Friday, September 3, 2010

Revealed: 58,396 visitors last month WITHOUT Google...

When I first saw this in action, I didn't know whether to

Seriously, I kinda lost my mind a bit. Here's why...

For years, I have been slaving over SEO, ARTICLE WRITING,
BLOGGING, PPC, PPV and JV deals.

I have been spending THOUSANDS per month on ads,
backlinking services, writers, editors, articles, blogs,
designers... the list goes on and on.

Maybe you have too, right? After all, what other choice do
we have?

What if I told you to STOP working day and night writing
articles, posting blogs, setting up PPC campaigns, searching
high and low for joint venture partners, creating videos ...
and all the other back breaking and boring stuff?

Would you think I'm crazy? I mean, how else is anyone going
to find your website online? How else are you going to get
traffic AND make a living?

Listen, I wont lie to you...

I've been making my fair share of sales here and there. In
fact, the last few years have brought in more money than
anything else I've ever seen.

But in the last few months, it has started to get on top of me.

Something screwed us ALL up...


Despite my own success, it didn't take long for the
competition to come flooding in and screw up all my plans.

Typical, huh?

You see, Google started playing games. SEO started getting
REAL ROUGH, and it's getting *worse* each week. Advertising
costs went through the roof, and are still rising as we

... and all the time - on top of everything else - the
competition keeps on rising too.

The article I submitted just last month has now only got
24 views. That's pretty pathetic!

No wonder so many folks struggle.

Before long - like so many other people online - I found
myself getting caught in "the IM trap" once more.

In fact, I'm pretty sure you're right in the middle of that
same "IM trap" too.

What is the "IM Trap?"

... writing all day,

... paying for expensive ads,

... looking for the next new opportunity,

... constantly trying to catch up on Google's latest rules,

... spending too much time in forums trying to learn,

... buying crappy reports from people who clearly haven't
used their own systems to make money...

...and on and on, draining your precious time and money,
year after year.

So when you see something unfold before your eyes that
totally OBLITERATES everything you **thought** you knew
about online marketing... it kinda takes you by surprise.

That's because you are so used to the routine, the same old
crap, the boring and costly methods... it feels like a PUNCH
IN THE FACE when you realize there's AN *EASIER* WAY.

That's exactly what happened to me, just a few months back,
when I heard what two marketers were doing differently.

Today - many months later - I know better... MUCH better.


Ever wondered why some people could jump in and make a
KILLING, but others STILL struggle after YEARS of hard

Instead of being annoyed, I decided to swallow my pride
and learn from these guys.

These two guys who seem to be tearing things up online,
doing things the exact OPPOSITE way you're supposed to.

And it's clear to see... these guys are getting results.
Not just for themselves, but for their students too.

They are getting OCEAN BANKS of visitors with this
new source of traffic and making UNBELIEVABLE amounts
of money...

So I wanted to know HOW - and WHAT - the HECK they
were doing so differently to me?

Take a peak at the system that is going to cause
CHAOS all over the internet...



Glen Brink

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