Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emails from Ted

Dear ETR Reader -

I always love getting emails from Ted...

He's got a nice way of making your day, reminding you how much money he's showing his readers. (And YOU could be one of them.)

"We showed our readers a $1,600 gain on Intuitive Surgical last week," he wrote on Monday.

If you don't know him, Ted Peroulakis is a former Wall Streeter who worked for prestigious firms like Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney.

While working for his millionaire clients, Ted learned a secret that top Wall Street traders use to safely target money-doubling gains... while cutting short the occasional losing play.

Now, Ted uses this secret to help his readers grab up serious gains... without putting huge amounts of money at risk. For instance, he recommends plays that would require an investment of "fun money" - 40 bucks here... 150 bucks there...

On May 13, you could have "put up" $200... And made an additional $200 by May 18 on the first half of a play Ted recommended.

If you'd followed his recommendation back on April 6, you could have turned a small $285 bankroll into $630 in just eight days!

Or, back in February, you could have turned a tiny $85 stake into $170 in just one week.

The $1,600 gain on Intuitive Surgical Ted just emailed me about? That was a 100% gain made in just 5 days.

Ted is so convinced that you can generate incredible gains from his simple strategy that he has agreed to give you your first "play" at absolutely no additional charge, just to prove it to you. You can get your BONUS pick just 5 minutes from now. Find out how right here.

You'll want to subscribe immediately. You can get Ted's recommendations for a $700 discount if you act fast.

May all your small stakes turn into big gains!

Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Early to Rise

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