Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"One word long."


Dear ETR Reader -

The secret Drayton Bird will reveal at ETR's upcoming Info-Marketing Bootcamp has the power to potentially DOUBLE your revenues.

I asked for more details about this secret. He told me:

"It is not a formula or rule.

"It has nothing to do with targeting, incentives, strategy, or timing.

"It applies no matter what you sell, who you sell to or how much for.

"It is one word long.

"David Ogilvy revealed it to me.

"My mother always lamented that I didn't understand its power... and I don't think I did until I was in my mid 30s.

"It is like jazz: you can't define it, but you know when you come across it.

"It transcends logic, short-circuits objections, and does things nothing else can."

Do you know Drayton Bird? He's a best-selling author with nearly 50 years' experience in every aspect of marketing, from telemarketing to PR. He's worked with leading brands such as American Express, British Airways, Ford, Microsoft, Nestle, and Visa. Advertising legend David Ogilvy said that no one in the world knows more about direct marketing than Drayton.

"Can you give us any idea of what this secret can do for Bootcamp attendees, in terms of money?" I asked him.

"I believe you can certainly do twice as well," he said.

One man in the loan business said they were able to sell a company for $180 million as a result of some critiques and copy Drayton did... "But it took four years and he was doing okay before that," said Drayton.

Another man who used Drayton's book Commonsense as a guide built a collectible business worth $35 million a year.

But, Drayton cautioned, each of these men had talent. "I can't help if you're useless. I can't help if you live in fantasy land," he said. "You can't get something for nothing."

"I must warn you," Drayton told me, "I shall cheat when I speak. I shall do what I was asked to do - reveal a secret. But I shall go beyond that.

"I never really know precisely what I will say when I stand up," he admitted. "And I don't prepare weeks in advance. I often see things at the last minute and add them.

"Next week I'm doing a few hours with Perry Marshall in London. The subject is one I may discuss in Delray Beach as it has radical implications for online copy.

"Between now and November I'm speaking in Poland, Belgium and South Africa. I sometimes find things in other countries.

"But in the end my aim is always the same. If you read something or hear something from me, I don't want you to just go away saying, 'Wow, he was good.' I want you to be inspired to do better - and know exactly how you can, with examples you can apply immediately."

To get Drayton's one-word secret... and soak up all the marketing advice he's promised to unload... PLUS get hundreds of other top money-making secrets from a dozen marketing giants... You must come to ETR's Info-Marketing Bootcamp.

Only at Bootcamp will you:

  • Discover in-depth, immediately-applicable advice that will help you boost your income and increase your sales.

  • Have the chance to learn from 12 of the world's most esteemed and distinguished marketers - including Drayton Bird... Perry Marshall... Michael Masterson... MaryEllen Tribby... Rich Schefren... Mike Koenigs... and more - and find out EXACTLY how they built their own fortunes... And how YOU do the same...

  • Get ALL the latest techniques, secrets, and strategies you need to start and grow your own information marketing empire.

Make sure you sign up for Bootcamp right now to get a $400 discount.

I hope to see you in Florida this November!

Best Regards,

Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Early to Rise



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