Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scientific breakthrough makes meditation easy!

Dear ETR Reader,

You can hardly open a major news publication these days without seeing yet another scientific study raving about the incredible benefits of meditation.

Meditation has been proven to extend your life...create more happiness...increase inner peace...lower stress levels...increase mental clarity...resolve long-standing emotional problems, including fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and substance abuse...and...

...it's one of the best things
you can do for your brain!

With nothing but bad news everywhere you turn (the economy, politics, health scares), people are smothering under a blanket of stress, and meditation is one of the best ways to raise your threshold for stress.

Unfortunately, many people don't have the time (or the patience) to invest the years of practice required to master the art of meditation.

Now, thanks to ETR's friend
Bill Harris, you don't have to.

Bill's company, Centerpointe Research Institute, has created a proprietary audio technology called Holosync® which instantly (and effortlessly) puts you into states of deep meditation--literally at the push of a button.

If you've had trouble meditating, or just want to accelerate (and deepen) your current practice, you can start enjoying the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of deep meditation instantly...

...the very first time you use Holosync.

Many Zen monks and at least two Zen masters use Holosync--as do many of the world's top personal growth teachers, including Jack Canfield (co-author of the New York Times Best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul books), best-selling relationship authors Gay and Katie Hendricks, and meditation teacher and Yoga Journal columnist Sally Kempton.

Not only is Holosync recognized as a super-effective "brain tool," it's also powerful enough that Centerpointe has 14 Patents Pending for specific health related problems including ADD, chronic fatigue, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addictions, anxiety, depression, and several others.
Over the last 20 years nearly one million people (in all but 3 countries in the world!) have used Holosync to accelerate the meditation process and improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.

As you know, one of my goals here at ETR is to make available to readers like you the very best and most effective ways to...

  • Dramatically improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health...
  • Help you create real happiness in your life, regardless of your past or present circumstances...
  • Improve your creativity, intelligence, and mental functioning...
  • Significantly improve your overall sense of well-being and inner peace...
  • Help you create your own success in the world, along with the personal satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that comes with being successful.

Well, Holosync will help you do all this and more--much more.

So I'm writing to encourage you to try Holosync for yourself. And, since it comes with a full 365 day money-back guarantee, you can see for yourself how amazing Holosync is--without incurring any risk. In fact, trying Holosync really is a "no-brainer."

Look. I've already recommended Holosync several times over the past few years. Each time, I get a flood of comments thanking me for doing so.

I don't have room here to tell you the full story about Holosync. You really need to go to Centerpointe's website to get the full details.

By the way, Bill has agreed to include some special, unannounced additional bonuses exclusively for ETR readers. To make sure you get these extras, please make sure to visit this page.

When you use Holosync, you'll...

  • Effortlessly reach states of super-deep meditation--even the very first time...
  • Accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, giving you results you THOUGHT you were supposed to get from meditation (but probably never got)...
  • Heal emotional trauma, even if other methods haven't worked...
  • Stimulate production of neurochemicals associated with longevity, well-being, and better health...
  • Dramatically raise your threshold for stress...
  • Increase your self-awareness, inner peace, and happiness.

If you've tried meditation but found it difficult--or just want to go MUCH deeper, with faster results...or, if you just want to grow and improve your life more quickly, you'll love Holosync.

And, there's no risk to try it.

Why not get started TODAY!

Or, call Centerpointe at 1-800-945-2741 or 503-672-7117, ask for Operator ETR103, and start enjoying Holosync NOW.

Warm regards,

Jessica Kurrle
Associate Publisher
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