Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Safe Way to Burn Cancer Out of Your Body


Dear Early to Riser,

This is the kind of breakthrough research that keeps us motivated.  While the rest of the medical world is bumbling around, trying to improve the same failing cancer treatments...

Our friends at Natural Health Dossier actually send out an independent research team to find doctors who are actually producing results.

Read about this fresh, common-sense approach to curing cancer if only for the inspiration that real breakthroughs in cancer treatment are happening...

To Your Health,

Jason Holland
Managing Editor
Early to Rise

Discover What a Distinguished Central American Doctor
Says Is...

A Safe Way to Literally Burn Cancer Out of Your Body That's
14 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy Alone... But Without the Side Effects

Plus read on to learn about:

  • How to Slam the Brakes on Aging and Feel 10 to 15 Years Younger Without Mortgaging the House... (Accidentally discovered in a rare Chinese herb)
  • How to Turn Your Blood Cells into a Disease-Cleansing Army... (From a once-crippled doctor in the Sonoran Desert)
  • The Tell-Tale Signs That You're Developing Diabetes and How to Reverse Your Fate... (From a former supermarket employee)
  • Why You'll Never Have to Worry About the Humiliation That Comes With Alzheimer's Disease and Other Memory Problems...
  • How You Can Reduce Your Prostate Problems... (Thanks to Japanese research on the byproduct of a common American flower)

Why Do Doctors Insist on Poisoning Cancer Patients When There's a Safer, More Effective Treatment Without the Negative Side Effects?

Dear health-conscious friend,

The last place you'd think to look for a revolutionary cancer treatment was Tijuana, Mexico. But that's first place we found it. 

Tijuana is known best for its problems... but there's a cancer clinic run by an oncologist who uses an unusual but startlingly effective cancer treatment.

This doctor may be located in Mexico, but his access to the latest research about cancer therapies has no limits. For more than 10 years now he has been traveling the world to learn the best and safest cancer cures from the world's best oncologists...

Some of his earlier research was featured in the book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide to Cancer and in the documentary film Cancer Conquest.

But most of the mainstream press has been completely ignorant of his achievements. Meanwhile, the research into this cancer therapy progresses every year.

Today this therapy is spreading and doctors are very excited about the success the approach is having. These techniques are curing cases of cancer where most oncologists have given up.

You see, doctors who favor a natural approach to medicine are very concerned about the devastating effects that large doses of chemotherapy can have on the body.

And that was the impetus that spurred the development of this unique protocol that utilizes just a fraction of the chemotherapy that the average oncologist prescribes.

This cutting edge therapy:

  • Is 10,000 times more effective than standard chemotherapy...

  • Doesn't cause nausea, hair loss or excessive weight loss...

  • Draws cancer cells out of hiding and into the open where they're easily eliminated...

Most methods of chemotherapy rely on giving you the strongest possible dose that you can survive... an approach that kills both healthy and damaged cells... then hopes your body can salvage itself after your insides have been poisoned (hopefully, along with the cancer).

But this breakthrough technique relies on the fundamental weakness of cancer.

Click here to discover what this weakness is, why this breakthrough therapy is so effective, and how it literally BURNS cancer out of your body.

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