Saturday, July 17, 2010

INSIDER REPORT #5 - Former cab driver starts biz

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SATURDAY JULY 17, 2010, 8:47 AM

Dear Early to Riser,

"Pay very close attention because he's the best I've ever seen at this. He's given this presentation to Agora's top executives and they loved it."

After that remarkable introduction from Bret Holmes, Agora Inc. e-Commerce director Brian York took the stage Friday to share his world-class Pay Per Click (PPC) expertise with our attendees.

It's not often that a nearly three-hundred-million dollar company lets some of their top marketing secrets like these out of the bag. But Brian showed our audience the very best ways in the universe for optimizing your website for the search engines... the same techniques he uses every day to help generate a fortune online.

On the Internet, good Pay Per Click techniques translate into getting more customers for less money - in essence, getting the most bang for your advertising buck.

PPC is a great way to instantly get traffic to your site - and in fact it's probably the fastest way to gather tons of email addresses and quickly build your list. And we already know that's the key to success online. Do it right and your investment will have a massive payoff.

Brian explained how to beat your competitors in pay-per-click advertising while paying far LESS. He shared with the attendees:

  1. Why PPC works so well - and what you must put in place BEFORE YOU START to ensure you run a profitable campaign...

  2. Which options to select and which ones you should totally reject...

  3. The essentials to put in place to run a streamlined, highly effective PPC campaign...

  4. And much much more.

Hi, Charlie Byrne here, writing from Miami Beach's Turnberry Isle Resort as your ETR Insider Reporter.

And for many people, Friday represents an end to another boring week of work. But for more than sixty "rising entrepreneurs" here at Five Days in July, yesterday meant they are one day closer to accomplishing their dreams.

And Brian's presentation was just a small part of the action.

As you've been following our progress here from home this week, you may be wondering...

Can you REALLY build an online business in just a couple of days?

Well, here in Miami Beach our Five Days in July attendees walked in with nothing on Tuesday afternoon. And as I write this they've made terrific progress.

Just take a look at some of the websites that complete beginners have built in a few days. (Keep in mind these are "works in progress" and may be changing literally as you read this!)

Michael O'Connor from Vancouver told me "he can barely work a mouse." As an executive at a mineral exploration company, he generally deals with "the big picture." But Michael's now 55 and looking ahead to retirement. So he decided to develop his "Plan B" retirement around one of his loves: golf. Take a look at what Michael's accomplished in about 3 days at

Another gentleman looking for supplemental income is Russel Roberds out of Villa Rica, Georgia. He works at an electrical engineering firm but he's never had his own website... until this week. Now he's well on his way towards fulfilling his dream of moving to Colorado and focusing on the outdoor life - with a web business to match. Check out his website

Then there's former cab driver Terry Philips from Akron, Ohio. He's never had a site but is passionate about the English language. At our conference he's made a remarkable start on his new web business at

I could go on about 59 year old John Daniel Roberts from Orlando Florida who's developed his site in less than 72 hours...

Or 20 year-old Nathan Langen from Toronto, Ontario with his very impressive

But by now I think you get the picture. And there's no reason you can't do this too!

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Charlie Byrne, ETR Insider Reporter

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