Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One purpose...

Dear Early to Rise Reader -

ETR's 5 Days in July Quick Start Internet Bootcamp has one purpose.

Setting you up with income for life.

If you had a steady stream of cash flowing into your bank account each week... You'd never have to worry about job security. Or dips in the stock market. Or unexpected expenses.

But some readers are skeptical. "Income for life" is, after all, a big promise.

I don't blame the skeptics. A lot of so-called "Internet conferences" are put on by people who are good at one thing: selling Internet conferences.

That's where 5 Days in July is wildly different.

This intensive, five-day event is led by a group of experts who know business inside and out. Each member on our expert panel either owns their own Internet business... or heads up a successful Internet business... or is a "working specialist" in some specific area of expertise.

Each day, these experts figure out how to bring in money, what new products to create, and how to attract new customers. In other words, they walk the talk. This makes our panelists uniquely positioned to show you exactly what they did, how they did it, and how you can copy their success.

Take Internet business expert Mike Ward, for instance. He is the Publisher of Money Map Press.

"We launched this franchise a little over two years ago," Mike told me, "and it's been wildly successful. We now have over 550,000 readers of our free e-letter... over 30,000 subscribers to The Money Map Report... and we're launching a new front end on oil and energy investing."

How has Mike led his business to such explosive growth? "We've done 85% of it through e-mail marketing," he said.

When I asked him, "What is most critical when you are trying to build a business?" Mike said immediately, "Your email list is the most important aspect of e-mail marketing. If you don't have a list of people who are receptive to the type of message you are offering, the best sales copy and the best products in the world won't make you a penny."

At the 5 Days in July Quick Start Internet Bootcamp, Mike - along with Internet Money Club Director Brian Edmondson - will show you how to build an email list from scratch... And how to fill it with the best, most responsive prospective customers.

"Once you've got a receptive list of qualified prospects," Mike said, "the most critical aspect of your business is your sales copy. You've heard it before: COPY IS KING. It's the copy that brings in the money."

Together with working copywriters Charlie Byrne and Joshua Boswell, Mike will give you a crash course in how to write persuasive, effective sales copy. That way - even if you decide to hire others to write your sales letters for you - you'll know how to identify good copy when you see it.

I asked Mike if there was anything you could start working on immediately.

"E-mail marketing is where you make the connection to your buyer. It's your lifeblood and lifeline. But folks have to remember that every email - whether it's a newsletter article or an advertisement - is a chance to sell your message. Your editorial content needs to complement the kinds of sales messages you're sending out and vice versa. It all works together.

"Once you can incorporate your message seamlessly into every communication you have with your list, then you'll hit it big."

Mike is just one of the coaches heading up our 5 Days in July business-building event. He and six others will give you one-on-one, personal guidance through the entire process of setting up an Internet business.

That's right. They'll walk you through picking a business idea... Setting up a website... Creating products... Building an email list... Writing sales copy... And much, much more.

At the end of five days, you'll leave the event with a real, fully-functioning Internet business.

If income for life sounds appealing to you, sign up for 5 Days in July right now.

I hope to see you there!

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise

P.S. We have a strict 100-person limit for our 5 Days in July conference. Right now, just a few spots remain. Sign up now and you'll have your own Internet business by July 17.









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