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Volume 1  |  Issue 29   |  September 3, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,Jason Holland

| Are You a Member? |

At the Liberty Street League, ETR's premium wealth building newsletter, we like to show our readers a lot of different ways to make money. We cover stocks, which is standard. As well as stuff like options, real estate, bonds, commodities, precious metals...

Try on this idea for size:

Veteran financial guru James Dale Davidson (a co-founder of Agora, Inc.) told subscribers last month how investors can really make money in the coming electric car boom. Forget the car manufacturers. He's talking about infrastructure and "charging" stations. Here's a freebie recommendation for you: Check out Car Charging Inc., which has agreements nationwide with municipalities, gas stations, shopping centers, hospitals, and parking lots to operate their charging stations.

But we like to have fun too. And that's why we include plenty of unorthodox, you might even say wacky, ways to save big bucks on travel, big purchases (like a car), shopping, and the like.

In one recent issue, Matthew Adams wrote about a way to get a totally free credit report. Sounds easy enough. But there are plenty of companies that offer "free" credit reports but then charge hefty hidden monthly fees. Even worse, there are scamsters that pose as credit report providers but are actually just phishing for credit card and Social Security numbers. In his article, Matthew pointed readers to It's operated by the three main credit reporting agencies, which, by law, must provide consumers with one free credit report per year. Quick tip: You are eligible for one report per agency, so you can actually get three free credit reports each year.

Here's a sample of other opportunities we've covered in recent issues:

  • How to get free accommodations - in some of the world's most desirable destinations - for your next vacation

  • The Trend Trader Portfolio, which uses a combination of fundamental, technical, and sentiment-based analysis but subjects it to the real-world realities that successful businesspeople use to build super-profitable companies

  • Freebie cruises (The only catch is you have to "work" a couple of hours on each trip.)

  • How to make money - a lot of money - in two overlooked sectors

  • The World's Least Expensive (and Safest) Investment Portfolio - $800 or less gets you in

  • How you can live as good as a billionaire for a fraction of the price

  • How to live a $120K a year retirement on $40K or less

We're getting ready to roll out with a new offer for Liberty Street League next week, with new bonuses and a tremendous discount. (If you're already a member, just contact customer service to get in on this.) But because we only want serious people to sign up, we're not going to send the offer to all Early to Risers just yet.

We've created a hotlist for those truly interested in getting on board. They'll have the opportunity to sign up before anybody else - but, of course, there is no obligation to do so.

Just put your name on the hotlist here.

| We're Going to Give You $500... in a Way |

Right now, we're offering our annual Info-Marketing Bootcamp at $1,497 - $500 off the regular price. But this deal goes away on Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. sharp. So if you haven't already secured your spot, check out all the information on Bootcamp here.

The basic rundown is this: We invite our best customers to our hometown, the beautiful beachfront village of Delray Beach, Florida. We select the top dozen or so Internet business builders to be our "faculty." (We have turned down many who want to do it.) And we put them all together for three days.

The experts share their best money-making strategies, whether it's a new way to "game" Google's search results to generate free traffic for your website... a technique for actually monetizing social media (Facebook can be a business tool!)... or trigger words for your online ad copy that compel readers to click - and much more.

This truly is a life-changing event for anyone interested in building an online business. But don't take my word for it...

Here's what Bob Rubenstein told us after he attended Bootcamp:

"I have been to many seminars over the years, but this one topped them all. It was equivalent to earning a master's degree in Internet Marketing in 4 days. I refer to my Bootcamp notes every week, and continue to get great marketing ideas from them. We had no idea videos were so important in driving traffic to our website. We added videos to our website immediately after Bootcamp, and saw traffic increase significantly. We are now producing our own videos to go on YouTube and also on our website."

And Lou Betancourt had this to say:

"I've got to tell you, this Bootcamp was one of the best experiences that I've had. I've been in the direct-marketing arena for about 25 years, and I learned a tremendous amount in just two and a half days of attending this conference. All the presentations were absolutely fantastic."

Like I said, the $500 discount for Bootcamp ends Sept. 7 at 5 p.m. If you are at all interested in starting your own Internet business - either to supplement your present income or totally replace it (and then some!) - go here to get all the details and sign up.

| While I'm on the subject of Bootcamp... |

Bootcamp is great opportunity to not only meet the top names in the Internet business world - but to get personal advice on your business too. These experts charge thousands for their consulting services. But you'll have plenty of time to get to know them - and ask questions - during the event.

As Early to Riser Sharon O'Day put it:

"This is a tremendous opportunity to get in front of the people who are the movers and shakers in the industry."

I sometimes feel like I learn more from these side conversations than I do from the stage. So that's a quick tip for you when you come to Bootcamp - meet these experts one-on-one. You don't have to be on the ETR team to talk to them. They're happy to offer help to everyone. Of course, it helps if you offer to buy them a drink! (Or, in Michael's case, a fine cigar.)

| Out to Lunch |

We were lucky enough to have Bob and Karin Cox visit us last week. They came down to Delray, cruising Florida's Turnpike in Bob's Corvette. (Karin drives a Mustang.)

Bob, as you know, is the creator of ETR's premier personal success program: The Epiphany Alliance. And Bob and Karin work as a team throughout the year to keep their Alliance members on track in achieving their most cherished goals, whether it be to lose that last 20 pounds... start an online business... go back to school... excel in their profession and get a raise. The sky really is the limit.

Bob and Karin are a big part of the Early to Rise family. They really do right by some of our best customers.

So we were happy to see them. We caught up, talked a little business, and went over to Delray hotspot Vic and Angelo's for some great Italian.

As you can see, we had a great time. See you again soon, Bob and Karin!

Check out the guy in the blue v-neck at the far back... He's not with us, but apparently decided to pose too.

Until next week,

Jason Sig

Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Early to Rise

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