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From The Desk of Laura Rodini Volume 1  |  Issue 14   |  May 21, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,

Some secrets stay in the family for generations. Others are meant to be shared.

Right now, a small group of entrepreneurs are making as much as seven figures per year.

They're using the same "family secret" one of the world's wealthiest families has used to build their $89.5 billion fortune.

The family I'm talking about is the Waltons - the family behind Walmart.

And the secret I'm talking about was employed by Walmart's founder, Sam Walton, from the very earliest days of the company -  going way back to its humble beginnings as "Walton's Five and Dime" in Bentonville, Arkansas.

This secret allowed him to sell his goods cheaper than his competitors, yet still earn a healthy profit.

It helped turn Walmart into one of the most influential corporations in the world. And it made the Walton family very rich.

We've just finished creating a program that will help you master this simple yet powerful secret…

It's based on the largest business-to-business trading platform on the planet. A website where buyers and sellers from all over the world… at any time of day… can make deals on every kind of merchandise you can think of.

The program will help you discover:

  • What people want to buy right now

  • How to find in-demand products for super-low prices - and then "flip" them fast

  • How to do it ALL with a minimum of fuss

  • And much more

It's so easy, you can even do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

We don't often advertise this program - but when we do, it always get a big response.

"I got in on [the secret] a couple of weeks ago. The promotion was exciting, but I wondered in the back of my mind if it would actually deliver. It did! I've completed three deals to date… and they were as easy as you described. I sell imported products online. I'm also helping other entrepreneurs and retailers import products. Thanks a million." - Tom Gentry

For all the details, just click here.

| Name Michael Masterson's New Book! |

He can't make up his mind... and it's driving us crazy!

Michael Masterson's newest book is ready to go to press. It may be best one yet - and with several bestsellers to his name, that's saying a lot indeed!

In it, Michael will teach you how to reinvent your life by put together a personal master plan.

This is not a book on goal setting. It is a blueprint for fundamental change.

Michael's approach is based on principles developed by the great personal productivity masters (such as Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey), as well as on discoveries he made during his climb from indebtedness to multimillionaire status.

Problem is... Michael's come up with two very good titles for the book - and he can't decide which one to go with.

The first gets to heart of what this book will do for you when you read it: Michael will help you transform yourself from who you are today to someone who is able to achieve their most cherished dreams and ambitions.

The second refers to the promise Michael asks you to make to yourself at the beginning of the book. He actually has you sign a contract! Why? Because he expects you to take your commitment seriously - and putting it in writing helps you stay on target.

Here's where you come in. We need your help!

Click here to see the two titles and vote on which one you like.

And, as our way of saying thanks for responding, we'll send you a bonus... a full excerpt from this soon-to-be-published work!

| A Revolutionary Way to Cure Cancer |

Heat is widely used to treat simple aches and pains…

But one distinguished Central American doctor has taken the concept to a whole new level.

He actually uses heat to burn cancer out of his patients' bodies!

The idea behind the treatment isn't new… in fact, it dates back to ancient Egypt.

And he says his test results prove that this method is 14X more powerful than standard chemotherapy.

Get the full story behind this revolutionary treatment right here.

| We Want You! |

Group Image

I couldn't be more proud of our Faces of Success. Each and every one of them has inspired us - telling us how Early to Rise has helped them achieve their business goals.

They've published books, started coaching programs, and become mentors themselves.

Now, it's your turn. Tell us how reading Early to Rise has helped or motivated you. E-mail your story
here. I promise I'll get back to you personally!

| We Love In-N-Out Burger! |


One more thing before I sign off this week…

Reader feedback on our In-N-Out Burger piece was overwhelming! And not one negative review.

"Here I sit in California, great weather, the beach less than 2 miles away and In-N- Out close enough that I have them at least twice a week," MaiLee wrote.

"I eat there once a week. It is my sole indulgence in an otherwise Nutrisystem lifestyle these days," John said.

"I once read somewhere that Julia Child liked In-N-Out burgers," John A. wrote.

"I will actually go out of my way to eat there on trips into CA, AZ, and NV," Kevin said.

A few of our readers voted for 5 Guys as an East Coast alternative.

And several of you told me about In-N-Out Burger's Secret Menu.

"It's not up on the menu at the store," Allen explained, "but you can ask most Southern Californians about it. Point is that having a secret menu, and having customers that are 'in' on the secret, builds loyalty!"

You can check it out here. But don't tell anyone!

Until next week,

Laura Sig

Laura Rodini
COO, Early to Rise

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