It puts three decades of on-the-ground intelligence at your fingertips, no matter where in the world you are. If you consider how many years we've been at this... how many millions of dollars (and it IS millions) we've spent to bring our readers firsthand accounts of the best opportunities the world has to offer...

You can see why, even at the full price of $69, an International Living subscription represents an excellent value. Just one tiny idea taken from one single article could save you--or make you--10 times that.

Yet right now you can secure an International Living subscription for just $15. But remember, this special 30th Anniversary offer ends at midnight on May 31st.
And if receiving the glossy magazine and having access to the rich online archive weren't value enough... we're tossing in a few more things as well!

This Special 30th Anniversary Offer Is All About Value

Become a subscriber and agree to give International Living magazine a try today, and you'll also get...

The Annual Global Retirement Index

If you've ever dreamed about retiring overseas--but you're not sure where to start looking--then this is the resource for you. It rates and ranks 30 countries by categories like health care, cost of living, climate, culture, safety, stability, and more... to help you figure out the best places to focus your search.

Everybody's priorities are different--maybe access to good schools is your top concern or maybe it's the accessibility of healthcare or the sheer affordability of a place. Whatever you're most worried about, our Global Retirement Index breaks it all down in easy-to-understand terms so you can focus on the destinations likely to make the most sense for you.

And we don't just talk in broad strokes. We actually recommend specific towns and communities. The level of on-the-ground detail will amaze you.

And you gain instant access to the current Global Retirement Index online just as soon as you subscribe to International Living. (We'll send you a subscribers-only user name and password immediately so you can log-in to our website.)

Then, in September, look for the 2010 edition in your mailbox.

The 2010 Annual Quality Of Life Index

The Quality Of Life Index is a snapshot of the world's best --and worst--places to live. Not just for North American expats and retirees... but for anyone.

It analyzes and ranks more than 190 countries to give you a snapshot of the pros and cons of living in each. It's always a bit controversial  you should have heard what Bill O'Reilly said about this year's winner on his Fox News show, The O'Reilly Factor. But it's always a useful tool. And you receive it--at no charge--when you become a subscriber to International Living magazine.

And that's not all. To sweeten the pot, we'd like to give you not one... but TWO special bonuses when you take advantage of this special offer. And these bonuses can really take your dreams of living the good life to a whole new level.

Kick Start A Better Life Overseas Right Now

Give International Living Magazine a Try Today for $15, and We'll Send You $49.90 Worth of Special Bonuses, Free!

We want to make sure you have every resource you could need to kick start your dream life overseas, starting today... so that six months from now, you could be living the good life in a place you love. So that's why we're tossing in two of our most popular Special Reports...

BONUS REPORT #1: 20 Beach Towns Where The Dollar Is Still King (value: $29.95)

Last year, we gave our scouts--our writers, correspondents, and global real estate editors a challenge: To go out and find the most attractive beaches in the world.

And we asked them to only report on the ones that offer the best property values on the market today. They found some amazing buys, like...

  • A two-story place on an island with a swimming pool out back and the Atlantic out front. From your porch you can enjoy the ocean breeze and watch the fishermen bringing in their catch. Price? Just $84,000. Itamaraca, Brazil
  • A fifth-floor condo (1,400 square feet) with two bedrooms and two baths that has great water views. It's in a city that has it all--nice beaches, shopping, wonderful waterfront restaurants. Price? A negotiable $76,500. João Pessoa, Brazil
  • Brand new waterfront condos on a spectacular stretch of beach, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms...built around a nice pool. The prices quoted by the developer start at $33,000. Canoa, Ecuador - Club Mediterraneo
  • Want to build your dream home? We've found 1/4-acre beachfront lots starting at $20,000--two of them on an internationally renowned surfer's beach. Canoa, Ecuador

After we found these beach town bargains, we created a special report called 20 Beach Towns Where the Dollar is Still King. In it, we name 20 beach towns where you can get the best value for your dollar... beachfront houses for less than $100,000... and lots for $20,000 on which you can build your very own dream home in paradise.

You'll receive the special report 20 Beach Towns Where the Dollar is Still King... valued at $29.95... for FREE, just for subscribing to International Living magazine today.

PLUS you'll also receive...

BONUS REPORT #2: The No-Savings Retirement Plan: How to Retire at Any Age in the Next Six Months (value: $19.95)

Do you ever sit and ask yourself: Whatever became of the idea that we could live a comfortable, easy life at a relaxed pace? What happened to the days when you could have a nice home in a safe neighborhood that didn't break the budget?

These days we struggle to stuff money into a pension or savings fund for the majority of our working lives, facing a never-ending battle against burgeoning taxes, rising prices, and a culture seemingly gone awry...

We Run Our Own Lives Now

"We run our own lives now instead of toiling under someone else's yoke. We get to decide what our priorities are. We can wake up and walk 50 feet to work or 20 feet to take a swim. It's a great life, and anyone can do it."--Bill and Jenny Bellerjeau, Belize

.. all the while wondering if we'll manage to save enough to fund a comfortable retirement.

The good news is that an increasing number of Americans have found that they can once again enjoy the good life (both in retirement and in general)... and, in fact, they can actually live very well... simply by opting into a unique retirement plan.

Those who do find that they can live in places where prices are what they were in the United States 20... 30... even 40 years ago. Plus... the quality of life is even better.

Experts are calling this The No-Savings Retirement Plan. Once you see what it is, you'll understand why. Fortune Magazine says it's a way to double your retirement dollar... to trade up to a larger house, get a pool, hire servants and guarantee visits from your kids.

In your second FREE Special Bonus Report, The No-Savings Retirement Plan: How to Retire at Any Age in the Next Six Months, you'll discover how to slash your cost of living by 60% while trading up to a better lifestyle... in as little as six months.

And remember, you'll get both special bonus reports, and everything else I've mentioned so far--along with six full months of International Living--for only $15 when you subscribe before midnight on Monday, May 31st.

This Special 30th Anniversary Offer slashes over 50% off the regular price and includes:

  • Six full months of International Living magazine...
  • Website access to the password-protected archives of International Living. We will e-mail you a password to log into the website. Here you will find the archive, which includes every International Living issue published in the last10 years.
  • The  Annual Global Retirement Index (Featuring the NEW #1 Retirement Haven In The World), published in September
  • The Annual Quality Of Life Index, published in January
  • Special Bonus Report #1: 20 Beach Towns Where The Dollar Is Still King (value: $29.95)
  • Special Bonus Report #2: The No-Savings Retirement Plan: How to Retire at Any Age in the Next Six Months (value: $19.95)

With the ideas you'll discover in International Living magazine, you can make your retirement dreams a lavish reality for a small fraction of what a comparable lifestyle would cost you back home. We'd like to show you how fun and easy it really can be.

The truth of the matter is: An international lifestyle isn't just for the rich and famous. It's for anybody willing to take advantage of the best-value opportunities around the globe.

And it's our mission at International Living to help you do just that!

I hope you'll join me. But please remember, this special $15, 30th Anniversary Offer is only good during the month of May. It's our way of celebrating three decades of bringing great ideas for better living to our readers. And we'd like to share those ideas with you, too.

So don't delay. Click below right now, and we'll put your name on our subscriber list and give you instant access to everything I describe in this letter.


Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

P.S. Don't put this off. I'd hate for you to miss out on the amazing opportunities we're bringing to our subscribers in the months ahead. Articles that reveal...these below from June 2010 IL.

  • The top ten places on the planet to get high-quality medical care for a fraction of what it would cost you at home...
  • The world's healthiest places to live...
  • Why you DON'T have to choose a country, sell everything, and live there forever...
  • A self-sufficient lifestyle in Ecuador's green valleys...
  • And more...

Remember, this offer is entirely risk-free. Once you see International Living for yourself, I feel certain you'll agree: It delivers you a world you just don't find anywhere else.

But if you decide the good-living, good-value opportunities International Living profiles aren't for you after all, simply shoot us a quick email or give us a call. We'll send you a refund on your un-mailed issues. No problem. No questions asked.

The Special Bonuses are yours to keep, with my compliments. So really you've got nothing to lose. The risk is all ours. Give it a try today for just $15...

P.P.S. Here's what some more happy International Living magazine subscribers are saying...

Your Research Blows My Mind

"The amount of research you put into this each and every month blows my mind. Keep up the good work!"--Jeff L .

A Very Realistic Way of Getting More out of Less

"The world is full of possibilities, and exploring them hand-in-hand with IL has been exhilarating. The information you provide and the hands-on reporting helps remove the anxiety of becoming an expat. Somehow it doesn't seem like an irresponsible, unpatriotic idea or a flight of fancy, but rather a very realistic way of getting more out of less. Thanks."--L.H.W., Boston, MA















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