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From The Desk of Laura Rodini Volume 1  |  Issue 32   |  September 24, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,

It's time to party!

I'm serious - I was just working on the final agenda for our Info-Marketing Bootcamp with ETR's Conference Manager, Sharika Kellogg. And we made sure we'd planned in lots of time for fun in the evening.

You see, Bootcamp days are long. We start around 7:00 a.m. so we can fit in as many info-packed Internet marketing presentations as possible.

We've brought in some of the world's best speakers - real authorities on their subjects. Heck, half of them created the genres they're in! They've got the last word on list building, pay-per-click advertising... and their own personal stashes of direct-marketing secrets.

Take a look at just a few of the "names" on our lineup:

  • Mike Koenigs - best known as the guy who created the Web 2.0 syndication service, Traffic Geyser - will show you his time-tested system for bringing in huge amounts of revenue with online videos in a short period of time.

  • Joshua Boswell - sought after by Sony, Toshiba, St. Jude's, B&B Electronics, Corel, Microsoft - will reveal his formula for creating great info products quickly, easily, and affordably.

  • Perry Marshall - the most quoted authority in the world on the subject of Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising - will share his secrets on how to market your products and services on the Google content network.

  • Brian T. Edmondson - our Internet Money Club Director - will explain how to generate "big profits from a small list." And he should know. He generated over $15,000 in 7 days from a list of only 1,286 subscribers!

  • And more!

Then, at night, we'll be hosting cocktail hours and VIP dinners at the luxurious Delray Beach Marriott. We do this so you can network the old-fashioned way. (I still believe that's one of the best ways to grow a business.) But we want to have some good, plain fun, too!

Best of all, we've reserved a few rooms at the Delray Beach Marriott for a few days before and after the conference so you can make a real vacation out of it - relax with your family and enjoy all the pleasures our little seaside resort town offers.

Check out this video we made about our lovely town!

Looks tempting, doesn't it?

Learn more about Bootcamp here - but don't delay registering. The price goes up on September 30. Find out more here.

| The Fountain of Youth in a 6 Oz Glass! |

Sagging skin and wrinkles... some folks say that's an inevitable part of getting older.

And low energy, decreased libido, and weight gain are some of the things we all have to look forward to, right?

Well, I refuse!

Think about it… There are lots of people in their 60s who are virtually wrinkle-free. Plenty of others enjoy boundless energy well into their 70s. And there are those who seem to stay magically slim, trim, and full of vitality their whole lives through. So what's their secret?


Antioxidants like resveratrol... pterostilbene... and C0Q10 combat oxidative stress and free radical damage in your body. They're critical for keeping your skin smooth... your energy high... and your immunity fully charged to fight disease and infection.

Our Natural Health Dossier research team has put together an all-in-one solution, your very own "fountain of youth," you might say. It's called PT Bio Elixir. And it's packed with 15 of the world's most effective antioxidants... all doctor tested and approved.

Now I wouldn't be telling you about this if I hadn't tried it myself. I love running the business at ETR... but it certainly keeps me on my toes. And after putting in some pretty long hours at the office, I still like to squeeze in some "me" time at night.

I've always counted on coffee to keep me going. But after just a couple of days of drinking Bio Elixir, I can honestly say that my energy levels really do seem "up." Even more surprising is that it actually tastes pretty good. Okay, it's not quite coffee, but I know it's a lot better for me than a third or fourth cup...

Anyway, I'm sending this issue to everyone I know to make sure they know about it - and I'm excited to share Bio Elixir with you, too. Spread the word! And find out more about it yourself by checking it out here.

| Face of Success Russell Roberds: "How to Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Business - In Under 3 Months!' |

Russell Roberds

Russell Roberds brushed aside a vine on Georgia's Cheatham Hill Trail... and stopped dead in his tracks. Not three feet in front of him, coiled and rattling ominously, was a Pigmy Rattlesnake.

"In that instant, I know I should have been fearing for my life," he told me, "but I couldn't help but think about what a cool post this was going to be on my website."

Luckily, Russell knew how to handle himself around poisonous snakes - and the brown-striped reptile slithered away.

Russell's an authority on hiking, and wanted to share what he knew with other outdoor adventurers. That's why he came to our Five Days in July Conference just three months ago - to build his website,

"I'd been reading ETR for over two years," he said. "There's a lot of 'junk' on the Internet that we readers have to sift through. But I believe one of the real golden nuggets out there is ETR. When I get the e-mail in my inbox each morning, I know what I'm about to read is going to be good."

So Russell took the plunge and signed up for Five Days in July.

At the conference, one of the things he learned from Brian Edmondson, our Internet Money Club Director, was that the number one way to get readers to your website is to post content consistently.

Russell took Brian's words to heart, and committed himself to writing 700 words every day. He had a wealth of knowledge to begin with - having been an avid hiker for more than 30 years - so coming up with topics to write about was easy.

"I wanted to present myself as an authority on hiking," Russell said. "To share as much as I knew in a detailed, thoroughly researched manner."

One day he'll write about the best snack foods to take on a hike, the next it'll be a review of hiking backpacks. And Russell wisely taps into affiliate sales by featuring links to the products he recommends.

"I can't believe I'm actually making money doing this!" he said.

It means a long day for Russell, with family and work at an electrical engineering company coming first, but he looks forward to writing each day's post when he comes home at night.

"I'm really trying to follow the ETR model. I want to give people as much accurate information as possible so they can make their best informed decisions."

Our hats are off to you, Russell!

But you don't have to wait until next year's conference to learn how to build your own website. You can do it from the comfort of your own home - and in less than 32 hours! Check out our Perfect Home Business system by clicking here.

| Don't Call Him Diva |

He wakes up looking this good

One more thing before I sign off this week...

My dog George has been spending a lot more time in front of the bathroom mirror.

That's because he recently got a modeling contract with one of the largest pet websites in the country.

They'll be running a few photos of him at the top of their website the first week of November.

I don't know how he does it...

Until next week,

Laura Sig

Laura Rodini
COO, Early to Rise

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