Friday, July 16, 2010

INSIDER REPORT #4: Three Golden Keys

FRIDAY JULY 16, 2010, 9:53 AM

Dear Early to Riser,

You could call them the "Three Golden Keys" to making money on the Internet...

First, you need a compelling OFFER (price, guarantee and terms) that makes buying your product or service a no-brainer for potential customers "on the fence."

Second, you've got to have great COPY that connects with your prospect and conveys all of the features and benefits to him.

The third key may be most "Golden" of all.

You need an ever-growing and responsive LIST of attentive and eager prospects. The "List" (you may know it as a "mailing list") is the lifeblood of a profitable online business.

And Thursday's "Five Days In July" speakers certainly know plenty about profitable online businesses.

Brian Edmondson was joined on stage by Bret Holmes, director of e-Commerce for the Money Map Press, an affiliate of Agora, Inc.

Bret's done something that few web professionals have achieved in the last 5 years - bringing on more than a million names to a mailing list at an incredibly low acquisition cost, which has allowed the business to flourish.

And so it was a real privilege to have these two world-class speakers on stage at the same time yesterday.

Hi, Charlie Byrne here, writing from Miami Beach's Turnberry Isle Resort. We had pre-warned attendees that the "Five Days In July" event was going to be INTENSE - and we meant it.

And rather than slowing down as the week progresses, the pace at which new profit-generating insights are being revealed has exploded!

The superstar team of Brian and Bret explained why it's important to not just have a website that draws traffic, but to have a list of people that you can stay in near constant communication with:

  1. All things being equal, most people on the web will never find your site...

  2. If they do, they'll probably leave within seconds...

  3. Even if they don't leave within seconds, they still probably won't buy anything...

  4. Once they leave, they'll probably never come back.

So you're sure as heck not going to build a successful business that way! But don't worry...

Because that's NOT that case when you have a list of thousands or millions of email addresses of potential customers. This is the exact technique that has been largely responsible for bringing in an average of $295 million a year for the last five years for Agora, Inc.

In other words, it WORKS!

Having that mailing list lets you capture your visitors' information and follow up with them to build a relationship. As you communicate with them via email, those relationships lead to sales... and more follow-ups lead to multiple sales.

So how do you get started building a list?

Brian and Bret showed over 16 different and unique ways to build your in-house list.

One of the simplest methods is to offer something of value for free in exchange for visitors' contact information. You can offer:

  1. A free Newsletter

  2. A free Special Report

  3. A free Audio / Video

  4. A free Product and/or Sample

Once you are collecting names, Brian and Bret went on to demonstrate how the greatest sales occur during the follow up process - while you are naturally continuing your long-term relationship with your customers.

In fact, trying to make a sale when somebody first visits your site almost never works. Most visitors only come and stay for a few moments... and then click away. So you must make the most of the initial visit and give a "free" opt-in option to build your list.

Brian did get especially passionate when discussing your reasons for starting your own business.

"If you have a product or service you really believe in," he stated - "it is your DUTY in life to get it out there and market it as much as possible so as many customers as possible have the opportunity to experience it."

Powerful stuff. And the progress we're seeing here in the conference is quite remarkable.

Our attendees at "Five Days In July" have - within a matter of days - become expert at creating web sites, generating relevant content for their sites, and building their lists through multiple methods and channels.

After Brian and Bret's presentations, they are better equipped to generate profits than probably 99% of existing online businesses.

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Charlie Byrne, ETR Insider Reporter

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