Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get Your Piece of the $6 Billion Internet Goldmine...

The $89.5 Billion
"Family Secret"

This simple yet powerful secret helped build the world's largest retailer. It also helped build one of the wealthiest family dynasties in the world.

And it's a secret YOU can use to build tremendous wealth from the comfort of your own home... using little more than your computer and your internet connection.

Entrepreneur Stat

Dear Reader,

Right now, a small but fast-growing number of online entrepreneurs are bringing in as much as seven figures per year...

... using the same exact "family secret" one of the world's wealthiest families has used to build an $89.5 BILLION fortune.

What's more, the online entrepreneurs who use this powerful "family secret":

  • Work from home...

  • Use little more than a simple computer and an internet connection...

  • Have no massive overhead or storefronts...

  • Have NONE of the other headaches that most of the monster corporations deal with on a day-to-day basis...

  • Live life completely on their own terms...

YOU can do the same.

You can use the exact same secret to build a highly-profitable online business from home YOURSELF... using little more than YOUR computer and YOUR internet connection... with great success...

... just like the following online entrepreneurs:

Las Vegas College Dropout (with Absolutely ZERO e-Business Experience) Now Brings in Over US$1.8 Million in Yearly Revenues Selling Pajamas Online (Just a Few Years After She Got Started!)

Valerie Johnson, Founder/CEO of Big Feet Pajama Company (, used this "family secret" to build a massively successful e-business from home.

Did she start out with heaps of experience and expertise?


You see, Valerie's a college dropout.

Not only that, but before she launched her e-business in 2005 from her Las Vegas home, she had absolutely no experience with the textile industry, product sourcing, or internet marketing.

But none of that was going to stop her.

That's because Valerie "accidentally" stumbled onto the secret while researching the pajama business.

And once she discovered the secret, she knew it could help her succeed.

And succeed fast.

Long story short?

Thanks largely to this money-making "family secret," Big Feet Pajama Company grew like crazy.

Check out Valerie's revenue numbers for her first five years in business:


$1.8 MILLION in yearly revenues...

... only five short years after she launched her online business!

In fact, her products have become such a hit, the Academy Awards offered her merchandise as gifts for all the famous celebrities on hand!

The best part?

Valerie now gets to live life completely on her own terms.

"The beauty of it is that you can live virtually anywhere," Valerie said, "and not have the boundaries that limited start-up businesses in the past."

But Valerie Johnson is just one of many super-successful entrepreneurs that use the secret to bring in big-time online revenues.

Here's another real-world "family secret" success story...

They Began Selling Flags from Their Basement. Now, They're a Top 500 Online Retailer... and Make a Ton of Money Online... on Their Own Terms...

Kevin Hickey and his wife Lisa started their online business in January 2001 by selling flags from their basement.

They started with a limited budget... so they needed to obtain flags and flag cases as inexpensively as possible.

Then, they discovered the "family secret."

And once they did... and applied it to their business... Online Stores, Inc. ( grew from $1 million in revenue in 2002 to more than $25 million dollars last year!

Think about that for a moment.

January 2001: A business launched from a basement. Zero revenues.
December 2009: A $25 million year comes to a close. Top 500 Retailer.

And get this...

Kevin and Lisa even used the secret to build their business substantially (AND keep thousands of people safe and healthy) during the swine flu outbreak in May 2009.

Here's what happened.

At the time, U.S. suppliers were sold out of blue surgical face masks. So they contacted 200 suppliers through a special website (you'll find out more about this powerful website in just a moment) to see what was available.

And then, they applied the "family secret."

As a result, four suppliers supplied them with 250,000 face masks... at dirt-cheap prices... that they went on to sell the day they arrived!

That made them a quick $40,000 profit.

Today, Kevin's business handles more than 10,000 products for sale on its websites. It has become a major force in the e-commerce market. And it's expanding at an incredible rate.

Asked if his business has been affected by the recession Kevin replied,

"What recession? Our sales are up 20 percent and we're making more money than ever."
- Kevin Hickey
Online Stores, Inc.
Top 500 Retailer

The stories you hear about super-successful online entrepreneurs like Valerie Johnson, Kevin and Lisa Hickey, and more show just how powerful this "family secret" can be...

... if you apply it properly.

So... what's the story behind this "family secret" anyway?

Why is this "family secret" so powerful?

And... most importantly... how can YOU start applying this "family secret" THE RIGHT WAY - TODAY... and begin your own path towards massive online success?

Let me show you... by first introducing you to this family... and how  they used this "family secret" to build the world's largest retailer... and such tremendous wealth.

The Story (And Secret) Behind
an $89.5 Family Fortune

In case you haven't guessed by now, the family I've been talking about is the Walton Family - the family behind Wal-Mart.

That's right. Wal-Mart... the world's largest retailer (thanks largely to this "family secret").

Let me explain.

Ever since Wal-Mart's humble beginnings as "Walton's Five and Dime" in Bentonville, Arkansas... and the Wal-Mart Discount City Store in Rogers, Arkansas...

... founder Sam Walton employed a simple yet powerful secret.

This secret allowed him to offer his goods for less than his competitors... while still earning a healthy profit.

It allowed him to expand his business almost exponentially in a very, very short period of time. (Within five years from its beginning, Wal-Mart expanded to 24 stores and reached $12.6 million in sales.)

It helped turn Wal-Mart into one of the most powerful and influential corporations in the world.

And... of course... it helped make the Walton family very, very rich.

And all they did (and still do) is this.

Buy low... sell high.

I know... I know... common sense, right?

But here's the thing.

When you perfect the art and skill of buying low and selling high, YOU can reap the same kind of massive profits that Wal-Mart reaps...

... and enjoy massive success YOURSELF.

But... you've got to do it right!

Here's the easy way to do it.

You're Invited to Join Our "Secret Alliance"... and Take FULL ADVANTAGE of "Buying Low" and "Selling High" ... THE EASY WAY

My name is Jessica Kurrle.

I'm the Associate Publisher of Early to Rise.

And if you've read this far, I believe that this opportunity could be perfect for you.

That's because we've just finished up creating a "Secret Alliance" that will help you MASTER the art and skill of using this simple yet powerful secret... of buying low and selling high online using a special website... as quickly and easily as possible.

This powerful "Secret Alliance" will help you discover...

  • What people want to buy right now (and will pay big money for)...

  • How to find in-demand products for super cheap prices (and then "flip" them for a healthy profit)......

  • How to use one of the most powerful e-commerce websites today (to start selling your products FAST)...

  • How to do it ALL with a minimum of fuss (it's easy with our "step-by-step," perpetually-updated online system)...

  • And much, much more...

As a Charter Member of our "Secret Alliance," you'll be able to MAXIMIZE your chances for massive online success...

And you can get started AS SOON AS TODAY.

Here's what this is all about.

Tap Into a $6 Billion "Internet Goldmine"

The "Secret Alliance" I'm inviting you to join today will help you tap into a $6 billion "Internet Goldmine" as quickly and easily as possible.

What's this $6 billion "Internet Goldmine" all about?

Essentially, it's the world's largest business-to-business trading platform. A special website where buyers and sellers from all over the world... at any time of day... can make deals on every kind of good you can think of...

... without ever leaving home!

This immensely-powerful website:

  • Facilitates more than $6 billion in transactions every year...
  • Boasts more than 47 million registered users...
  • Hosts more than 6 million virtual storefronts...
  • Reaches buyers and sellers in more than 240 countries and territories...

It's even won Forbes "Best of the Web"... seven years in a row!

And yet... strangely enough... 99 online entrepreneurs out of 100 have never even heard of it!

But the 1% who have heard of it are making an absolute killing!

You can enjoy the same kind of success.

And that's why I'm writing you today. This letter is your special invitation to...

  • Become a Charter Member of our "Secret Alliance" today...

  • Find out how to "buy low" and "sell high" - when doing business on this $6 billion business-to-business trading website...

  • Start taking your fair share of this $6 billion "Internet Goldmine" as quickly and easily as possible... without the huge start-up costs... the huge overhead... the huge numbers of employees to hire and fire... and without all the headaches that big corporations like Wal-Mart must deal with on an hourly basis...

Just think of it...

Not long from now... with the information you'll have at your disposal as a Charter Member of our "Secret Alliance" (I'll tell you what it's called in just a moment)...

... YOU could be making the same kind of money as Valerie Johnson, Kevin and Lisa Hickey, and many other six and seven-figure online entrepreneurs.

And you can do it all from home... with little more than a computer and an internet connection... and super-small start-up costs!

But First, 5 Questions...

Before I explain how this all works, please let me ask you five quick questions.

You see... this opportunity isn't for everyone... and I certainly don't want to waste your time.

Here they are:

  • Have you EVER been enchanted by the idea of making money from the internet? Either part-time or full-time?
  • Have you EVER dreamt of what it would be like to set your own hours... work wherever you want in the world? (Hey... who wouldn't want to make a full-time income while living on an exotic tropical beach... or in a chic cosmopolitan city like Paris, London, Sydney, or Rio... or perhaps in a secluded log cabin in the mountains...)

  • Have you EVER had concerns about financing your retirement? What I'm saying is... have you EVER wondered if you'll have enough money to retire comfortably... and do all the things you've dreamt of doing for your entire life... but might miss out on?

  • Do you like the idea of a world-renowned business expert (with an extensive track record of success) as your very own personal mentor? Someone who will "hold you by the hand" and show you - STEP-BY-STEP - how to grab your slice of this ultra-lucrative market...  just like he already has for hundreds of other successful online entrepreneurs?

  • And finally (and this is a BIG one)... are you the type of person who "takes life by the horns"... takes what you want (and rightfully deserve)... and takes ACTION?

Well... if you answered YES to ANY of these 5 questions, then you owe it to yourself to read the rest of this letter.

That's because this opportunity could change your life in a most profound way.

It Could Be the Biggest Money-Making Opportunity for Home-Based Online Entrepreneurs EVER

The "Secret Alliance" you've been invited to join will help you get in on what could be the biggest money-making opportunity for home-based, online entrepreneurs in recent memory.

Perhaps ever.

It helps you take advantage of four unique situations RIGHT NOW:

  1. The world's biggest business-to-business trading platform (the $6 billion "Internet Goldmine" I've been talking about)...

  2. The ease of doing business on the internet...

  3. The world's biggest exporter of cheaply-produced, high-quality, in-demand products...

  4. The massive difference between what you'll pay for products from the world's biggest exporter (think unfathomably cheap)... and what your customers will then pay for these products from your online marketplace (think HUGE mark-ups).

Which country am I talking about?

I'm talking about China.

That's right. China.

Why China?

Well... it's a known fact that huge corporations have been taking advantage of China's ridiculously low wholesale prices for years.

Corporations like Wal-Mart, for example!

They source products from China for super, super cheap prices... then resell the exact same products in North America at a hefty mark-up...

... and reap huge profits.

Did you know...

  • Over 80% of Wal-Mart's suppliers are based in China?

  • In 2007 alone, Wal-Mart directly imported approximately $32 billion in merchandise from China? (That's nearly 10% of all U.S. imports from China.)

  • That 70% of goods on Wal-Mart's shelves come from China?

  • That the Walton family (the owners of Wal-Mart) was worth US$89.5 billion as of March 2010... making them one of the wealthiest families in the world?

That's how powerful... and how lucrative... the import/export market (especially when doing business with China) has become today.

And now... thanks to the internet... it's never been easier for anyone to get in on the action. And that's precisely why we developed The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

Wal-Mart must be making an absolute fortune online selling cheaply-produced, in-demand products from China.

And with the "Secret Alliance" we've just created... an alliance that helps home-based entrepreneurs like you take full advantage of this unprecedented situation...

... so can you.

There Is No Other Online (or Offline) Money-Making Resource Like It (Anywhere in the World!)

What's this "Secret Alliance" called?

It's called The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

What's The China Wholesale Secret Alliance all about?

It's a unique, private "virtual community" in which you can check in online... at any time of day... and get:

  • The most POWERFUL...

  • The most ACTIONABLE...

  • And (MOST IMPORTANTLY) the most UP-TO-DATE information on how to become a highly-successful internet import-export entrepreneur.

By the way, we called it The China Wholesale Secret Alliance because China happens to be the world's richest source of cheaply-produced, high-quality, in-demand products.

But here's the thing.

The China Wholesale Secret Alliance is not just about China!

In fact, as a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll find out how to source cheaply-produced, high-quality, in-demand products from all over the world...

... and resell them for HUGE PROFITS!

Daily News Stat

NO OTHER RESOURCE IN THE WORLD can help you tap into this massive internet goldmine faster than The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

  • You won't find ANYTHING like it ANYWHERE ELSE online...

  • You won't find any books that cover this subject in such exhaustive detail...

  • You won't find any seminars, events, or conferences that cover this subject like you will once you're a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance...

The China Wholesale Secret Alliance is designed to help ANYONE... regardless of education, experience, or income level... to make as much money as possible from the internet import/export market.

How, exactly, does it work?

Well... before I get to that, I'd like to introduce you to your new "mentor." He's the one behind this system.

He's the one who created it.

And he's the one who can help you reshape your financial future almost immediately.

Meet Your New Mentor - He's Got A Proven Track Record In This Ultra-Lucrative Business... And He'll "Hold You By The Hand" As He Shows You The Way To Internet Import/Export Riches

His name is Marc Charles.

And when comes to building new businesses from scratch (both online and offline)...

... as well as helping other businesses thrive (even in difficult economic times)...

... Marc has few peers.

Marc is often referred to as "The King of Business Opportunities".

He has launched more than 40 successful businesses over the past 28 years (and advised on many more).

One business he helped out (an ad rep agency) produced more than $6 million in sales in 36 months with a start-up budget of less than $2000.

Marc began his Internet adventure in 1993 by reviewing websites for Yahoo! Unplugged, which became a bestselling book, online resource and interactive CD.

His website reviews (more than 8500) were featured in:

  • Wired
  • Bloomberg Personal
  • Internet World
  • Internet Edge
  • Web Digest
  • Business 2.0.
  • ... and several more prestigious business publications.

In 1999 he developed the first email newsletter advertorial. E-mail advertorials continue to be one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet.

So as you can see, it's safe to say that when it comes to making money online, Marc knows what he's talking about... through years and years of hard-won, on-the-ground experience.

Today, Marc's passion is identifying legitimate digital, bricks and mortar and internet business opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs. He has written dozens of top selling e-books and money making courses.

Here's what Marc has to say about the internet import/export opportunity:

"A hundred years ago it was almost impossible for small entrepreneurs to break into this market because one needed significant capital, contacts and a lot of expertise in international law and contracts.

All that has changed.

Today entrepreneurs can start an import/export business from the comfort of their own home with just a computer, phone line, Internet access and a bank account.

The import export market is a multi-trillion dollar market -- and it's growing by leaps and bounds every day. On top of that, there has never been a better time to get into this business. The internet has made it easier than ever."

-Marc Charles
"The King Of Business Opportunities"

And here's what some of today's most successful and well-known marketing superstars have to say about Marc Charles and The China Wholesale Secret Alliance :

"Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to make money. Marc Charles shows them how to do it with less risk, overhead, capital and red tape. The China Wholesale Secret Alliance will be a good fit for a lot of entrepreneurs."

- Dr. Joe Vitale

"Thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs have become millionaires in a few short years by importing products from China. Now you can too thanks to Marc's program!"

- Brian Tracy
The Way to Wealth

"Marc's program can help you find, source, and sell merchandise on the Internet (and other places) by importing at low prices from China. You can find the items you want to sell and buy them at a price that leaves you a handsome profit margin."

- Bob Bly

"There is a huge window of opportunity for those who would dare to profit from the price variation between nations.  This window won't last forever. The China Wholesale Secret Alliance will show you exactly how to jump through this window and emerge wealthy on the other side"

- Mark Joyner
Internet Pioneer

Now, YOU'VE got an opportunity to experience MASSIVE SUCCESS... when you decide to become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

Here's how it works.

What's Included In "The China
Wholesale Secret Alliance"?

First, as a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll get instant online access to INTERNET TRADER'S SECRET WEAPON #1: The Internet Import/Export Entrepreneur's Bible.

This 130-page tome will show you the fastest, easiest way to set up your own home-based internet import-export business...

... and take full advantage of the tremendous prices you can get from China.

As I mentioned before, no other resource in the world does this.

THIS RESOURCE ALONE will show you:

  • How to determine what people want... what they're willing to buy online... and how much they're willing to pay for it... all with a few simple clicks of the mouse. (You won't believe how easy this is... once Marc shows you how.)

  • How to set up a "virtual storefront" using the amazing website I've been talking about (plus several others ). You don't need to know anything about HTML, internet marketing, or e-commerce.  Not only that, but once you're up and running, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll make your first sale... after you follow a few simple steps.

  • How to build your own professional-looking, money-making website quickly and easily. (AND... start selling CHEAP products almost immediately... for a HUGE profit!)

  • How to determine which products you should import and sell online. (PLUS: how much you should mark up your products... to maximize your profits.)

  • How to make money in the importing business... without ever physically handling a product yourself...

  • How to "start small" and slowly build your business into an international trading empire (without ever leaving home)...

  • How the amazing website I've been talking about ensures you're only dealing with reputable sellers. (It's a world-acclaimed "certification" process that each member must pass to earn. It's strict. It's fair. And it gives YOU the peace-of-mind and protection you need to do business online with overseas partners.)

  • An online multi-million dollar research tool you can use right away... right at your fingertips...

  • How to find "hot products" that are selling like crazy online FAST. (This is where the BIG money is RIGHT NOW!)

  • How to get foreign suppliers to sell in small quantities to you (HINT: every company is different. But... if you know what you're doing, you can strike "smaller" deals with some of the major players. This is a GREAT way to get incredible deals... even for your own personal use!)

  • How to figure out what price people are willing to pay for your products (before you even put them up for sale).

  • How to MASTER the largest and most successful import/export site for entrepreneurs in the world...

  • How to go straight to the supplier. (You can get even better deals... giving you the chance to reap even larger profits!)

  • The two biggest obstacles for rookie import-export entrepreneurs... and how to overcome both of them. (It's easy... once you know how to do it. We'll show you how.)

  • How to have products manufactured for you in China "Wal-Mart" style... import them... and sell them for the same obscene mark-ups like Wal-Mart does...

  • An easy way to deal with language barriers. (Don't worry, though. Most everyone who does international business these days speaks passable English. But with this tool at your side, you'll almost never run into misunderstandings.)

  • 8 of the hottest selling products that are making millions for users RIGHT NOW...

  • The hardest part of starting and running an import business (we've made it EASY for you).

  • HOW and WHERE to identify hundreds of companies who need products IMMEDIATELY. (Knowing this alone can provide you with MASSIVE profits FAST.)

  • How to resell products on the internet (for triple-digit profits!)

  • How to get your import/export business running in a matter of hours. (HINT: you don't even need a website or an e-commerce presence to make it happen!)

  • How to avoid all the pitfalls which beset most of the entrepreneurs venturing into the import/export business. (This alone could save you an enormous amount of time, energy, and money... and put you light-years ahead of your competition FAST.)

  • How to identify hot new rising trends in the import/export industry (and know EXACTLY what you should be selling. Not just today... but tomorrow).

  • The truth about internet and e-mail marketing in the import-export business. (Knowing this ultra-valuable information... and applying it wisely... could help you leapfrog over your competition in one fell swoop.)

  • How to become an import/export "middleman"... and make EASY profits almost overnight... with no more than a few emails and phone calls!

  • The leading import/export countries in the world for 2009. (This will give you a great idea of who you'll likely be doing business with overseas. It's "exotic". It's fun. And it sure beats a 9-to-5 office job!)

  • The 22 biggest benefits of owning your own internet import/export business. (HINT: Here are three of them. 1) You get to be your own boss. 2) You get to work your own hours. 3) You've got unlimited profit potential. And if you think THOSE sound good, wait until you see the other 19 amazing, life and career changing benefits!)

  • How to determine which products to import (a HUGE time-saver).

  • Specific lists of products that are in HIGH DEMAND... all over the world. (PLUS: How to connect buyers and sellers of these products together... and make a handsome "middleman" profit. What's more, you don't even need to meet the buyers and sellers... or ever see the product. Ever! We'll show you EXACTLY how to pull this off with flying colors.)

  • A list of "high-end luxury products" that are in high-demand right now. (Here are a few: caviar... lobster... crabmeat... cognac... organic beef... diamonds... gold bullion. YOU can get in on trading high-end luxury items like these and profit from them BIG-TIME... and you don't have to be super-wealthy to get in on the high-end market, either!)

  • Interesting, unusual, and PROFITABLE products to sell. Can you really make money selling yak hair... sulphur... zircon sand... titanium wire... nose trimmers... sea urchins... and used tractors to hungry markets? And do you need a small fortune to do so... if it were even possible? The answer may surprise you. And I mean REALLY surprise you...

  • ... and much, much more.

"I got in on The China Wholesale Secret Alliance a couple of weeks ago. The promotion was exciting but I wondered in the back of my mind if the program would actually deliver. It did! I've completed three deals to date....and they were as easy as you described. I sell imported products online. I'm also helping other entrepreneurs and retailers import products. Thanks a million."

- Tom Gentry

But the INTERNET TRADER'S SECRET WEAPON #1: The Internet Import/Export Entrepreneur's Bible is just the beginning

As a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll also get another super-valuable "Secret Weapon."

And this one will put you straight on the fast-track to internet import/export riches.

It's called, INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #2:   The Cheap Supplier's "Blue Book."

This resource will help you zero in on the biggest, most reputable, and most active exporters in China.

You'll get updated contact information on exporters of:

  • Agriculture
  • Apparel
  • Automobiles & Motorcycles
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software & Accessories
  • Construction
  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies
  • Electrical Components
  • Energy Related
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Supplies
  • Security & Protection
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Timepieces, Jewelry & Eyewear
  • Toys
  • Transportation

By the way, Marc Charles told me that several internet import/export entrepreneurs would gladly pay hundreds of dollars for this resource alone.

It gives you all the contact information of the world's most successful, reputable, and most affordable suppliers of CHEAP products that buyers will pay BIG BUCKS for back home.


... I'd like to reiterate something that I mentioned earlier.

It may seem intimidating to see all of these products available to import from China and other countries.

You may think... as others have... that only "the big bad corporations" like Wal-Mart can really make money from importing furniture or jewelry or computer hardware.

But... the truth is... when you have your own online storefront... and know how to attract visitors to it (you'll soon see how The China Wholesale Secret Alliance can help you bring a FLOOD of targeted prospects to your online storefront)...

... you can compete DIRECTLY with the biggest corporations in the world!

Think about what happened to Kevin and Lisa Hickey. They started selling flags from their basement on a shoestring budget.

Now they're pulling in $25 million in online revenues!

Of course, you might not make billions and billions of dollars per year... like the folks over at Wal-Mart...

How much you want to make is up to you.

The good news is... when you apply what you'll discover as a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance... you can EASILY wind up making more money than 99% of the American population.

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

So... what else is included in "The China Wholesale Secret Alliance"?

There's a whole lot more.

You'll also get a third "Secret Weapon" that can help you finance your import/export operation right away.

It's called INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #3: Gimme My Money NOW To Fund My Internet Business (Even If I'm Dead Broke... And Have Lousy Credit!)

And it goes into exhaustive detail on how to get money to get your import/export operation started.

In this resource, you'll discover:

  • How to obtain a loan to fund your internet import/export business. (If you want to start BIG... and don't have the capital to make it happen right away... you'll almost definitely need to take out a loan. Marc will show you a SIMPLE way to get a loan right away)...

  • The ABCs of promissory notes. (Should you use a promissory note from a bank or commercial lender... or take a loan on a handshake from a friend or relative? Marc's answer may surprise you)...

  • 5 ways to repay a loan. (Knowing which way to repay a loan can save you... literally... thousands and thousands of dollars. Marc reveals all the details on 5 ways to repay a loan... so you can decide which way is best for YOU)...

  • The basics of purchase order funding. (It's fairly simple... and it can help you grow your internet import/export business quite rapidly... if you do it right. Marc will show you how.)

  • Why you should avoid loans with prepayment penalties. (This could also save you thousands of dollars... and provide you with much peace-of-mind as you expand your business.)

  • What to do if you lack sufficient assets to pledge as security for a loan. (You do have options... and Marc will show you everything you need to know.)

  • A comprehensive list of business-friendly US banks and commercial lenders, private import/export funding resources, additional money resources on the web, and more.  (It would take AGES to gather all of this up-to-date information on your own. You'll have it right at your fingertips... right away.)

These three resources alone could help you leapfrog to the top of the internet import/export industry faster than you can possibly imagine.

But... we still didn't think that was enough.

So we came up with an idea.

Here's how it all went down.

How A Simple Conversation in Delray Beach, Florida Completely Changed "The China Wholesale Secret Alliance"

Not long ago, Marc Charles, Michael Masterson, and I were having a chat about The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

And we were chatting about how to make this system as UP-TO-DATE as possible.

And also... how to keep it perpetually updated.

You see... Marc mentioned to us that the import/export market is constantly changing.

What's "hot" today may be "not so hot" tomorrow.

For example, take the surgical masks that Kevin and Lisa Hickey were selling... during the Swine Flu outbreak.

Well... Swine Flu isn't nearly as much in the headlines as it used to be. So it's safe to say that surgical masks aren't selling as much as they were... say... a year or so ago.

Marc told us that it's information like this that Charter Members of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance need to know.

What's HOT... and what's NOT.

We talked and talked and talked about this for hours. Came up with a bunch of great ideas.

And when we were done, we believed we came up with something really special.

Here's what we came up with:

  • The China Wholesale Secret Alliance BULLETIN BOARD. This perpetually-up-to-date online bulletin board is where Marc will post comments regularly about what's happening RIGHT NOW in the internet import/export business. You can check in any time and see what the latest news is in the internet import-export business. He'll add insightful thoughts... hot ideas... business-building suggestions... links to relevant articles and videos... and anything else to help you build your internet import/export business. You'll also be encouraged to ask questions about ANYTHING related to the internet import/export business... which Marc will answer promptly. This way, you'll ALWAYS be RIGHT ON THE CUTTING EDGE of this ultra-lucrative online business.

  • A monthly "What's Hot NOW" list of products. Once a month, Marc will post a list of what's "selling like crazy" online in the internet import/export business. This way, you'll get a real feel for what's selling NOW... which could give you some great new product ideas for your own online marketplace.

  • A monthly updated list of the most successful internet import/export websites. Every month, you'll discover which internet import/export websites are KILLING IT online right now. Marc will add comments on why he believes these websites are doing so well... and provide YOU with ideas you can adopt from these mega-successful websites that you can use for your own website. (HINT: One of the EASIEST ways to make money online is to simply find out how others are doing it... then do the same! And that's EXACTLY what you'll find out how to do with this resource.)

  • A monthly interview with a successful internet import/export entrepreneur. Each month, Marc will contact and interview a successful internet import/export entrepreneur. You'll find out how they got started in the internet import/export business... what they're selling... what marketing strategies they're using right now... and many other ideas you can use to build your own business. This resource alone is extremely powerful... because again... when you find out how other people are succeeding online... then adapt their techniques and strategies to your own online business... you can expedite your journey to massive online success much, much quicker than just about any other way.

"I'm a big fan of your writing and columns in Early to Rise. Thank you for developing The China Wholesale Secret Alliance. I've ordered dozens of 'work at home' programs and business opportunities. But this is one of the best. Plus it's easy to read and apply. I'm importing and selling bird feeders because of your tips for locating hot products. Thanks."

- Renee Osterand

Here's Everything You Get With "The China Wholesale Secret Alliance" (So Far)...

As a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll get:

  • INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #1: The Internet Import/Export Entrepreneur's Bible. With the internet import-export "bible" at your side, you'll be able to find out EVERYTHING you need to know to launch and build your own internet import-export empire from scratch. No stones are left unturned. By the time you get through this power-packed, 130-page resource, you'll know just as much about the biz (and how to do it) as today's seven-figure  internet import/export superstars.

  • INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #2:   The Cheap Supplier's "Blue Book." You'll find out who the world's most successful, reputable, and most affordable suppliers of CHEAP products are with the simple click of a mouse...

  • INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #3:  Gimme My Money NOW To Fund My Internet Business (Even If I'm Dead Broke... And Have Lousy Credit!) You'll find out how to obtain all the funds you need to launch and build your own internet import/export empire... even if you're just starting out on a shoestring budget or have a "less than stellar" credit rating.

  • A perpetually-up-to-date, password-protected, online bulletin-board...

  • A monthly "What's Hot NOW" list of products...

  • A monthly updated list of the most successful internet import/export websites...

  • A monthly interview with a successful internet import/export entrepreneur...

As an insider in The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll be able to build your own internet import/export business... and keep it as cutting-edge, up-to-date, and PROFITABLE... for as long as you choose to.

But you know what?

That's not all you'll get when you become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

I'd like to "sweeten the pot" and throw in a few extra bonuses...

... just so I can help you reach success as an internet import/export entrepreneur even faster.

Here's what else you'll get...

Become A Charter Member Of "The China Wholesale Secret Alliance" TODAY, And You'll Receive These SPECIAL BONUSES

SPECIAL BONUS #1: "The Google Surge!"

As you know, Google has emerged as one of the most... if not THE most... powerful websites on the internet.

And if you want targeted prospects to discover your internet import/export website, you'll need to know the "ins and outs" of Google... and how it works... so you can attract swarms of targeted traffic to your import/export website.

That's what The Google Surge! is all about.

It will show you... in a simple, easy-to-understand way... how to make money online by leveraging search engine and savvy internet tactics.

By the way, it doesn't matter if you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about internet marketing before you lay your eyes on this ultra-valuable Special Report.

It spells it out... in plain, simple English... exactly what you need to do to market your website on the internet...

... even if you're a complete "newbie!"

In this power-packed, 123-page manual, you'll discover:

  • How to master the Google money machine...

  • How to use "Pay-Per-Click" engines to generate monster traffic and sales...

  • The ABCs of E-Zines and E-Mail newsletters (advertising secrets never before revealed)...

  • How to use "guerilla" press release methods to bring swarms of targeted traffic to your website...

  • How to open the floodgate to FREE traffic and sales...

  • Powerful "linking" strategies that work (An amazing technique for attracting targeted traffic... and ensuring your online business is in it "for the long haul")...

  • Search engine secrets of savvy marketers (Do what these pros are doing... and you all but GUARANTEE your success)...

  • How to MAXIMIZE your Pay-Per-Click advertising (A super-effective strategy for attracting targeted traffic... without spending a fortune. Many savvy internet marketers are filthy rich from this one strategy alone)...

  • How to combine Google AdWords with Google AdSense to generate monster profits...

  • How to buy traffic on cheaper engines and generate HUGE Google AdSense profits...

  • How to use "ClickBank" to make money quickly and easily...

  • How to sell e-Books like crazy...

  • How to understand (and implement) effective search engine optimization tactics (this strategy alone can SKYROCKET your traffic and sales)...

  • Everything you need to know about "The Pay-Per-Lead Revolution"...

  • How to launch a Pay-Per-Lead program on your website in 30 minutes or less...

  • ... and much, much more.

Once you're done reading The Google Surge!, you'll know more about internet marketing than 99% of today's online entrepreneurs.

And The Google Surge! Isn't the only bonus you'll get when you become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance today, either.

You'll also get...

SPECIAL BONUS #2: TERMINOLOGY: Glossary and Definition of Import and Export Acronyms.

This super-helpful 16-page resource  will help you understand all the various acronyms you'll come across as an internet import/export entrepreneur.

It's a resource you'll go back to again and again... until you've mastered the lingo. (Don't worry... it won't take you long to know these acronyms like the back of your hand!)

SPECIAL BONUS #3: AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Marc Charles, creator of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

This is a real whopper of a resource.

Here's why.

Not long ago, ETR Managing Editor Jason Holland interviewed Marc Charles, creator of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, and asked him just about every question a budding internet import/entrepreneur would ever think of when starting out.

In this in-depth interview, you'll find out:

  • How one-person operations are actually making money in the import/export field (and not just monster corporations like Wal-Mart)...

  • If it's realistic for someone with no experience and limited start-up funds to get started in the type of business that's featured in this system. You'll get the full lowdown...

  •  A list of internet import/export entrepreneurs that are getting results from this program RIGHT NOW...

  • What, exactly, someone just starting out should consider selling first...

  • You've found a product or group of products that you want to sell. Then what? Marc reveals the next step...

  • How to make the internet import/export business drop-dead SIMPLE...

  • How to ensure your suppliers are trustworthy...

  • How to deal with language and communication issues when dealing with overseas suppliers...

  • How to "start small" then "go big" later on as you build your internet import/export business...

  • A step-by-step example of a simple internet import/export deal...

  • How to become an internet import/export "middleman" and make lightning-quick profits... without ever seeing or touching the product... or even leaving home...

  • How to determine which products to buy in bulk (or not)...

  • The very, very first priority you must make as an internet import/export entrepreneur. (Don't worry... we've made this easy for you.)

  • How to manage currency fluctuations with ease...

  • Is it better to sell directly to the consumer on the web... or through direct mail? Marc provides a detailed answer to this critical question...

  • The general start-up costs for somebody that wants to start an import/export business from home...

  • Is bad credit, no credit, or having very little startup cash really a problem? Marc's answer may surprise you...

  • How to write off most of your travel (should you choose to do so) as a legitimate business expense...

  • ... and much, much more.

"I made more than $15,000 because of Marc's recommendations and counsel. Marc's the real entrepreneurial genius and teacher."

- Susan Chelsea

"My company has been working with Marc since 2003. My experience is super positive. His professional advice, business savvy and start-up expertise has always been very helpful ...and to the point. Marc's direct marketing insight is invaluable to us."

- Marina S.

"Marc is one of the most innovative and business savvy entrepreneurs I have ever met. He has an uncanny way of tapping into what drives consumers, and more importantly, makes them convert. He knows what they want and need, and how to speak to them in a way that gets results. These are some of the priceless attributes that has made him so successful in the industry and why he's been dubbed, "The King of Business Opportunities". I would work with Marc on any project, in any niche ... because I know it will pay off."

- Wendy Montes de Oca

Could This Be The EASIEST Way To
Make Money Online FAST?

There sure is a good case for it.

After all, when you're an internet import/export entrepreneur...

  • You don't need a huge amount of start-up capital. In fact, you can get started with as little as $50 or so... and start making deals on this website almost immediately...

  • You don't need a physical storefront. You don't need tons of equipment. And you don't need to hire or fire employees. It's just you, your computer, and your internet connection...

  • You don't need a fancy degree. Even though you can make the same kind of money as today's highest-paid CEOs, you don't need a university degree (or even a high-school degree) to make great money as an internet import/export entrepreneur (Hey... Valerie Johnson dropped out of college. Now she's pulling in US$1.8 million per year.)

  • You're in complete control of your financial destiny. Want to do internet import/exporting "on the side" and make enough money to... say... pay off your monthly groceries or car payment? You can do that. Want to become a super-successful seven-figure internet import/export "tycoon"... like Valerie Johnson and Kevin and Lisa Hickey? You can do that, too...

  • You don't have to get dressed and commute to an office every weekday. If the thought of enduring 20 more years or so of the 9-to-5 grind makes your body shiver with horror... then this could be the perfect alternative. You can work from home... in your pajamas, if you wish... and set your own hours...

  • You can make money from anywhere in the world. The internet has completely transformed how a small but fast-growing number of entrepreneurs live and support themselves. Imagine "working" while traveling the world in style to your favorite destinations. When you're a successful internet import/export entrepreneur, the world is your oyster...

It really could be one of the greatest professions in the world.

And as an insider in The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to master this profession.

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

Now... you may be wondering... how much does The China Wholesale Secret Alliance cost?

Despite its tremendous value... it's actually a screaming bargain.

Let me show you why.

Why This Could Be The Biggest SCREAMING BARGAIN We've Ever Offered In Our 12-Year History

You're going to get:

  • INTERNET TRADER'S SECRET WEAPON #1: The Internet Import/Export Entrepreneur's Bible.

  • INTERNET TRADER'S SECRET WEAPON #2:  The Cheap Suppliers "Blue Book."

  • INTERNET TRADER'S SECRET WEAPON #3:  Gimme My Money NOW To Fund My Internet Business (Even If I'm Dead Broke... And Have Lousy Credit!)

  • Password-protected, private access to a perpetually-updated online bulletin board...

  • A monthly "What's Hot NOW" list of hot products...

  • A monthly updated list of the most successful internet import/export websites...

  • A monthly interview with a successful internet import/export entrepreneur...

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: "The Google Surge! How to Make Money Online by Leveraging Search Engines and Savvy Internet Tactics"...

  • SPECIAL BONUS #2 The China Wholesale Secret Alliance TERMINOLOGY: Glossary and Definition of Import and Export Acronyms...

  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: An exclusive interview with Marc Charles, creator of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance. (You can download the MP3 from the password-protected website we've created for you and listen to it... or download the PDF and read it... or listen to and read both of them at the same time. A great way to get the basics down FAST)...

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

How much is all of this really worth?

Well... you've seen how much money can be made in this business...

Valerie Johnson $1.8 million in online revenues
Kevin and Lisa Hickey $25 million in online revenues!

You know that this website is a largely-untapped US$6 billion internet goldmine...

And you now know that with everything you'll get when you become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance...

... you'll have EVERYTHING you need to move forward at light-speed towards your new part-time or full-time profession as a successful internet import/export entrepreneur.

We could conservatively give an online money-making system as powerful, as easy-to-implement, and perpetually up-to-date as this one a $5,000 value.

In fact, we could probably ask for even more than that...

... and it would STILL be a bargain.

But we're not going to ask you to invest $5,000 to become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance.

We're not even going to ask you to invest $2,000. Or even $1,000.

If you want to become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance today, you only have to invest $397.

That's it.

For less than $1.08 a day (you can't even buy a cup of coffee in most hole-in-the-wall diners for that much these days), you'll have... at your disposal... the most powerful, comprehensive system ever developed to tap into the massive multi-billion internet import/export business.

A business that can make you extremely wealthy... give you the freedom you deserve... and allow you to live your life completely on your own terms.

And it's sure difficult to put a price on that.

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

And if... by now... you're still "on the fence" about whether becoming a successful internet import/export entrepreneur is for you...

... or if you should take a chance and invest in The China Wholesale Secret Alliance today...

... here's something that will give you some extra peace-of-mind.

You Can Take A Look At This Groundbreaking Program For A Full 90 Days... Without Risking A Single Penny! WE GUARANTEE IT!

So if you're even remotely interested in this powerful program (and I'm assuming you are... if you've read this far)...

... then you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving The China Wholesale Secret Alliance a chance right now.

Here's what I encourage you to do:

  • Become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance right now...

  • Receive your Username and Password as soon as your order is processed (this doesn't take long at all)...

  • Log on to the password-protected website...

  • Download EVERYTHING you've read about just now (you'll find every resource on the password-protected website).

  • Read the manuals. Read the blog posts. Read the Special Bonus Reports. Listen to the MP3 interview with Marc Charles. Take it all in. And TAKE YOUR TIME.

And if... within 90 days... you're still not convinced that The China Wholesale Secret Alliance is a screaming bargain...

... just let us know and we'll promptly refund your entire investment in this program.

No problem. No quibbles. No questions asked.

And you know what?

Even if you decide to terminate your Charter Membership (which I doubt you will... since it's such a powerful system)...

... you can KEEP:

  • INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #1: The Internet Import/Export Entrepreneur's Bible.

  • INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #2:  The Cheap Suppliers "Blue Book."

  • INTERNET Trader's Secret Weapon #3:  Gimme My Money NOW To Fund My Internet Business (Even If I'm Dead Broke... And Have Lousy Credit!)

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: "The Google Surge! How to Make Money Online by Leveraging Search Engines and Savvy Internet Tactics"...

  • SPECIAL BONUS #2 The China Wholesale Secret Alliance TERMINOLOGY: Glossary and Definition of Import and Export Acronyms...

  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: An exclusive interview with Marc Charles, creator of the The China Wholesale Secrets Alliance.

Yep. That's not a misprint.

You can keep ALL of that...

... just for giving the The China Wholesale Secret Alliance a test-drive.

We're really risking "losing our shirts" on this one... since it's such a generous guarantee. In fact, it's got our accountant a little worried.

The thing is... I and the rest of us here at Early to Rise feel very, very strongly and confident about how powerful this online money-making system is...

... and I believe you'll feel the same way.

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

Why you owe it to yourself
to get in on this NOW

Before I wind things up, I'd like to share with you one final thought.

Here's the deal.

Right now, thanks to the internet and massive worldwide demand for every kind of product you can think of...

... there's never, ever been a better time to get in than RIGHT NOW.

If you delay, you're going to be missing out on a MASSIVE opportunity.

Think about it.

In just a few minutes, you could start discovering how to build your very own internet import/export business...

... and tap into part of that $6 Billion Internet Goldmine yourself...

... and become the next great internet import/export entrepreneur success story.

And you can do it COMPLETELY RISK-FREE.

Or... you could just continue doing what you're doing now...

... and never know what it's like to at least give the ultra-lucrative internet import business a shot.


The choice is yours.

To become a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, simply click the link below and follow the instructions.

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

To your future,

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
Early to Rise
May 2010

P.S. EXTRA BONUS! Become a Charter Member of the The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW... and I'll throw in four one-page "cheat sheets" Marc Charles just created. These "cheat sheets" will provide you with a simplified, step-by-step process for how to make money in each of the four money-making methods in internet import/export importing. This way, you'll be able to see the "big picture" of how it all works... before you dive into the details.

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

P.P.S. As a Charter Member of The China Wholesale Secret Alliance, you'll also be able to log into a specially-created forum just for you and other Charter Members. Marc Charles will monitor the forum. This way, you'll be able to communicate directly with Marc and other Charter Members... answer any questions you may have... exchange ideas and strategies... and even encourage each other's success. It's like a private, online virtual "community" for internet import-export entrepreneurs... all helping each other get their fair share of a $6 BILLION INTERNET GOLDMINE! There's nothing in the world like it!

Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!

P.P.P.S . Here's what MORE people have to say about Marc Charles and his uncanny ability to help people build their online businesses.

"Marc has an uncanny ability for spotting profitable trends and creating simple profitable businesses around them.  There are a ton of people selling push-button 'sit by the pool' type programs which claim to make a million dollars instantly. This is NOT what Marc Charles does. He's a simple guy, making a ton of money in simple ways. If you have a chance to meet Marc in person you will be a richer person, GUARANTEED!"

- Roger Fung

"I was exposed to Marc's business savvy at and I heard him speak at an Info Marketing Bootcamp. I was so impressed I approached him after his talk. I was pleasantly surprised how open he was. Marc has continued to be a great sounding board for our business ventures. I value his opinion and consider him a mentor and a friend!"

- Mike Bann

"I know Marc well, and I can attest to his business savvy and ability to make money. In my experience, (more than 45 years of business ownership and deal making) I've been exposed to a lot of entrepreneurs.   Marc stands out from all of them. He's incredibly shrewd and resourceful.  But he's also passionate about helping others make money."

- P. R. King
Yes! I want to become a Charter Member of
The China Wholesale Secret Alliance NOW!









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