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From The Desk of Laura Rodini Volume 1  |  Issue 10   |  April 16, 2010

Dear ETR Insider,

What will you do in the next 5 minutes?

Maybe you'll check your e-mail... or answer the phone... or make a cup of coffee...

Did you know that there's a way for you to make money all day long, even when you're not sitting at your computer?

It's a secret strategy that allows you to "cash in" on fast-moving stocks - and it doesn't cost your life savings to get in.

And it takes only 5 minutes to set up.

Ted Peroulakis told me about this secret. He learned it while working at Morgan Stanley. And it's so powerful, he says, that it allowed him to retire at the ripe old age of 32.

Pretty nice, if you ask me.

Ted says that if you don't have a lot of cash to invest, but you'd like the chance to earn some extra money on the side, this could be the way to do it.

And here's the proof: Ted just handed his readers their 12th winner in a row - a 121% gain on a manufacturer of LED products.

Ted's alerted his Options Power Trader readers to be on the lookout for another hot-moving play in the next few days. He makes it very easy to follow his recommended plays. You can get all the details, and learn more about Ted's research service, just by clicking here.

| Better Health - in a 6-Ounce Glass! |

I have to admit, I'm not the model of healthy eating.

I hate to cook (sorry, Mom), I love fried food, and I don't think I've ever picked the side salad over the French fries. But I do understand that it's important to keep my body healthy so I don't have problems years down the road.

The research team at Total Health Breakthroughs says that eating processed foods and refined carbs starves us of the nutrients we need to stay healthy.

But if I'm given the choice of this...

Fruits and Vegetables

Or this...

Bio PT Elixir

I think you know which one I'd go with.

Luckily, there's a supplement for people like me. It's convenient (you mix it with a cup water or fruit juice), and it gives you...

  • Antioxidants to protect your cells... keep your mind sharp... and your memory intact...

  • Polyphenols that help keep inflammation in check and blood flowing strongly...

  • Superfoods that support your immune system...

  • Minerals that strengthen bones and keep your heart naturally healthy...
    And more.

It's so effective that folks in our office have begun referring to it as "the fountain of youth in a juice glass"!

But don't just take my word for it. Helena L. wrote in to tell us...

"When I am at home and consistently use it every day, once a day, for a week or more, the biggest advantage I have noticed is a HUGE reduction in my sugar cravings."

For more details, click here. And let's all drink to our health every morning!

| Faces of Success: Gabriel Gloege – 'How Early to Rise Helped Me and My Mother Leave the Daily Grind Behind Us' |

This week I'd like you to meet Gabriel Gloege, a wonderful jazz musician and ETR Bootcamp alum. He and his mother, Randalynn Kaye, used Early to Rise's goal setting programs to write a book that demystifies the senior housing market for adult children and their aging parents, to name just one of their many accomplishments.

Here's their story, in their own words:

Randalynn and Gabriel

I was introduced to Early to Rise back in 2003.  At the time I was a fresh out of school jazz musician living in a rather seedy part of NYC with barely two nickels to rub together.  Since then ETR's practical wisdom has helped me transform my economic situation. 

Before I read Automatic Wealth, I was juggling multiple streams of income, none of them automatic. Having gone to music school, I was playing jazz gigs from time to time (a remarkably unprofitable endeavor in New York City) and teaching drums six or seven days a week, usually in the evenings. I was also working as a part-time trainer for one of the nation's largest test-prep companies, traveling in fits and spurts to different states east of the Mississippi. I was making ends meet, but still living week to week on what I brought home.

I pretty much devoured Automatic Wealth, which helped me discover how the company I had begun working for made money.  I was able to leverage this into a position as the proposal writer... in my industry this is the "money funnel" through which about 85-90% of revenue must pass. 

In the space of about two years I had tripled my income.

At the same time I noticed my mom, a marketing professional for a senior housing community, had developed a diamond in the rough.  For years she had been helping adult children and their aging parents navigate the often murky waters of the senior housing market and created a simple, 3-step formula for discovering the best choice for their particular situation.

After attending the Info-marketing Bootcamp one year, we turned that formula into a book called Senior Housing 101 that explains senior housing plainly, without bias, and with the consumer's interest first.  It clarifies the options available in the marketplace, demystifies contracts, offers advice for starting the sometimes difficult conversations and is full of tips and tools for research and decision making.

Since publishing the book she's left the corporate world behind and sets her own hours now as a sales and marketing consultant for the senior housing industry.

I've since scaled back my work hours to focus on my music again.  I'll be releasing an album this summer with my jazz quartet of original compositions based on the work of photographer Asca S.R. Aull, and am developing an ebook and podcasting series that will help people become linchpin employees just by listening to music.

Success is, of course, always a moving target. But ETR has helped me hit the mark so far.

Do you have a story on how Early to Rise has helped with your business? Send it my way! I'll be sure to respond personally.

| Marketing: 24/7 |

One more thing before I sign off this week...

Each "class", we invite our Internet Money Club members to spend the day at ETR headquarters. They have the chance to ask us questions about the new projects they're working on, get hands-on consulting on their websites and businesses from IMC's guru Brian Edmondson and the rest of the ETR staff. Sometimes, Michael Masterson himself pops in!

I'll have more on that in next week's issue - it's literally one of our favorites – but while we were planning next quarter's event, I invited Brian out to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant.

Our Associate Publisher, Jess Kurrle, and our Customer Service Manager, Sharika Kellogg, joined us.

I made Jess order the ravioli with pancetta - and she agreed that it is delish. But what Brian couldn't stop talking about was the menu.

"It's expertly marketed!" he said. "The text on the first page immediately caught my eye." (It reads, "As a teenager, Dad taught me an important lesson. 'Some people, rich or poor, are willing to pay a little extra for quality. These are the people we seek as our patrons.'")

"This is a great example of setting expectations and attracting the types of customers and clients you want," Brian said. "Who do you think is the better customer - someone who is willing to pay more for quality, or someone who is looking for the cheapest meal ticket in town?"

Me, I was just focused on my pasta. I guess once a marketer, always a marketer!

Until next week,

Laura Sig

Laura Rodini
COO, Early to Rise

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