Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New FTC Guidelines For Bloggers Affiliate Marketers And Social Media Users

Ever wonder how the you can possibly comply with the new FTC “Endorsement” Guidelines when sending a “tweet” that is limited to 140 characters and still get your message across?

Or how you are supposed to comply with the new FTC Guidelines when doing something as simple as updating your facebook wall, or posting something to your blog?

It really comes down to this…

Ever since the new FTC Guidelines went into effect last December people have had thousands of questions but very few of them were ever answered.

Well guess what?

The FTC has been busy answering those very questions for you on their website.

Their newest June 2010 update address some very specific “ftc bloggers” or ”social media” questions that you may have.

So if you are looking for answers to your FTC Guidelines questions about posting to your blog, your twitter account or any of your affiliate promotions

Here’s a page on the official FTC website that can help answer your questions:

FTC Guidelines


Glen Brink


Here’s my typical FTC disclosure that I use in my emails, even when I’m not promoting something as an affiliate.

You should talk to your legal advisor about getting one written for yourself.

Here’s my standard “FTC Disclosure” signature for my emails…

I even include it when I have nothing for sale… just to be safe:

Consumer Notice: My emails may contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something from them I may get paid an affiliate commission.

However, my emails also contain links that don’t require an investment on your part and are jam-packed with free “put it to use in your business today” content.

Also, my emails may contain links and information that pertain to health, finance and other subjects that the government controls/regulates. These links and information are provided ONLY for purposes of entertainment. I am not licensed or accredited to offer anything other than what I personally like and enjoy.

I have made a living in health and marketing for 3 decades, but I am only offering my personal opinion.

Read more about the new FTC guidelines here:
FTC Guidelines

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