Thursday, April 22, 2010

How To Retire Rich Without Saving Your Whole Life

Have you heard of the
No-Savings Retirement Plan?

Thousands of Americans are now retiring luxuriously... even though they didn't save 'enough' during their working years.

They are using a Retirement Plan that Fortune Magazine says is "a way to double your retirement dollar... trade up to a larger house, get a pool, hire servants--and guarantee visits from your kids."

Here's how you can participate...

Dear International Living Reader,

After decades of bills, hefty mortgage payments... and paying off their kids' college tuitions... few people have enough for retirement.

But some aren't worried at all.

That's because they've found a way to retire luxuriously without saving money their entire lives.

Take Brent Conner, for instance... a retired insurance broker from Danville, California.

Brent and his wife, Marjorie, retired ten years ago... and their life is more lavish than they could have ever hoped. They are members of the local country club... even have a maid and gardener!

Neither of them misses the hectic city life. They spend their mornings reading by their pool or doing a few laps... and they rarely plan their afternoons more than a day or two in advance. Sometimes they take a leisurely sail to the nearby islands... or play a round of golf.

But the Conners weren't rich when they retired. In fact, they didn't even believe they had enough to retire on. Fortunately, they discovered a retirement secret few know anything about. It's a retirement plan that lets you retire comfortably even if you didn't save 'enough' for your retirement.

As Marjorie put it, if they hadn't come across this plan, "retiring with even a semblance of our previous lifestyle would have been impossible. Here we've actually improved on it."

And they aren't the only ones:

  • Tim and Nancy McBride ran a restaurant most of their lives. Like many couples, they didn't save enough for retirement. When the New York Times ran their story, it reported, "They had no pension other than their combined $1,583 a month in Social Security."
It wasn't even enough to cover their medical costs and insurance plans. Let alone to live a lavish life.

But the McBrides also discovered the same little-known retirement secret. Now, they can easily afford all of their medical bills, have great health coverage they couldn't have afforded otherwise. And are living more luxuriously than they imagined.
  • Dan and Suzie Wilkins from Lawton, Oklahoma have a new life too. It's a far cry from the four and a half hour commute for the former school teacher and personnel director.
Most mornings now, Dan plays a round of golf. And every day, he meets his wife in their garden for lunch, served by their housekeeper.

Each of these couples is enjoying a comfortable retirement. They don't worry about the cost of utilities... medical coverage... club memberships... or housekeeping.

Amazingly, they all retired rich without having saved much during their working years.

No wonder some experts are calling what these couples found, the No-Savings Retirement Plan.

Unlike other registered retirement plans, this plan is easy to get into. There are no complicated qualifications. No long, government application forms. And the best part is, there is no waiting period. You can start benefiting from this plan right away.

Unfortunately, you won't see it advertised on television. Not in the newspapers. No financial firm is going to pitch it to you. There simply is no profit in it for them.

Though this plan has been around for decades, chances are neither your broker, nor your financial planner, has ever mentioned it to you.

But word of it is getting out...

Money Magazine reported that one quarter of a million Americans are participating in the No-Savings Retirement Plan each year.

The couples I showed you above are just a few of an estimated 6.6 million people already taking advantage of this plan today. And they're living more lavishly then most people do today.

When Barron's looked into the No-Savings Retirement Plan, it concluded; "Americans often find they can afford a much higher standard of living than they could dream of.

Even if your living costs are stretching you thinner each month... and your retirement account isn't growing as you hoped it would... you can retire rich as early as this year.

Keep reading, and I'll show you how the No-Savings Retirement Plan can give you the kind of retirement you may have dreamed of --but didn't realize you had within your reach...

"How to retire like a millionaire
whether you have the rich budget or not"

--Canadian Business Magazine

Most people don't realize how easily they can retire, even if they haven't saved for their retirement. It's no wonder most of us are at a loss today. After all, 'experts' are constantly reminding us how bad things are...

According to Business Week, the average couple needs between $565,000 to $770,000 stashed away to keep their lifestyle after retiring.

But even if you do save enough--according to Fortune Magazine--you may spend everything just to cover your medical costs in your later retirement years.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem.

It isn't to stuff every available penny into your retirement account while you struggle, and do without.

Instead, the secret is to follow a little-known plan that lets you live a comfortable life, without paying the premium price.

How is this possible?

After all, don't you need to save a million before you can retire this way?

The simple answer is, "no."

Let me show you how it could work in your situation, for instance...

Here's how the plan works

Let's say your ideal retirement is lounging in a hammock, strung in the shade between two palm trees on the beach... which just happens to be your backyard.

But you can't lie in your hammock all day, you like to stay active as well.

So some days you walk along the mainly deserted beach. There aren't any lifeguards. No boardwalks. In fact, you don't usually run into anyone. The only things you'll see are Orca whales breaching, just beyond the breakers...  seabirds hovering above the surf... or a flock of green parrots roosting in the nearby trees.

"With the No-Savings Retirement Plan, "Americans often find they can afford a much higher standard of living than they could dream of."

--Barron's Magazine

And there's plenty to do each day. Some mornings you just step off your back porch, put on your snorkel gear, and wade into the surf.

Or you can fish. The waters are literally teaming with big eye and yellow fin tuna, black marlin, wahoo, amberjack, sierra mackerel and snapper.

Or you can hike the trail that wanders behind the beach into the hills. You can play tennis or golf a short distance down the street... go horseback riding... or meet your friends at the country club.

And when you get back, your housekeeper has a freshly cooked meal ready for you and your spouse.

This may sound like an expensive lifestyle. But the truth is, with the No-Savings Retirement Plan, you can actually retire to this life, no matter what your current situation is now.

That's because the plan uses a legal loophole which gives you access to everything you need as a retiree... at a fraction of the regular price.

In fact, that is the first of 3 MAJOR benefits of the No-Savings Retirement Plan.

Let me show you exactly how this benefit works, as well as the rest of the 3 MAJOR advantages this plan has over conventional retirement plans.

Benefit #1:
Slash your living costs by 60%

The first major benefit of the No-Savings Retirement Plan is that it slashes your living costs by 60%.

That's because it's an all-inclusive plan for retirement. The plan covers all of your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual living costs.

In other words, it provides you with everything you need as a retiree... at less than half of the regular price.

What I like most about this plan is that it protects you from the rising costs you see in the US today. When you use this plan, you simply aren't affected by the growing cost of heating your home in the wintertime. Or by the rising prices at your local supermarket.

It doesn't matter if the price of gas keeps going up in the US. The plan takes all the various living costs into account.

As a result, with this plan you're paying the same low prices as you may have seen in the 1950s... if you were old enough.

It's the reason you can live lavishly even if you don't have much saved up. For instance, when you follow this plan...

  • A 2,000-square-foot beachfront home with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and maid's quarters... costs you $150,000
  • Annual property taxes on your home are also taken care of, and you pay only... $10 to $300 per year (depending on your location)
  • Or if you choose to rent, you can get a 5-bedroom, 3-bath home with two living rooms, brick patios and several terraces... for $285 per month
  • If you like to golf--your club membership on a breathtaking course --free of crowds (so you never have to book a tee time) is... $960 per year
  • "For maybe $1,200 or $1,400 a month, you can have a really nice place, have a domestic servant and eat well."

    --Wall Street Journal

    Your utilities including telephone, high-speed internet, gas, water, and electricity... $175 per month
  • A full-time maid... $100 per month.
  • Groceries for two--including quality steaks from the butcher... lamb, chicken, and seafood... fresh fruits and vegetables from the market... $160 per month
  • A dinner for two at your favorite local restaurant--complete with appetizers, a large, freshly prepared entree, and a bottle of wine... $15
  • Two tickets to the local opera house, a ballet, or to a first-run movie... $10

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Under the No-Savings Retirement Plan, a couple can easily live like royalty on as little as $1,200 per month.

When the Wall Street Journal reported on the plan, it concluded:

"For maybe $1,200 or $1,400 a month, you can have a really nice place, have a domestic servant and eat well.

In other words, when you follow this plan, your ideal retirement, including everything I mentioned above, can cost you as little as $14,400 per year! A tiny fraction of what it's costing you to live now.

And it gets even better...

Benefit #2:
Qualify at any age

There is no age requirement to qualify for the No-Savings Retirement Plan.

You can join this plan at any time, no matter how old you are.

Under most traditional retirement plans, you have to be 59 or 62 years old to qualify. Until then, the funds are locked in. Often, there are stiff penalties if you try to withdraw your money ahead of time.

But the No-Savings Retirement Plan is different. It lets you take full advantage of all the plan's benefits at any age you like.

Take Lester Harvey from New York for instance.

Lester worked for a large electrical company, and was 49 years old when he learned about the No-Savings Retirement Plan.

What the press is saying
about the No-Savings
Retirement Plan

"Special property tax breaks, affordable living costs... for Americans looking to stretch limited incomes during their golden years."

--The Wall Street Journal

"How to retire cheaply--and well"

--Time Magazine

"A newly retired couple can set up housekeeping for $1,500 a month."

--Fortune Magazine

"[Retirees] are hooked by lower-cost housing, cheaper health care and affordable live-in help."

--US News & World Report

"A cheaper facelift... heart surgeries, hip replacements and other medical treatments. Savings can run from 15% to 85%."

--Kiplinger's Report

He soon realized he could take advantage of this plan right away, without waiting until he turned 65.

Better yet, if he began early, he could start enjoying all the plan's benefits and save even more money for his golden years.

Before he discovered this plan, it cost him $8,000 per month to get by.

He lived in a spacious, 30th floor, New York apartment. It overlooked the water and sprawling city skyline. Yet, he was often away from his family for weeks, working at electrical plants across America.

And in the summer, his vacations were a rushed trip to visit family with his wife and two kids.

Despite the hectic pace, Lester had no desire to just sit around idly for the rest of his life.

But he did yearn for a slower pace... for more time with his family... for leisurely mornings on the golf course... or whatever struck his fancy that day.

As a result, Lester decided to keep working when he started his plan. And that is perhaps the biggest advantage this plan has over traditional retirement plans.

Not only can you start using the plan's benefits at any age... but you don't get penalized if you want to keep working, full-time or part-time.

In fact, many people take advantage of the lower living costs to make a career change. They switch to a slower pace of life... and they do something they may have always dreamed of, but couldn't have afforded to do earlier because of the financial demands in their lives.

And that's exactly what Lester Harvey did.

Using the plan allowed him to stop working for the large electrical company. He started to write. Something he always wanted to do.

Today, Lester is living a semi-retired, easy life. He enjoys all the benefits of the No-Savings Retirement Plan, without waiting for his retirement years.

He lives in a quiet, ocean resort town. His neighbors are wealthy businessmen who come each year with their families in the summertime to stay for a few months.

What is the "No-Savings
Retirement Plan"?

The No-Savings Retirement Plan is an all-inclusive plan that covers all of your living costs while raising your standard of living.

It has no minimum are requirement. No monthly premiums.

Even if you haven't managed to save enough, you can still retire early, and live a better life, under this plan.

Most days, Lester spends his afternoons reading or writing under the shade of the great avocado tree in his backyard. He works a few hours a day, and takes time off whenever he likes.

He's also moving financially ahead faster than he was before. Today, though semi-retired, his retirement account keeps on growing. It isn't dwindling like most semi-retired people's accounts are today.

And he can only do this because of the No-Savings Retirement Plan. For instance, he bought some desirable investment properties. (He discovered them during his now leisurely vacations.)

One of the properties overlooks dramatic snowcapped mountains, cloud forests, and coastal plains. Each day, you can see speckled hummingbirds, woodpeckers, swifts, and striped owls grace the skies overhead.

When he bought the place, it cost him $34,000, and his property taxes were just $7 per year. Amazingly, three years later he could have sold it for $95,000. And today it's worth $150,000... a clear and tax-free 340% gain.

But an early retirement isn't all you'll get from the No-Savings Retirement Plan...

Benefit #3:
Trade up to a better lifestyle

When most people retire, they want to make sure they don't lose their standard of living. It's a common concern when you're on a fixed retirement income.

But when you follow the No-Savings Retirement Plan, you don't worry about this at all.

Your quality of life actually goes up when you participate in this plan. For instance, you don't need to worry about doing laundry... about cleaning your home... preparing meals... weeding the garden... or mowing your lawn.

"the plan lets you trade up your current home to a much larger one... even on the beachfront if you like... at no additional cost"

That's because the plan covers costs like your household help for instance. So you can easily have a cook, maid, housekeeper... gardener or groundskeeper. If that's what you want.

Even more importantly, the plan lets you trade up from your current home to a much larger one... even on the beachfront if you like... at no additional cost. In fact, many people have reported that their upgrade cost was so low, they pocketed a considerable amount of money after the 'trade in' of their original place.

As Fortune Magazine put it, the plan is, "a way to double your retirement dollar... trade up to a larger house, get a pool, hire servants."

And thousands of people have done exactly that...

  • One Florida couple, Phyllis and Rod Brost, upgraded after Rod's retirement from his 25-year firefighting career. They moved to a nicer home with a swimming pool, and pocketed $89,000 from the trade in.
  • Something similar happened to James Harrington, a 54-year old San Francisco contractor. He decided to participate in the No-Savings Retirement Plan early, before reaching retirement age.
He used the plan to build himself a 3-bedroom home for $75,000 that would otherwise have cost him $400,000.
  • There's also 49-year old Marjorie Simpton and her husband Murray, who became debt-free when they upgraded to a custom-built ocean view home with a pool and gazebo for $150,000.
When the Chicago Herald interviewed Marjorie, she said, "We are 10 minutes from some of the best beaches... 20 minutes to the mountains. We live very comfortably for around $1,200 a month... still go out to dinner 2-3 times a week and do a lot of fun stuff in the area."
  • And one California businessman used the No-Savings Retirement Plan to buy a 4,500-square-foot oceanfront penthouse, complete with its own private pool... for 50% of what it would have cost him without the plan.

The point is, you can easily trade up to a better lifestyle, and end up with a large balance in your bank account when you take advantage of this plan.

"It's a dream
come true"

"I paid less for this piece of property than I did for my car...and this I'll own forever! Our house--a 3,000-square-foot gem with a separate guest house, pool, outdoor living area, etc.--is the perfect place to entertain friends, gather with the family, or get away for some privacy. Really, it's a dream come true."

--Maurice Fintrey
Retired State Trooper

So, let's say you want to live on a private sandy beach. You can easily choose a home to suit your particular taste without paying a fortune.

You could upgrade into a 3,000-square-foot, 5-bedroom, 5-bath mansion... on a palm tree lined sandy beach, for $199,500.

Or, if you prefer something a little more modest (so you can pocket more from your current home when you trade in)... a 2-bedroom beachfront home on 1/3 acre for $60,000

Some places come with guesthouses or caretaker's homes. And regardless of how large your place is, you never have to worry about high property taxes. Because under this plan, the taxes range from as little as $10 to around $300 per year.

By now, you must be wondering why you haven't heard of this retirement plan...

Not regulated by the government

Most financial brokers will never tell you about this plan, even if they know all about it.

The No-Savings Retirement Plan isn't a government registered plan like the 401(k), IRA, or Canadian RRSP retirement savings plans. And that's a good thing. Here's why...

Registered retirement plans must follow hard government rules that are written 'for your own safety.'

But these rules do a lot more than just protect you from making a bad decision. They also limit your choices of investment to a few markets, (like the American stock markets, for instance.)

So if those markets are down, and other markets are going up (like some European bonds and currencies are right now), you may not be able to take advantage of these safer and profitable investments through a conventional retirement plan.

"This plan doesn't limit you to investing in any specific market. It... gives you the option of putting your money into whatever markets are booming"

But that isn't the case with the No-Savings Retirement Plan. This plan doesn't limit you to investing in any specific market. It does the opposite and lets you invest in whatever markets are booming at the time.

Nor is this plan registered with the IRS, or any other tax agency. That means you can choose to participate in this plan whether you live in the US, Canada or anyplace else. (Don't worry, it conforms to your tax laws, no matter what country you live in. It isn't anything illegal. In fact, this plan uses the tax system of whichever country you live in, to slash your taxes... in some cases, to nearly nothing!)

And that's what makes this plan so effective. It lets you capitalize on options that you wouldn't have available to you otherwise.

Still--even the most effective retirement plan can't save your retirement if you don't fully understand how to use it.

You need smart, experienced professionals who are familiar with all of the plan's details. People who know the most effective ways you can use it for your particular situation.

And that's where I come in...

Retire in luxury by next year

My name is Jackie Flynn. I'm the Publisher of International Living.

For the past 29 years, we've been researching the best retirement strategies that simply aren't advertised in magazines or on television. As a result, we've helped many thousands reach their retirement goals. Many of whom couldn't retire without our help.

Today, we have over 200 staff and associates in the US, Canada, and Mexico ... Panama and Paris... Ireland and Uruguay... on nearly every continent on earth.

More than 400,000 individuals from 132 countries follow our research.

"For the past 29 years, we've been researching the best retirement strategies that simply aren't advertised in magazines or on television"

We are completely independent from any of the situations we cover. We stay in business by finding the best living and investment opportunities you can take advantage of. Such as the No-Savings Retirement Plan.

This plan is the result of nearly three decades of research. With it, we've uncovered what I believe to be the most effective plan for retirement in existence today.

We don't personally profit from your participation in this plan. Nor do we profit when you follow any of our research. Our income is made only by selling our research... By finding information for you that you may not have access to any other way.

If our research works, you stay with us. If not, you can always get your money back. It's our number one policy. I believe that's how all businesses should work. No hidden interests or private agendas.

If you choose to use the No-Savings Retirement Plan, the decision, and the benefit will be purely yours.

We'll benefit because we've shown you that our work has value, and delivers on its promise. And maybe, you'll want to use our research again in the future.

To prove that I stand behind what I say, I'd like to send you the full details on the No-Savings Retirement Plan.

And I'd like to send it to you FREE today.

It's a 46-page report that describes what the No-Savings Retirement Plan is, and how you can participate. You'll learn exactly--step by step--what you need to do to use its 3 MAJOR benefits:

  • slash your living costs by 60%,
  • use the plan regardless of your age,
  • and trade up to a better lifestyle.

And it answers all of your questions so you can get started in this plan right away.

The report is called: The No-Savings Retirement Plan--Retire at any age in the next 6 months.

As I mentioned, I'll send you this report FREE right now. In return, all I ask is that you also try our monthly research service, called International Living.

What is International Living?

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No matter what your income--or whatever your profession--an enjoyable lifestyle is the goal of every person.

You want to live a good life.

Of course, a good life means different things to different people.

For some, it means spending more time with their family... or having money left over each month.

"To stay ahead, you simply have to look at the new solutions that are working today. And often, these solutions come from outside the US borders."

It means having the freedom to live the life you want... to travel... see the world at your leisure... retire early... or live in your ideal home and enjoy life any way you please.

This is what a good lifestyle is to many people. Unfortunately, today, it's harder than ever before to live this kind of life.

In most families, both parents work to make ends meet. They buy on credit  things that were once cheap and affordable. And they work just to make all their monthly payments. They have more gadgets to make life enjoyable--but less time to enjoy them.

The American stock markets aren't performing like they did in the 90's. The housing market is in trouble. And the US economy is teetering.

But here's what most people don't realize:

To stay ahead, you simply have to look at the new solutions that are working today. And often, these solutions come from outside the US borders.

That's what International Living brings you each month. For instance, in International Living, we'll show you how to invest in booming markets that aren't affected by the US economy...

A unique investment that
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There's an investment that never loses its full value. In fact, over 345 years, it's gone up 2,340%. And in the past 30 years, it's risen 643%.

This investment is always in a bull market somewhere. If the economy is doing poorly in one country, you'll find it in a bull market in another.

We've tracked it for 29 years. And each time we found it, we broke the news to our readers who saw some incredible returns...

Is it really possible?

Here's what people are saying about International Living...

"The simple answer is quality of life--we're looking to improve ours. We know our lives will be blissfully free from the commuter crush, 24-hour news, workaday stress... [with] abundant fresh food from the sea and the trees, and great natural beauty."

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Miami, Florida

"We both were tired of the rat race and wanted a simpler lifestyle. In a world where locked doors, barred windows, security gates, and guards have become the norm, it was nice to be somewhere where we felt comfortable leaving the car unlocked and the windows and doors of our house wide open. It's great to have no fear of walking alone, even at night."

--Kim Donnellan
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--Paula Lundeen
Retired Legal Secretary

In 1983 and 1992, we uncovered this investment in Latin America... then in Europe 1984... in North America in 1987... each time, it exploded 800% or more in the following years.

In 1991, we came across it again in the Caribbean. This time it returned 328%...

In 2000 and 2004 we tracked it on various continents and saw 100% gains... and another in Central America today is returning 191%.

This investment is incredibly easy to understand. You don't need to know anything about stocks, futures, commodities, or any other paper security.

Currently, we're tracking six situations unfolding today. And I believe they are the best place to put your money today. The New York Times caught wind of these situations as well, and reported, "This is an opportune time to make a move into these nascent markets."

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  • One of these situations is now paying out a 12% annual 'dividend' on your investment. What's most exciting is that in the past, a similar situation returned as much as 2,000% in a matter of days.
  • Another situation we're tracking returned 960% the last time we came across it. It's an investment opportunity we uncover only once every few years. Today, we expect the same unfolding event to give us similar gains in the months ahead.

I must emphasize that these opportunities are easy to understand, and available to anyone... not just the rich and famous. That's
the major reason we publish International Living... to show you how to benefit from the best opportunities the world has to offer without being rich...

How to earn 65.9% from
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We'll also show you some of the simplest and safest investment strategies. Ways to grow your savings regardless of the current economy. Surprisingly, some of these investments are as easy to get into as opening a bank account. For example...

  • You can invest in currencies that are rising against the US dollar. It's an easy way to keep your money in the bank and get a safer and higher return than most people are getting from Wall Street.
For instance, we wrote about one currency that's backed by gold, and has gained on the US dollar for over 50 years.

If you opened a bank account in this currency in 2000, you would have made 65.9% on your cash without ever investing in the risky stock market.
  • Recently, we also recommended a government controlled bond with an 11.2% annual return.
What I like most about this particular investment, is that the bond pays you in a currency that's appreciating against the US dollar. It gained 20% in the last year alone. What that means is that your total gains can be over 31% or more per year, by investing in bonds alone!

I can't tell you anymore about these investments in this letter. But you'll learn about them each month in International Living. No matter what your situation is today, we'll show you how to profit from the best opportunities available to you. We'll also show you ways to enjoy the years ahead, regardless of today's rising living costs...

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With International Living you'll discover places to retire, explore and visit...

A safer, more pleasant world to explore

We'll show you places that will remind you of the US in the 1950's...

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We'll show you cities overflowing with culture... with Old-World architecture... opera houses... with theaters of drama and ballet...

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No, you don't have to be rich and famous to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. International Living will show you that all you need is the special imagination to appreciate the opportunities the world has to offer.

These are opportunities you can use. After reading an article in International Living, you can pick up the phone and arrange to... to exotic, foreign lands... invest in booming overseas stocks... profit from foreign bank accounts... retire to a tropical paradise... start your own international business... and buy prime real estate in the world's few remaining profitable property markets.

So how do you get a copy of International Living?

Before I tell you how you can get your issue--I really should show you one more benefit that you'll get, when you use the No-Savings Retirement Plan...

Benefit #4:
Premium, low-cost medical coverage

With the No-Savings Retirement Plan you also get one more advantage over conventional retirement plans. You never have to worry about the high costs of health care.

That's because the plan gives you many options for high-quality, full medical coverage. For example...

  • You can sign up with a government funded health program that costs $300 per year--or $25 per month. Amazingly, this plan includes all of your prescription costs. Most importantly, it's very easy to qualify once you're participating in the plan.
  • Need surgery? With the No-Savings Retirement Plan, you can get a private hospital room with air-conditioning, a television, a comfortable chair... a couch for visitors (made into a bed by the nurses upon request)... with a private bathroom... for only $88 per day. Cheaper than it would cost you to stay at a good hotel!
  • Cardiac surgery costs $10,000 less than you would pay through your current insurance plan... first-rate plastic surgery procedures are 50% less... and pacemaker surgery is $1,500. (It costs $5,000 in the US.)
  • If you choose to go without coverage... no problem. Because under the No-Savings Retirement Plan, you can visit a private physician of your choice for around $40. No deductible costs. No additional fees.
  • And top quality dental treatment--without insurance coverage... will run you 1/3 of your current dental plan.

One person who recently took advantage of the No-Savings Retirement Plan's medical benefits is Peter Mills from San Antonio, Texas.

Peter had no health care, and couldn't afford the $20,000 operation he needed. So he decided on the No-Savings Retirement Plan just to get the surgery.

His total medical costs--including pre- and post-op exams (blood tests, chest X-ray, and EKG), pre-surgery massage, surgery, all medications... hospital room with flat-screen TV... 8 nights of recovery, meals, and free Internet--came to $5,090!

That's a savings of $14,910 over the cost of the same operation under conventional medical plans.

If you think you could benefit from the No-Savings Retirement Plan, then let me send you the full details about beginning this plan now.

Here's how you can get your FREE report...

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You can get your FREE report, The No-Savings Retirement Plan--Retire at any age in the next 6 months, now--simply by asking for it.

All I ask in return, is that you also try our monthly service, International Living. The cost of one year's service--12 issues of International Living--is $69 $49.

As soon as we get your order, we'll send you the free retirement report by e-mail. You'll also get the current issue of International Living in the mail, usually in the following week. (Or you can access the current and past issues online immediately, if you wish.)

Review your free report. Browse through your issue of International Living. If you decide this service isn't what you had in mind, just let us know at any time. We'll promptly refund your money for all the issues remaining in your subscription. It's that simple.

"I wake up whenever I wake up. Espresso and a croissant start the day. The maid and the groundskeeper take care of details and maintenance."

On the other hand, if you agree that International Living is exactly what you've been looking for, we'll keep you updated on the best ways to improve your lifestyle with every issue.

We will never raise the price as long as you keep receiving International Living with our hassle-free, automatic renewal option. You'll keep today's rate even when we increase the price in the future. (We'll automatically renew your membership once a year for $49.) And you can take advantage of this rate until you decide this service is no longer right for you.

Of course, your FREE report, The No-Savings Retirement Plan--Retire at any age in the next 6 months, is yours to keep no matter what you decide.

Can you really enjoy a luxury lifestyle in the next six months? Mitch Fretwell, a reader, took us up on it and told us:

"I wake up whenever I wake up. Espresso and a croissant start the day. The maid and the groundskeeper take care of details and maintenance. Each day I work out at the club next door ($35 per month!). I swim in the 25-meter pool, which I usually have to myself (a very Zen experience), use the exercise equipment, or take a spinning class."

"When I return home I enjoy an iced hibiscus tea, and reading and more relaxation fill out the day. Next week I'll try something new by enrolling in a monoprint workshop--my first venture into the world of painting.

"And for the evenings, there are films, a variety of concerts including a chamber music festival, and regular performances from flamenco to jazz."

"What I am saying is that it IS possible. This can be your future, too: go for it!"

We're very excited about what we've dug up with the No-Savings Retirement Plan. As you can see from Mitch's story, the possibilities before you are absolutely phenomenal.

I hope you decide to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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Jackie Flynn ,
Publisher, International Living

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